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Hearts of Hallowan
Name: Hearts of Hallowan
Genre: Drama
Created by: LostInRiverview

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Hearts of Hallowan is the title of a Sims-based fiction series currently under development by LostInRiverview. It chronicles the lives of the seemingly ordinary citizens of Hallowan, a small working class community located in the heartland.

On the surface, all appears well in this quaint little lakeshore town. But, just below the surface, rivalries brew, enemies are being made, and a secret war is being fought. And, even worse, a force greater than any of the town's families threatens to tear the town asunder...

Click below to access any of the "episodes" in the series. Each episode details the lives of many of the main characters. To offer feedback on criticism on the series, go to the talk page.

Note that the story is not 'neatly' concluded. I've lost interest in adding new chapters for now, so I've cancelled future expansion of this series. While I may return to conclude the story, I may also never return to finish it. - LiR speak ~ read


Season One - Monday Edit

HoH 1-01 - Episode One - Pilot - 2/26/11

Readers are introduced to Hallowan, a quaint town and a number of its key citizens. The rivalry between the Ullman and Morril families is introduced, and a horrible accident takes place.

HoH 1-02 - Episode Two - Monday Morning - 3/13/11

A brief look at a Hallowan citizen's morning as it goes from bad to worse...

HoH 1-03 - Episode Three - Bad News - 3/16/11

The members of the Ullman Family are notified of a terrible event.

HoH 1-04 - Episode Four - Lies and Mysteries - 6/20/11

An unexpected and unwelcome guest arrives at the hospital, and a mysterious medical outcome baffles all.

HoH 1-05 - Episode Five - Filling out Forms - 6/23/11

Richard Morril, Wes Morril, and Korey Ullman all make important life choices on a Monday morning... but what it all means to each has yet to be determined.

HoH 1-06 - Episode Six - Regrets - 6/23/11

Jeremiah's morning goes from bad to worse, and he begins to unravel as his burden increases.

HoH 1-07 - Episode Seven - Getting Out - 7/30/11

Blake, Korey and Jeremiah hatch a plan to get to Marci... but will it work?

HoH 1-08 - Episode Eight - Lost - 8/12/11

Gabriel discovers Marci's disappearance, while Marci is made to explain what she saw in her "dream."

HoH 1-09 - Episode Nine - Visions - 12/31/11

Marci reveals her vision, and begins to discover the truth.