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A land based on state-of-the-art technology, manufacturing, and raw materials such as Tiberium, Heptanomis is a leading contender for the most productive city in the world. Whereas the old Hekatonschoinos had problems such as imbalanced economy, Heptanomis manages to overcome the problem with a more solid planning. With a more solid planning, Heptanomis has become a more attractive place to live, both in terms of aesthetics and economic costs. Tiberium still plays an important part of the Papal capital's economy, but Heptanomis relies on it less compared to the older counterpart.
Combined with the intellectual aura of the city, Heptanomis's future looks bright as it attracts those with ambitions, skills, and enthusiasm.
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Garnering experience from the failures that was Hekatonschoinos, the Papacy soon started a new project, Heptanomis, to serve as its new capital. A leader in technology, industry, and intellectualism, Heptanomis's future looks bright as it attracts more academics and workers around SimNation who are tired of the status quo.
Name Heptanomis
Game(s) TS3ITF Icon The Sims 3: Into the Future
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Heptanomis is an upcoming neighborhood of the Papal State. It is the relaunch of the failed experiments of Hekatonschoinos, which was rendered uneditable. Currently Heptanomis is at roads and lot stage


A City made by nerds, of the nerds, and of course, for the nerds. Libertarians are not included.

The Papacy has been always the power and application taken to the extreme. Hekatonschoinos was a failure, but a good one, since it was a necessary step to provide first-hand experience on city planning. A cluster of isles made solely to be the haven for scientists, nerds, and entrepreneurs oppressed by big businesses and petty conventional morals, Heptanomis takes a similar but fundamentally different step from the Randian Rapture eschewing libertarian anti-government ideologies and most certainly rejecting the anti-welfare stance.

New Lore and read Dune Ripoff Edit

The Landmass Heptanomis, also known as Nomes.

Varied yet fertile land, cradle of the mineral Tiberium...

Whoever controls the Tiberium will inherit the world...

Whoever controls Nomes will inherit the Tiberium.

The Pope, Kallisto, has proposed a challenge to each of the houses.

"The house that produces the most Tiberium will administer the Nomes. The Ecclesiarchal Headquarter Islets are the only territory off-limit, and all non-destructive engagements are allowed."

Aspiring houses arrived...

Now six major houses compete for control of the Nomes.

The noble Quasi-Puritans...

the ambitious Argeadai...

the amicable Attalidai...

the introvert Ptolemaioi...

the insidious Immortalists...

and the evil Zarach.

Only one house will prevail... Your battle for Nomes begins... Now.


The Hekatonschoinos project was a bold project of the Papal State. Although it provided a unique flavor to the Papal State, namely as an experimental grounds in which the Papal State could test their policies, Hekatonschoinos suffered from rapid aging problems, especially ironic given its newness. A problem namely contributed by poor planning and conceptualization, the inability to edit the world was a final straw to the Ecclesiarchy (and user). As such, the Papal State decides to do their capital a wholly new makeover, although they liked the core theme of multiple landmasses based on historical Mediterranean region. Unlike the previous Hekatonschoinos, Heptanomis's general shape will be more akin to the actual Eastern Mediterranean regions: a counterpart to India islet will be removed, replaced with what will simulate the Lower Egypt under Ptolemaic rule alongside a simulacrum "Sinai" peninsula. In that matter, the Lower Egypt emulation will involve elevation to simulate a river valley.

The Levantine region will also be depicted in a more complete fashion, centered not on what would be the Jewish Hierosolyma but instead centered on the Syrian region, namely a suburban depiction of Antiocheia.

To effectively make the name meaningful, Heptanomis will have 7 distinct regions or nomes. At the bottom left is the Kyrenaian nome, which will be the counterpart to the Asian enclave of the old, which is separated from the Ptolemaic nome by a stretch of sand, a fairly monotonous region that is broken by an oasis dubbed the Ammonion. The Ptolemaic nome is already described, and it will also include the Sinai peninsula simulacrum. The Syrian Nome will involve the counterpart to the Levant as well as a counterpart to the actual region of Syria (and Syria-Koile), which is also described as well. To the left is the Anatolian nome, which will be fairly mountainous with a touch of lakes. West of Anatolia is the Paleohellenic nome, which is unsurprisingly based on the Balkan Peninsula, which will also contain the Euboia peninsula named just after the actual Euboian peninsula attached to the right flank of Attica. Below the Paleohellenic nome is the Nesos Heterogenes nome, which is based on both Trinakrie and Krete. Below Anatolian node is the Agoraios nome, which fills the role of the Central Islet of the old Hekatonschoinos, filling in the Rhodos and Kypros, although these islands are very discrete in the real world.

