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The GothsEdit

Cassandra: Cassandra married Don, but after finding out he was cheating with Nina, she kicked him out, leaving him broke and homeless. She then ran into Darren Dreamer, a widower and one of her best friends, something was changed. She instantly fell in love with him and kissed him. He proposed and soon they were married. (Continued in the Dreamer section)

Mortimer: After his daughter's marriage, Mortimer married Dina Caliente, despite everyone telling him she was a gold digger. Their marriage was happy, but when Alex was a teen he died, leaving Dina a single parent.

Alexander: Alex, the younger child of Mortimer and Bella, the heir to the Goth Manor and wealth. His mother disappeared, his sister moved out and Mortimer died, when he was a teen, leaving him to his step-mother Dina. They grew close, and she became more of a parent to him, than his biological parents ever were. He met Cecilia Cornwell, and instantly fell in love. She, on the other hand, was hard to convince but he did. When they grew up, they got married and she gave birth to a son, Henry. Alex climbed the ladders of the business career and Cecilia quickly climbed the social ladder.

Dina Goth (née Caliente, previously Bachelor): (Continued from the Caliente section) Dina married Mortimer for his money and status, but she quickly fell in love with him and his family. Unfortunately she lost him too early, just like Michael. That was the problem with marrying older men. She grew close to Alex, and later to his wife and son. Shortly before becoming an elder she joined the political career. She was the widow of Mortimer Goth, so she already had the status, but the town still saw her as a blonde gold digger. She was going to prove them wrong. She did, as she quickly became a city council member.

Cecilia Goth (née Cornwell): The townspeople thought she was a gold digger, like Dina. After their marriage, she birthed him a son, Henry. As Henry grew and Alex got promotion after promotion, she got bored.

Henry Goth: The son of Alexander and Cecilia. A confused teenager born into the wealthy Goth family.

The DreamersEdit

Darren Dreamer: A father, a widower and a struggling artist. After his wife's early demise, Darren fell in love with Cassandra Goth. Unfortunately, she was engaged to his archenemy, Don Lothario. After her divorce, Cassandra fell in love with Darren, too. They married and had a son, David. Darren joined the military career, and got many promotions. He died when David was a teen, leaving Cassandra a widow, causing her to go from her happy colours back to her gothic style and mood.

Dirk Dreamer: His mother died when he was a child and his father married Cassandra Goth. Dirk dated Lilith Pleasant as a teen, and married her as an adult. (Continued in the Dreamer #2 section)

Cassandra Dreamer: Not long after their son was born, Dirk moved out and got married. Cassandra was a happy woman, she started wearing more colourful clothes and smiled more. When their son was a teen, Darren died, killing Cassandra on the inside, throwing her back to her gothic clothes. She died shortly after the birth of her grandson.

David Dreamer: He wasn't the best student, but he did his best. He started dating Penny Burb, as a teen. He got a hob in the business career. He grew up, got promoted and married Penny. She gave birth to a son, Christian. They were really happy, until his mother died. But not long after Penny gave birth to another child, a daughter, Clara.

Penny Dreamer (née Burb): Penny's family wasn't rich, so when she met a hot, rich teenager, who wouldn't take no for an answer, well... Neither would she. And they were married, and Penny finally got the money, the amazing husband and the big house, she had always dreamt of. She gave him two beautiful children, Chris and Clara.

Christian Dreamer: His father is David Dreamer, his grandmother was Cassandra Dreamer, and his great-grandparents were Mortimer and Bella Goth. What more is there to say... He was born to rule...

Clara Dreamer: Clara, a dreaming little toddler.

The PleasantsEdit

Daniel Pleasant: Even though he and his wife weren't in love anymore, he still loved her and she was his best and oldest friend, so Daniel stopped his affair with the maid, Kaylynn. He started noticing his daughters again, and realized, he was the reason they were acting out. And they forgave him. He died between the birth of Nathan and the birth of Olivia.