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Yeah, another story. Oh c'mon, you guys love my stories. :) This is a pretty good place to try out my writing though, don'tcha think?

Anyway, Gone is my first mystery story! I don't know, I guess I just had this sudden burst of inspiration or something. It's about a girl 22 year old girl named Kailee Curtis and her struggle to solve a sudden murder in her hometown of New York City that sends her perfectly planned-out life spinning out of control.

Hope you like! Please review! <3



The soft music humming from the speakers, the candles were everywhere, and the smell of wine and flowers made the luxurious 5-star restaurant also very romantic. Night had fallen, and moonlight streamed faintly through the windows onto the faces of a young couple seated at a table, caressing hands gently.

The woman, beautiful with a heart shaped face framed with glossy brown curls, picked up her wine glass and said something to the man, and they broke out in laughter. The man, who looked a few years older than her, with hazel eyes, messy blonde hair, and well-toned muscles, leaned across the table and placed a kiss onto her full pink lips.

The night seemed absolutely perfect.

But then you'd notice the little things that started to go wrong; the waitress, a young blonde, looking anxious, running her hand through her hair and pacing around, as if waiting for something. The way she was glancing out the window a little too obviously every few seconds. Her cell phone beeping impatiently almost constantly, interrupting the quiet atmosphere. And, most importantly, the fact that she kept her eyes trained on the couple seated by the window.