Another great distortion of Heptanomis in comparison to the real Eastern Mediterranean is the vastly exaggerated size of the Delta Neilou, which was necessary to properly emulate something akin to the Alexandreia of Aigyptos. In addition, the counterpart to Faiyum depression is somewhat off given the map size.

Onomatology is here

Geography Edit

Paleohellenike Nome Edit

Paleonhellenike Nome is perhaps the most varied of the nomes in terms of geographic variety, boasting high plateaus such as one dubbed the "Akropolis" all while having lowlands with a general height lower than those of other nomes with the possible exception of the Ptolemaike nome's river valley. Paleohellenike Nome is actually a 4-islet nome, consisting of the mainland, the Euboia islet to the south, the Peloponnesos islet to the southwest, and the Ecclesiarchal Headquarter Islet at the northwest. Like Hekatonschoinos' counterpart, Paleohellenike Nome is generally lowland. However, unlike its predecessor, Paleohellenike Nome has a few large conspicuous hills and plateaus in which buildings are built, while the Hekatonschoinos's Triskelion islet is basically all flat lands with only a rolling, untextured hill that serves as the location of the Palaistra.

The northernmost islet is where the Ecclesiarchal Headquarters establish their domicile in the form of the Epiteichisma Epistemes. It also houses some key science facilities, such as the National Library, the robotic shop, and the Group Project edifice that is present in Sim University.

The high plateau dubbed the Akropolis is the political center of Heptanomis. It is where the Bouleterion is located, and true to Hellenic style it is where a bit of commerce is located, as it is also the location of a small cluster of shops similar to those that would encircle an Agora.


As is with the old Hekatonschoinos, the Greek segment of the population is the most visible and the largest. However, given the disappointment posed by the neighborhood of the old, many of the non-Greeks grew disinterested, and Greeks remain the predominant ethnicity in the new neighborhood, encompassing most of the new capital's wealth and population. As many of the old non-Greeks went out, the average wealth held by each family increased, as Heptanomis attracted wealthy groups into investing in it given the high returns that the old Hekatonschoinos brought to those invested in it, such as the Kostopouloi. The shift towards wealthy households continued with the kingmaker Tiberium, with 6 house aspirants came to seek the opportunity to administer Heptanomis, which would preclude becoming one of the two primary entities in the tiberium oligopoly.

In terms of relationship, the vast majority of the Heptanomian population are either single or married before immigrating into Heptanomis. The Ecclesiarchy may not approve of preexisting romantic relationships and marriages, but new romance is seen as the greater evil, thus established and stable marriages are left alone by the state. This has the unfortunate side effect of low fertility rates, which doesn't bother the Ecclesiarchy at the slightest as they see it only as an incentive to further their artificial womb technology, while also working to minimize children and the non-adult phase as Dr. Yi Suchong of Bioshock would have liked in the quote "Why children take so long to grow? They eat and drink like pig and give nothing back. Must find way to accelerate process..." Given this, Heptanomis is not known for a significant child population.

Demographic Table by EthnicityEdit

Ethnicity Males/Females Percentage Percentage by Gender
Hellenes 35/62 56.3% 44.8%/65.9%
Anglo-Saxon 8/9 10.6% 10.2%/9.57%
Koreans 7/7 8.75% 8.97%/7.44%
Arabs 5/3 5% 6.41%/3.19%
Slavs 4/2 3.75% 5.12%/2.12%
Africans 6/0 3.75% 7.69%/0%
Turks 2/3 3.125% 2.56%/3.19%
Chinese 4/1 3.125% 5.12%/1.06%
Other European 2/1 1.87% 2.56%/1.06%
Mexicans 1/0 0.62% 1.28%/0%
Japanese 1/2 1.87% 1.28%/2.12%
Jews 2/2 2.5% 2.56%/2.12%
Others (+non-national Plumbbot & Simbot) 1/2 1.87% 1.28%/2.12%
Total 78/94 100% 100%/100%

Demographic Table by AgeEdit


Age Males/Females Percentage* Percentage by Gender*
Infant 0/0 0% 0%/0%
Toddler 0/0 0% 0%/0%
Child 1/2
Teen 5/11
Young Adult 40/72
Adult 13/6
Elder/Simbot 7/1
Plumbbot 2/0

Interesting Demographic FactsEdit

  • Only the Russian Heroes and the Zarach household do not have any young adults in the household.
  • Theophania is the only elder female, only because Theophania is a simbot and thus starts out as "elder."
  • There are currently 160 sims to be placed in Heptanomis. In comparison, there are 133 (+5 deceased) in Bridgeport including NPCs (Heptanomis excludes non-townie NPCs such as paper boys).

