Goth Battles

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Goth Battles
The Goth Battles
Name: Goth Battles
Genre: Fiction
Created by: Blue12porcupine, Slade81 & Spell-Caster Jr
Rating: PG-13

Status: Dead

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It all started with one alien abduction that changed the past and the present, but some say the future can be saved. All it takes is one clever and brave sim, but is there such a sim?'

Alexander Goth is hungry for power. He has become a madman in his determination for revenge, even if that means conquering the whole world and wiping out the population.

Will he ruin the Goth name, the name his father was trying to clear? Everything will be revealed as he desends into madness, as the children of his country die, as they become strong through their pain. One will win, the rest must crumble...



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