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Giving A Howl is a Story following the user Freework's sim family, The Howls. For every 5-10 chapters, The story is told by Griffin, Gretchen, Robyn and then Quinn. The process repeats. (Keep in mind this is what would happen if they were in real life.)

Chapter 1Edit

The Smell of the house we were moving into from was strangely scented. I remember it having somewhat of a wet stench, that when it rains. I always loved this smell, in particular, when I was younger. Gretchen was helping with the boxes, and moving our cats, Demon & Tom Tom. Both cats were found as strays by our daughter, Robyn, and with help we got them into healthy, hearty and tough cats. The Two cats mewled desperately. "Don't worry, you'll be fine." Said Robyn, coaxing Tom Tom with the tip of her finger. Demon responded with some licks. Quinn, our son, was busy reading history and logic books, especially about chess. He wasn't even helping to unpack! I marched right over to him, and took the book he had right out of his hands. "Dad! I was reading that!" He said angrily. "Yeah, and you'll read it more when you've finished packing." I said, flaring my yellow eyes at him. Yes, I need to admit: We're all werewolves. But, since we live in Moonlight Falls, it doesn't matter knowing there's a lot of supernaturals in town. As I went inside the house and put the book on the table, I felt relieved that we'd finally gotten there safe. Here are the major things we've learned: I'm married to Gretchen, I own the two cats, I have two kids, and my name is Griffin Howls.

Chapter 2Edit

5:29 AM, and it was still feeling like Winter. The house was cold, it was cold outside, and we had to turn up the heat. Suddenly the sound of a loud drill was heard, right outside of me and Gretchen's bedroom window. I waddled around in our bed, trying to toss and turn and go back to sleep, but the drill was louder now. "Ugh." Gretchen moaned. I could hear the wolf in her voice start to come out. Trust me, friends: You don't want to mess with her when she's a wolf. So, I put a robe over my pajamas, and my cat slippers. (Me and Gretchen are young adults. We're worth more than trillionaires, but that doesn't mean we need to be all snootily dressed just to be famous and rich!) I marched outside with a rolled up newspaper in my hand. I was about to scream something innappporproiate, but that would upset Gretchen more. So, I quietly shouted, 'What the heck is going on out here!?', Like an old man. I'm just 29, man! (Yes, I became a father a little younger. I forget when I did. If I'm 29... and Gretchen is 28... And if the kids are both 12... Yep, we had them both as teenagers. But the kids are fine now, aren't they?) I soon saw it was some workers making a billboard and drilling into the cement of the street. One of the workers looked at me. "We're fixing the streets, Bub. What's so bad about that now, huh, little bubby?" I could tell he wasn't all that nice, too. My yellow-gold eyes flared at him. "I'm no bub, you little piece of Bull(Note this part is a little innappropriate. Oh, I have such a dirty mouth! I need soap here. Anyone have soap?)!" I shouted angrily. Uh Oh. I did it. As my muscle mass increased, I felt my face distort and change. My teeth became fangs, my ears enlarged and became pointy, my voice deeper, body hair sprouted everything soon changed as I let out a loud howl. I had just turned into my werewolf form. "Who are you callin' a bub, huh!?" I shouted again, as I prepared to fight the worker. Suddenly, a feminine howl followed by mine. A she-wolf with tan skin, body hair and yellow eyes appeared too. Gretchen had transformed! "I'm not letting you fight this bull person of a llama!" She screamed angrily. "NOT BEFORE I FIGHT YOU FIRST." I said back. Uh Oh. That wasn't me who said that! Keep in mind my wolf side gets in the way of my human side at times. Then, Robyn and Quinn rushed out too. They babbled something, and soon they were wolves. But all they could do was watch. As kids, they couldn't exactly help to fight. Suddenly Me and Gretchen were both fighting, and the worker trying to calm us down. "Woah! I didn't mean to call you a bub dude! Stop fighting your wife! Your kids see you!" But we couldn't listen. All I knew was that soon I was on the cement, in my human form--everyone no longer wolves--and I had blacked out. Epic FAIL!

Chapter 3Edit

From a glance at the house, I knew everybody needed breakfast. As wolves--we had transformed back--we always had a larger appetite, so... we all needed a snack. A BIG ONE. As I approached our Festus, I noticed Its beauty. The knobs that changed temperature. The coils that served as platforms to cook. And the inside oven... which cooked stuff inside. Amazing. But... that was the problem. See, Gretchen was really the only person who cooked breakfast... I worked, watched TV, went out, mingled... I had more of handiness skill than cooking.