Comparison with other NeighborhoodsEdit

Data Hekatonschoinos Heptanomis Saint Isles Apocalypse Isle Tsukitani
Total # of Sims (w/ Townies) 142 172 42 96 37(No Townies)
# of Families 29 34 14 20 10
Total # of Sims (w/o Townies) 133 151 33 82 37
Average Family Size 4.586 5.058 2.357 3.95 3.7
Total Family Funds §52,807,050 §59,007,420 §127,350 §200,246 No Data
Average Family Fund §1,820,932 §1,735,512*** §9,096 §10,012 No Data
Average removing top 3 and bottom 3 §80,741 §237,956*** §4,393 §6,929 No Data
Male to Female Ratio (w/ townies) 1:1.32 1.1.20 1:1.05* 1:1.13** 1:.666**
Median Family Fund §40,000 §100,000 §4500 §8500 No Data
Median Family Size 4 4 2 4 4
  • *: Unborn Baby not included
  • **: Excludes those with unisex names.


Do you like the current population setup ethnically?

The poll was created at 22:57 on April 24, 2014, and so far 10 people voted.
Do you like the current population setup age-wise?

The poll was created at 22:57 on April 24, 2014, and so far 10 people voted.


To be Announced, although some of the Hekatonschoinos lots will be reused.

Incoming Lots not in HekatonschoinosEdit

Residential LotsEdit

Paleohellenike NomeEdit
  • Epiteichisma Epistemes: A new approach to the Naos-Stratopedon class structures. The scale and the designs will largely follow the Champs Les Sims Castle, but with a Grecian flavor.
  • Basileion ton Aigon: Most likely 64x64, the domicile of the Argeadai.
  • Nesos Poleos Epidoseus: A renewed version of the Nesos Poleos apartment-style structure of the old Hekatonschoinos
  • Korinthiakos: A water house, located between the Peloponnese islet and the main islet of the Paleohellenike Nome.
Ptolemaike NomeEdit
  • Beacon of Pharos: Inspired by the Great Lighthouse, a skyscraper building that basically works like a penthouse introduced in Late Night

Community LotsEdit

Paleohellenike NomeEdit
  • Stoa Hellenike (Returning from Hekatonschoinos)
No town can claim Greek culture without a covered walkway that is a stoa. What better way to demonstrate the Greekness of town than one of these? While it isn't as long as a typical stoa (given engine limitations), it instead houses works of art like a mouseion, as did the Stoa of Attalos with the help of some patronage.
  • Ecclesiarchal Assembly Market: Robotic Consignment Store
  • Ampelon Euboias (ἁμπελων Εὔβοιας) (Euboian Vineyard): Recycling of the Proschema Euboias Nectary of old Hekatonschoinos, located at the Euboia Islet just as the old one is.
Nektar, the drink of the Hellenic false deities, is the word that turned into the English word "nectar". So it is only fitting that a Greek town have a Nectary to produce some good quality nectar. Ignore the large substitution of alcohols involved in imagery
  • Biblotheke Demotele (βιβλιοθήκη δημοτελῆ) (National Library):
    Requires: Library in all non-puppeted cities
    +3 Science
    +50% Science
An educated populace is a necessary component for a prosperous society, as history demonstrated. So it is only fair that a state that wishes to promote a new way of life that should be attractive enough sport a public library of scale like few others. There are more libraries in Heptanomis because more science is good, but this isn't Civilization V and if that was the case, they'd also have the Library of Alexandreia.
  • Delphinion: Treated as a Zen Garden gamewise
While Pythia is the actual titular name of (priestess of) the famous Oracle located at Delphoi, Delphinion of history is also a general name for a temple to Apollon Delphinios, most notable of which are located at Miletos and Athenai. Given the choice to use Zen Garden as the lot type, this Delphinion is more religion-oriented than politic-oriented.
  • Limen tes Apollonias (Apollonian Harbor): Port
Anatolike NomeEdit
  • Loutra Phaidrou (Phaedrus Bath)
The dialogue of Phaidros written by Platon is one of the key texts that are cited frequently by the Ecclesiarchy to hoot down romance. The Western part of Anatolian nome, equivalent to Ionia, seems to be a popular spot for Hellenic baths for whatever reason, but this fairly small bath accompanies the larger Thermes Philetairou and is thus suited to people who are more inclined towards a more quiet environment.
  • Thermes Philetairou (Philetairos Bath Complex): Classified as a gymnaseion
  • Skainai Pergamenes
Agoraios NomeEdit
  • Cheiropoion: Now one of the central addition to the Papal Capital to further symbolize it as a technological center of the Time Paradox universe, the Cheiropoion is basically a structure that holds vast materials and capital necessary to produce the state-of-the-art technological goods. It succeeds the workshop concept that is a common theme in the old Hekatonschoinos, this one focusing on robotics.
  • Paidagogia: A caretaker home in which the children are taken care of while the parents are off to work. Currently empty due to a lack of children.
  • Balaneion (Returning from Hekatonschoinos): Classified as a gymnaseion
Ptolemaike NomeEdit
  • Megale Bibliotheke tes Alexandreias (Great Library of Alexandreia): Library
Libraries are the shrines where all the relics of the ancient saints, full of true virtue, and that without delusion or imposture, are preserved and reposed. -Sir Francis Bacon.
2 great libraries in a single city may seem like overkill to the eyes of many, but not to the Ecclesiarchy. More availability for learning means more science, more progress, and more satisfaction towards the current order.

