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Members Alice Hemlock, Hermione Lang, Wogan Hemlock, Charlie Lang, Penny Lang, Belisama Hemlock, Morrigan Hemlock, Brigit Hemlock
Number of generations 3 generations
Family connections none
Other Information
Neighborhood Bridgeport

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The Hemlock-Lang family is a fanon family created by Woganhemlock. This article should be read together with the individual sim pages about family members. It is an extension of the canon Hemlock family included with The Sims 3: Late Night.

The family appears to be made up of two parts: the Hemlock family, consisting of Wogan and Morrigan Hemlock, their daughter Belisama and Wogan's sister Brigit. The other part of the family is the Lang family, consisting of Hermione Lang, who married Wogan, her daughter Alice and her parents Charlie and Penny

Family HistoryEdit

Hemlock familyEdit

Because of the Hemlock family being vampires, their history is long and interesting. They an be traced back through thousands of years right to the first vampires in known memory.

Lang familyEdit

As the Lang family isn't a vampire clan, they can't be traced back thousands of years, and their history isn't long or interesting. They are thought to have emigrated from Greenland or Denmark, no one knows which and due to poor historical coverage, we'll likely never know.


Family TreeEdit

Lang-Hemlock Family Tree