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Generation for Generation: The Newbie Family is a story from AtMisaelChannel. It is originally a story of Brazilian-Portuguese language, but she was totally corrected and translated into the languages English and Spanish.


You must have known or played with The Newbie Family, you should know a little of their history and who they are... But who does not know, who are they? This story will show since the first and last steps of the Newbie Family. As Betty and Bob were born, met and get married? When they had their first daughter? How and when they died? How is Brandi Broke, after the death of their parents? All this will be revealed here!


Season 1, Part OneEdit

  • Episode 1: Betty
  • Episode 2: Bob
  • Episode 3: They
  • Episode 4: We Grow Up!
  • Episode 5: Err... It's Nothing!
  • Episode 6: My Suffering
  • Episode 7: The Prom (Part 1)
  • Episode 8: The Prom (Part 2)
  • Episode 9: Bob, the Flirty
  • Episode 10: Accepted!

Season 1, Part TwoEdit

  • Episode 11: The New House
  • Episode 12: Oh, My God!
  • Episode 13: Welcome To The Family!
  • Episode 14: Brandi's Moment
  • Episode 15: Brandi and Skip
  • Episode 16: This Is My New Life!
  • Episode 17: A Special Goodbye
  • Episode 18: The Situation Only Worsens...
  • Episode 19: Where is Skip Broke?
  • Episode 20: The Very Last Episode, Really!


Season 1, Part OneEdit

Season 1, Part TwoEdit


  • Generation by generation earlier would be done with The Sims 1.
  • Three episodes changed the name before release, they are:
    • The 9th chapter call "Vacation to Twikkii Island".
    • The 8th chapter would be called "The First Kiss".
    • The 1st chapter would be called "The Beginning".
  • The chapter "The Prom" had to be divided into two parts because it is too long.
  • The story anteriorly would, at first, telling the life of Newbie Family and their day to day from the 1st chapter, and not about his birth and his generation.
  • The name of the story was formerly "The Daily of Newbie Family".
  • The episodes 17 and 18 are the shortest of all story.

Deleted ScenesEdit

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