List of FamiliesEdit

Families/Households with bold names denote the major houses competing for administratorship of Heptanomis.

Families of the old HekatonschoinosEdit

  • Ecclesiarchal Headquarters: 356 Tribos Pellaios
Difficulty: 6
Kallisto SyrakosiaKallistrata PellaiaStratonike AttalidaHypatia PydnaiaLysistrata AmphipolitaEurydike Alkmaionida
The effective ruler of the Papal State and by extension the capital, the Ecclesiarchy's top members are located here. An academic conglomerate of unprecendented scale and quality, the Ecclesiarchy commands riches and skills like no other. However, Kallisto certainly wants more and megalomania is always an visible variable in the house...
Player Notes: Ecclesiarchy is the easiest family to play financially, given the almost complete control of all enterprises, as well as their extreme wages, as all of the Big 6 save Kallistrata earns more than 1,000§ per hour. On top, they are located closest to the Tiberium vein, and the biggest factor is that they pay no bills: they own the place! Kallistrata may not earn wages, but still is a huge factor given her uncontested supremacy in nectar making both quantitatively and qualitatively, which is complemented by the Ecclesiarchal control of extremely high quality fruits. With 6 members, maintaining their needs can be slightly challenging, but not too much given the lifetime wishes that its constituents have. Having spacious room within the upcoming Epiteichisma Epistemes, they have no shortage of room for skill items, not that they are in need of skill.
Story Progression Notes: If possible, get the NRaas mods, and have their Kinsey Values at say -50000 (if the value does not persist) to reflect the setting that they are anti-romance and anti-WooHoo. As they are the family that I play with the most, I have not gotten a significant pattern, although it seems like they tend to hack and dump their stock of fruits. It is possible with NRaas that they will produce nectar.
  • Kang Family: Kyrenaian Nome
Difficulty: 5
Tae Jong Kang, Mi Ae Kang, Yu Ri Kang (Yuri), Ho Young Kang, Gyuri Kang, Sung Hoon Kang
The Korean patriarchal family of the 3rd Timeline, they are a proud family to say the least, standing against the Chinese and the Japanese in the three-way feud. However Yuri was a solid friend of an equally techy Eun Jin, who happened to be a Philhellene. This would play a critical role in the resolution of the conflict with the arrival of the Greeks, who would naturally find Eun Jin the most open of them all. With the Greek power play, the Koreans find the forged alliance quite beneficial, and Tae Jong, who was quite tired of all the ethnic conflict, decides to accompany Eun Jin to the new timeline of the foreigners to rest. What awaits them in the foreigners' time?
Player Notes: As it is with most families, Kang Family will initially suffer a financial deficit, especially so as Tae Jong and Gwi Bin aren't high up in the career rung, and Sung Hoon has not found an employment yet. Yuri serves as an interesting variable: Yuri initially is working as an inventor, which earns no wages. However, Yuri has points on both Handiness and Invention, allowing Yuri a route in either the Science or the Military career.
Difficulty: 5
Philetairos AttalidesEumenes Attalides, Parthenope Attalida, Theophania Attalida, Thetis Attalida, Olympias Attalida, Polyxena Attalida, Krates Mallites, Lede Attalida (Horse)
The Attalids are one of the oldest families, as well as the most reputable to be a party flock. So great was the party-hosting of their first timeline that the reputation pretty much crossed the timeline via the gossips. However, such was a good past, and the Attalids have lost much of the party-hosting steam. Despite that, the Attalids still look for a good party, and has gone to Hekatonschoinos for one reason: the extremely large party lounge Basileion Pelles kai Syrakouson noted to be the largest in the world. The Attalids also have interests in the Ecclesiarchy, namely their own family member in the ranks, Stratonike. Will this place hold the opportunities for the good life and parties as they wish it is?
Player Notes: The Attalids live in the 2nd most expensive abode. However, despite the high bills that would be associated with the extremely lavish house, the Attalids have high wage earners: Philetairos and Eumenes earn well over 200§ per hour, and Polyxena earns 444§ per hour as an Mad Scientist. On top, all of the Attalids are in an wage-earning career (save Olympias), and all are able to do so with ease. As such, the Attalids can expect a minimal surplus despite a crushing bill.
