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George Landgraab in his Outfit

George Landgraab is the Eldest son of Sonny and Sandra Landgraab, the older twin of Penelope Landgraab, older brother of Sonny Landgraab II, boyfriend of Samantha Brooks and 'apprentice' of Star News Anchor Curtis Brown, one of his father's best friends.


George, like Penelope, lived with his parents until he moved out. He went to Smuggsworth Prep School and wrote a book as a Child. He loves to read and in his bedroom, he has a copy of every book in the Sims 3 game. His father taught him to play the guitar and piano when he was a Teenager.

Lifetime Wish and Traits: Edit

George has the following traits: Good, Computer Whiz, Bookworm, Photographer's eye and Genius. He also has the 'Can Salute' Hidden Trait, probably because his father graduated from all five boarding schools. His Lifetime Wish is Star News Anchor, which he has not yet completed as he is a Lead Reporter (Level 8).

Family: Edit

George is a member of the Landgraab/McDonald family. His father, Sonny, is an extremely rich business man who is the son of Geoffrey and Nancy Landgraab.Sonny's younger brother is Malcolm Landgraab and Alexis Landgraab, who lives in Apocalypse Isle (Created by User:Pidgeoraptor7). Georges's twin sister is called Penelope, who is one of the two Co-founders of the Pop/Rock Sweet and Sour. The other Co-founder is Samantha Brooks who is George's girlfriend. Penelope is pregnant with the child of professional guitarist Michael Rock from a Rock band called LOL. Samantha is the sister of Frederick Brooks who is the drummer of Sweet and Sour. If The Sims 3: Pets is installed the Landgraab-McDonald Family while get a dog nicknamed Scruffy. He is a supernatural dog with five fathers; Chan, with the power of theWerewolf , Zach, with the power of the Vampire , Lunar, with the power of the Mummy, Jason, with the power of the Witch, and William, with the power of the Fairy.