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Birth and HistoryEdit

Harry or Harley was born in the hospital in The Sims 3 on Xbox 360.  Harley his father came to the birth. 

Photo coming soon

Harry (Harley) Walterson

Appearance (eyes)


Appearance (hair)

Jet black

Appearance (Body type)


Life stage


Family tree:

Mother: Jennifer, Father: Harley, Uncle: Craig Auntie: Sarah


Brave, neurotic, vegetarian


Logic, painting

Baby and toddler Edit

Harry was an ok baby, although his first traits were brave and neurotic (is that a bad combination?) he learnt things fast, i taught him to walk before talking (tip: walking takes more time than talking, it is also best to teach your toddler skills as soon as possible).


He is having problems with his weight, trying to get him slimmer