Story Progression Notes: The Attalids are very likely to split (without limitations), with Eumenes and Polyxena usually separating away taking the pony Lede. Otherwise, expect them to lead the Equestrian notification screen once Lede develops into an adult. Assumes the usage of NRaas Story Progression Mod.
  • Choi Family: Kyrenaian Nome
Difficulty: 3
Bong Jun Choi, Eun Jin Choi
Eun Jin is one of the high priority figures as Ecclesiarchy sees, given the fact that Eun Jin was the big Philhellen who drew the attention of the Greek time travelers. Eun Jin is on top quite a valuable figure, as the Ecclesiarchy constantly scout Eun Jin (alongside Yuri) hoping to recruit her into the machine cult. Internally, Eun Jin is quite troubled, since her father Bong Jun loves dogs, and Eun Jin does not share his love for the furry animals. Only thing that keeps Eun Jin from exploding? A hefty money grant from the Greek benefactors. Is this enough?
Player Notes: the Choi family will suffer initial deficits, as Bong Jun has just started in a career. Eun Jin however has 6 points in handiness, which puts her in a similar position to Yuri, although much less profitable since Eun Jin can't put the skills to use immediately. However, the Choi family is quite fortunate in that it is a small family, allowing them to easily degrade to the smallest houses if needed, which is much more easy given the increased availability of land and smaller/cheaper lots.
  • Alkmaionidai: Paleohellenike Nome
Difficulty: 3
Kleisthenes Alkmaionides, Helene Alkmaionida, Andromeda Alkmaionida, Chryseis Alkmaionida, Nikias Alkmaionides (Horse)
The oldest of the sims in terms of chronology, they may not seem entirely successful on their own. However, this doesn't take into account the fact that their interest is well represented in the Ecclesiarchy, given Eurydike and their former houseguest Lysistrata. Will this representation do them any good?
Player Notes: Their status is lot like the Attalids: Decent wages and high bills, although the Alkmaionids have lower wages and smaller bills. Andromeda is right behind Philetairos as a leading figure in the Culinary career, and Kleisthenes is quite high on the Journalism career. Chryseis is underperforming, but is very likely to get promoted given her high skill parameters.
  • Mathetai: Nesos Heterogenes Nome
Difficulty: 3
Immanuel Ames, Liam Awlaki, Tiffany Dennis, Shirley Anley
Former disciples of none other than Kallistrata herself, the Mathetai moved to Hekatonschoinos simply because they had no other place to go. Having been the test subject of the Ecclesiarchal tertiary education, they are more than equipped to forge a path...
Player Notes: They are quite "average": not too high, not too low in almost all matters.
  • Swanson Family: Paleohellenike Nome
Difficulty: 2
Tessa Swanson, Nicole Swanson, Rachel Swanson
Effective servitors to the Ecclesiarchy, they are extremely unfortunate yet fortunate. In the fortunate side, they were finally united by the Ecclesiarchal string pulls, although they are also unfortunate as they would never be able to find true love that they always wished for given the Ecclesiarchy's attitude about Romance... or can they?
Player Notes: Perhaps one of the easiest family to play, as Tessa and Nicole earn very high wages as a International Super Spy and Dynamic DNA Profiler respectively. As such, they can actually afford to maintain the current lot, which requires extensive maintenance. On top, there are 3 Swansons, and there are 8 in the Ecclesiarchal chapter, making for a far more leisurely experience on the player's side.
  • The Working Immigrants: Anatolia Nome
Difficulty: 3
Teddy Kaplan, Strauss Gauss, Cherry LaPlace, Hye Ri Wang
Currently the only independent immigrants who immigrated out of free will, they wish to improve their lot just as immigrants had wished to do so via immigration to America. Of course, we don't have a stock bubble to screw them up... but then one always has to watch out for the ordinances.
Player Notes: Challenging initially given their low initial wages. However, their bills aren't as large, so it isn't too difficult to handle given time.
  • Libuoi: Alexandreian Nome
Difficulty: 3
Thrasymachos Kyrenaios, Hippias Karchedonios, Heron Aithiopikos, Attalos Aithiopikos
The African Cleruchs, they are considered due to Kallisto's staunch anti-racist policy that led Kallisto to shower some benefits to the Africans. Hellenized they may be, but African nonetheless are they, and Kallisto wishes to use them as a bulwark against the primarily Western Celebrity Culture.
Player Notes: Similar to the Working Immigrants, except with less money and skills.
Difficulty: 5
Okeanos Iolkios, Zoe Drabesike, Melissa Epeirota, Persephone Phalara, Seleukis Enopronos, Krinias Enopronos
