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Glendale Lights
Name: Glendale Lights
Genre: Drama
Created by: Facebookerror
Rating: PG-13
Number of chapters: Unknown

Original run: August 25, 2013 (set to "premiere")
Status: Incomplete

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Glendale Lights is a Sim fan fiction set in a television show format, based on the housewives of the Peachtree Park subdivision within the town of Glendale


The story is set in and around the town of Glendale, Simazonya. The story revolves around the housewives (and their families) of the town’s upper-class subdivision, Peachtree Park. As the story evolves, families come and go and new families are introduced.


The Housewives

  • Delaney Falcox is the owner of the local gallery and an acclaimed artist. Delaney is the wife of George and mother of sons Taylor and Kenny, and Paige’s mother-in-law.
  • Paige Falcox is a doctor-turned-housewife who quit her job to raise her children. Currently married to Taylor Falcox, she has a daughter from a previous marriage to Montgomery Ginger. She and Taylor have twin sons Adam and Aaron together.
  • Kathleen Wolff is an businesswoman obsessed with her work and trapped in a dull marriage in a dull home. She is married to Daniel, and together they have a son, Stewart, and daughter, Kimberly.
  • Virginia Windham and her family have lived in Glendale longer than the other housewives. Her husband is Herbert Windham, and they have three grown sons. The middle child, Alan, is the only one residing in Glendale.
  • Shannon Windham is the local school office aide and Virginia’s sister-in-law. She is married to Alan and they have two children, John Tyler and Julia.
  • Debra Masterson is an aerobics instructor who likes to keep to herself. Her husband is Raymond Masterson, and together they have no children.

The Husbands

  • George Falcox is a retired doctor, married to Delaney.
  • Taylor Falcox served in the military for many years before his marriage to Paige, and is currently employed as the athletic director at Glendale ISD.
  • Daniel Wolff is a member of the Glendale City Council, the local attorney, and the husband of Kathleen.
  • Herbert Windham is a retired banker and the husband of Virginia.
  • Alan Windham is a member of the Glendale Police Force and the husband of Shannon.
  • Raymond Masterson is the husband of Debra.
  • Montgomery Ginger is a real estate agent who was married to Paige Falcox long ago, having divorced her and moved to Sim City after he came out. He and Paige have a daughter, Ginger. In the pilot episode, he moves back in to the neighborhood with his husband, Drake Lawton-Ginger, and their adoptive son, Chace.
  • Drake Lawton-Ginger is a flamboyant hair stylist and the husband of Montgomery. He and his family move in to the neighborhood in the pilot episode.

Recurring Cast Members

  • Kenny Falcox is Taylor’s younger brother, still living at home with his parents while attempting to climb his way up the ladder to becoming a famous actor.


  • Season 1:


  • The Cast list will be updated accordingly as each chapter comes out.