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Ran Away
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Hard Times
Name: Hard Times
Series: A Pleasant Story
Written by: AsherEire
Release date: 17 March 2012

Previous chapter: "Not Fair"
Next chapter: An Angel's Anger

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It's been a year since I moved to Pleasantview, SimCity. LIfe has been hard. I've had to make new friends, learn a new language and, after living here for six months, cope with the death of my father. I have to thank my good friends for helping me pull through all this trouble. They mean everything to me, especially Angela Pleasant, my little angel. Angie has been there since Day 1- literally! A simple bus ride to school led to a long-lasting friendship. I have to thank Dustin and Dirk too. They've had to struggle with the loss of a parent. Dirk was twelve when his mum got caught in a fire. Dustin was fourteen when he heard the news of his dad. I've helped these guys a lot and they've returned the favour. That's what friendship is. And this is my story, my life.

Hard TimesEdit

Richie gazed up at the clear sky. It was a beautiful shade of light blue, dotted with wispy clouds. Quite nice for winter weather. He heard voices and saw the Broke family coming along. "Hey Richie" said Dustin. Richie's styles had been an influence on him- his curly blond hair looked almost identical to Richie's a year ago. Following Dustin was Beau, now a ten-year-old boy. Brandi was pushing a pushchair with a two year old Tommy strapped inside. "Hi" Richie said, obviously in deep thought. Dustin sat down beside him on the park bench. "What's wrong" Dustin asked, concerned about his best friend. "It's Dirk" replied Richie "Today is the sixth anniversary of his mother's..." he thought about a kinder word to use considering Dustin was there. "His mother's passing. It's affected him badly. Lilith's trying to cheer him up, but it's not working. Now Lilith's feelings are hurt. It's just a big mess!"

"You remember when it was Dad's third year right?" Richie nodded. "The best thing it to leave someone alone."

"You should've told Lilith sooner." Dustin shot him a look.

"Have you seen Mona?" Richie hadn't "Big secret: I want to ask her out, but I don't know how."

"You've come to the wrong place, my friend, as I didn't ask. Angela kind of prompted me... Just ask her when a conversation goes quiet."

"I'll try that. I was going to ask her last year, but I sort of... postponed it a bit."

Dirk sat in his room. A mixture of emotions filled him: anger, sadness and guilt. Why couldn't Lilith have left him alone? But then, she was trying to help. Dirk stood up and opened his door. He saw Lilith sat on the sofa. Dirk held his breath and listened. Was she crying? Dirk felt sick. He didn't want this to happen! He quietly slipped out of the front door. He needed to think. How was he going to make it up to her?

Lilith heard the door click. That's it she thought It's over. He's done a runner.

When Lilth returned home, she ignored her family and made her way up to her room. He heart was broken and nothing would make her feel better. She was nearly eighteen. Her birthday, 6 February, was a month away. As she opened the door, her jaw dropped. On her bed was a bunch of flowers with a small note.


I'm sorry for everything. Lately, things have been stressful. I'm heading out to Strangetown for the day tomorrow. Dad has some old friends there. Some guy called PT9 Smith. I would make it up to you in person if I had the choice. Please send my thanks to your parents who let me in.

I love you.


Lilith clutched the note to her chest. Dirk will always love her. She thought back to when she was sixteen, when Dirk asked her out. The feeling she had then came back to her now.I love you, Dirk she thought.

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