They are one of the Klerouchoi families, although they are the most unusual of the Klerouchoi. As their name would suggest (it means the disciple of the Muses), they are talented in the arts, particularly music, something that isn't esteemed too much by the Ecclesiarchy. However, they also are represented in the Ecclesiarchy by none other than Esomena Protogena, a member who was long believed to be lost. It was Esomena who wanted to help them out, but the Mathetai aren't used to a settled life nor high taxes. Was Esomena's recommendation a mistake?
Player Notes: One of the difficult family to play given the difficulty downgrading. The bill is one of the smallest given their cheap housing, but their wages are also low, and they have 3 minors, so they have a goon number of mouths to feed on a limited wage and reserve funds. Also, the Hekatonschoinos will contain one that looks significantly different to the one in the picture in the Fanon page.
  • Ptolemaioi: Alexandreian Nome
Difficulty: 5
Ptolemaios Soter, Berenike Ptolemaie, Ptolemaios Philadelphos, Arsinoe Ptolemaie (Arsione II), Arsinoe Lysimache (Arsinoe I), Kleito Ptolemaie, Ptolemaios Euergetes, Eukleides Exegetes
Ptolemaioi are what it says on the tin: the Ptolemaic dynasty. However, this by itself is a bit of a problem, given their adoption of Egyptian practices, including one that involves something heretical by the Ecclesiarchy. On top, Philadelphos got both of his consorts, Arsinoe I and Arsione II alive, which causes some problems naturally. Will they be able to settle all of the crises?
Player Notes: Difficult initially given brutally high bills. However, they are earning fair wages, and all are able to work on full-time jobs except one. Arsinoe Ptolemaie and Kleito earning the top wages in the Ptolemaioi for the moment, they must supplement that income, although their initial fundings give them some leeway.
  • Strategoi: Anatolian Nome
Difficulty: 3
Phylagoras Megistos Massaliotes, Epicharis Alexandreiana, Xenotima Chersonesia, Kalliphana Pergamena
Kallistrata's buddies tracing back to Kallistrata's creation at Pella, they were eventually lured into the capital by their former mate from across the Mediterranean (and Pontos Euxeinos), from Massalia/Marseille all the way to the Crimea. They themselves aren't the most normal of the bunch, and share with Kallistrata the disdain for natural procreation. What will be their move afterward?
Player Notes: An easy family, with stable wages and a diverse range of skills. Phylagoras serves as the main bread winner as the Squadron Leader, while Epicharis, Xenotima, and Kalliphana more than fit for a rapid progression.
  • Kostopouloi: Anatolian Nome
Difficulty: 3
Angelos KostopoulosAthanasia KostopoulouKyriake KostopoulouTheophylaktos Kostopoulos
The Kostopouloi are not like the most other families: their immigration was not triggered by financial opportunity nor the oppressive conditions of their old place. Rather, Athanasia and Angelos wanted to spread the Kostopouloi family name, which was gaining some fame ever since Angelos' grandfather made a fortune in the shipbuilding industry. More over, they wanted to outdo their Turkish rivals, the Demirci family, by moving over to now the bastion of Greek power. Little did they know that the Demircis were also welcomed... Will they be able to shine the family name?
  • Demirci Family: Anatolian Nome
Difficulty: 4
Bayram Demirci, Ayla Demirci, Engin Demirci, Kelebek Demirci, Sevil Demirci
The surname Demirci means blacksmith, and Bayram was a descendant of a blacksmith family. As noted, the blacksmith job was in decay ever since the industrial revolution, and the Demircis lived a harsh life ever since. However, Bayram was not let down, and he forged his own way, eventually leading to his own shipbuilding firm. Given the Greek-Turkish relationships, Bayram found the rival in the Kostopouloi, more specifically Angelos' father. With Angelos' father passing away, Angelos took up the rivalry and made a bold move. Not to be outdone, Bayram took advantage of Kallisto's indifference to the Greek-Turkish relationships (given her Italian birth) and followed suit without much resistance from the Greek population. Will this situation start a new page in the Greek-Turkish relationship?
Difficulty: 3
Alkmene Kresia, Diomede Paphia, Kalypso Naupaktia, Agatha Broomsworth
Moonlight Falls is the home of many witch cults, and the alchemy trade between Hekatonschoinos and Moonlight Falls had been a delight to many witch cults, especially the Silver Lilies, which was a local alchemy powerhouse. When high quality wares of Hekatonschoinos came in, the Silver Lilies weren't discouraged, but in the contrary was eager to embrace the art of those who had proven superior.
Especially relevant is the rise of Ezekiel Gretchyn, who had taken up an anti-Papal attitude, one that doesn't please the Silver Lilies (who wished continued ties with the Papal State, if not annexation). Nor did the Silver Lilies' structural embracing of celibacy helped Ezekiel's cause, which he promoted via the fear of WooHoo being taken away. To further secure ties with their new allies, the Silver Lilies sent their members to establish a local chapter in Hekatonschoinos, and so it came to pass.
  • Heraldry of Machine: Nesos Heterogenes Nome
Nikanor Trapezountios (Simbot), Euphrosyne Trapezountia, Ione Methodida Trapezountia, Lyra Diogenida Trapezountia, Iphikrateia Nereida Sinopeia
Nikanor was a man attracted to automation and machines, as was Kallisto during her tenure as a member of the Beauty 4. He was thus enrolled into the New Phrontisterion of Trapezous, re-established by the time of the Papal State through the sponsorship of the Papal State, which was not surprisingly specialized in mechanical arts and science. Unfortunately, the Greek-Turkish tensions were not resolved in the mainlands unlike the case with Angelos and Bayram, and a Turkish mob roused by right-wing rhetorics involving Kypros resulted in a temporary time of chaos, violence, and anarchy in Trapezous (Trabzon), which resulted in destruction of most of Nikanor's research, as well as violence against the Greek population in Trapezous. Nikanor would take in 4 who suffered loss of limbs through the violence, and give them prosthetics, while he himself took to the task of mechanizing himself. Having succeeded in the task, Nikanor traveled to Hekatonschoinos to spread the word to those who are most receptive to the new progress: Ecclesiarchy, which conveniently provided them with a grant of cash and a place to live.
  • Argead DynastyPaleohellenike Nome
Perdikkas Argeades, Amyntas Argeades, Philippos Argeades, Kynane Argeada, Kleopatra Argeada, Alexandros Argeades, Roxana Baktriana, Philippos Arrhidaios
Megas Alexandros was always a figure revered by the Hellenes-dominated Ecclesiarchy, especially as he was the can-do guy who conquered with speed. Of course, Kallisto did harbor some reserves, namely because Alexandros was rash with a touch of polypotic nature. Nonetheless, Alexandros was supposedly restrained in the pleasure of the body (despite having multiple spouses like other royalties), and had the drive for knowledge that was esteemed by the Ecclesiarchy. This begets the question: Why are 3 generations of the Argead dynasty summoned to Hekatonschoinos in the first place? Some argue that they did it for the lulz, others believe that they did it to recruit them into the new order. Still others believe that they aren't the historical Argead Dynasty at all, but rather recreation of the said dynasty. The answer lies only with the Ecclesiarchy, and that secret won't be released to the public any time soon.
However, given Alexandros's innate character flaws, Ecclesiarchy will not simply have the Argeadai administer Heptanomis. This right would have to be earned, and Alexandros, ambitious as he is, is certainly ready to conquer the chllenge that Kallisto put in front of him and prove his name's worth.
  • Hadi: Syriaka Nome
Abdul Abbasi, Fawzi Boulos, Hosni Ghazali, Ilham Manzur, Karima Sidqi, Maryam Rafiq
Hadi means calm, and the Hadi are a progressive Muslim group impressed by the Ecclesiarchy's positive views of medieval Islam. In fact, the Hadi wishes to start the turn towards the medieval Islam, wishing to embrace the Islam in which philosophy, mathematics, and other academic developments are embraced as it was in the Golden Age of Islam under the Abbasids. In fact, Abdul the leader is of the Abbasid line, and has sought the Ecclesiarchy as a model with which they would build their new movement
  • Gem Explorers: Anatolia Nome
Tariq Ali, Jones Indus
Gems are truly outrageous, and there are few that know the value and aesthetic beauty of a gem more than Tariq. With his more-than-friend and explorer Jones Indus, Tariq came to Heptanomis to study the Papal gems. After all, rare gems do not come so commonly without a cause... In addition, Heptanomis is probably one place where hom... "oops" "cough" will never take root.
  • Tycoons Family: Anatolia Nome
Difficulty: 4
Alexei Zharkov, Ulrich Hermann, Erland Bjorkman, Esteban Rojas, Oksana Zharkova
Alexei, Ulrich, Erland, and Esteban originally were simple stock traders. However, one lucky touch and a collaboration between the 4 suddenly left them with a pile of cash as well as a budding feeling of companionship. Having struck gold, they decided to take what they claim to be a very long business trip to Hekatonschoinos in search for more profitable businesses to invest in. Their goal? Significant share in the juggernaught that is Kallistrata's nectar industry.

New FamiliesEdit

  • Quasi-PuritansAsterolotou Naus, located initially at the Kyrenaian Port
Difficulty: 3
Hiera Leukolotos, Nektarine Ammophyleta, Kyklia Nephela, Agapeta Paleolamprotope, Kyrillos
Hiera Leukolotos is not a typical hermit. Having suffered the worst, including a stay at the Eye of Terror, it is amazing that Hiera has not broken and given into the temptation of Chaos. Thankfully, Hiera's benevolent nature which persisted through her "tenure" at the Eye of Terror has gathered followers, one of which were Nektarine. Although Hiera's doctrine of self-denial, which includes but is not limited to avoidance of luxury and alcohol isn't exactly accepted by Hiera's followers, Hiera's release from the Eye of Terror after a scuffle between Hiera's followers and a band of witches and shamans was most welcomed by the followers. With the release, Hiera first made an alliance with the geomancers, taking into custody a sister of the head geomancer Agapeta. But Hiera would face a new rival, namely an opposing cult based on mysticist alchemy led by Theogone...
They are also the noblest of the competing houses. Hiera embraces the noblesse oblige mentality to its fullest. Given Hiera's benevolence and mercy, Hiera easily gains the loyalty of the vanquished and neighbors alike.
Difficulty: 3
Theogone Plousiakoe, Hyphaipolis Prodota, Kuanokalle Tachysta, Anthereuodia Basileia, Diogenes
Where the Quasi-Puritans would look towards self-denial in search of peace, the Immortalists looked towards immortality, believing immortality to relieve the ever-so-common worry of death from clouding the mind. To accomplish such goals, Theogone received the art of alchemy from Kuanokalle, who had been a mystic in Syria receiving such knowledge from the Silk Road trade with China. However, problem came when the Immortalists thought immortality would allow for luxury that the Quasi-Puritans abhorred, and the fairly tense relations between the sides grew openly hostile with the defection of Hyphaipolis, who had been in a family that supported Hiera over Theogone. Will there be peace in the neutral grounds, or will there be conflict to be spilled?
The insidious house. Kuanokalle is most definitely not the benevolent mind, having only selfish motivations. While Theogone, the leader, is no less selfish, Theogone is definitely pragmatic enough to maintain a good face. After all, they don't want other houses at them checking their every move...
  • East Asian Trade Confederation: Conceptualized to be located at the Antiocheian suburbs
Difficulty: 5
Wong Chut King, Mu Wu zhou, Tian Lien, Lee Man-Hong, Choe-Pappas Dikaiopolis Soo-Man , Choe Chun-Hwa, Shimane Satomi (Rendered Asian style where surnames are first)
If there was anything close to the idealized imagery of East Asian cooperation, it'd be the East Asian Trade Confederation. The ultimate heterogenous and cooperative organization, the East Asian Trade Confederation is as tolerant and liberal as it is determined in the pursuit of profit. Knowing that a good number of Asians resided in Hekatonschoinos, they decided to make a huge gamble by moving their headquarters into the heart of the new Papal Capital which is supposedly the vanguard of the heterogeneity. Was their gamble a productive one?
  • Scientists: Conceptualized to be located at the western part of the Anatolian nome
Difficulty: 3
Eukleides Alexandreias, Heron Aiolipiles, Pagondas Xenophilos, Iphikrateia Agna
Eukleides is an ambiguous figure: he is an science prodigy, yet he is a shameful display when it comes to using the markets to reap the rewards of his ever-growing achievements. Having made friends with other marginally more commercially successful engineers and scientists, Eukleides would establish the Scientists clique. 
  • The Lone Gardener: Conceptualized to be located at the Neilos Nome
Difficulty: 1
Euodia Anemotheata
Euodia has never took part in the notion that human companions are the best ones, instead taking up the notion that plants can fill that emotional need. A character of prodigious achievements in gardening, her lack of sociability had generated negative reputations regarding Euodia. Euodia did not give a hoot, but then the very fertile soils of the Heptaonomian river valley is too much for Euodia to skip...
  • One Who Leapt Through Time
Difficulty: 1
Regina Solis, Apollon
Time Paradox is known for its multiple timelines, shifting time-spaces and different outcomes for same neighborhoods. If there was any sime to take the cake, Regina would be the one. Why? Regina hails from the third timeline as a would-be ordinary citizen whose only noticeable feature is her love for punk, lolita, and goth fashion. That would all change with a bit of time traveling made even more convenient, which leads Regina to the first timeline of all things, continuing the storyline that was cut short by the sudden transfer of the entirety of the Greek population introduced to the second timeline, allowing Regina to actually match up to the Greeks of the first timeline, who had only the skills up to those provided by the Late Night expansion, while Regina had access to far more skills, topped by the fact that the Scholars' Alliance back then weren't the superhuman juggernaughts that mastered 10+ skills back then. Becoming a second Hypatia would have been inevitable... until the Ecclesiarchy pulled Regina back into the third timeline to have her join the Tech Nerd Trine in counter-progress body. Regina isn't too interested in power play, but what could Regina do?
  • The Crimson Family
Difficulty: 3
Erasta Crimson, Xanthe Taboulara, Bernard Chen
There once was a noble Romanian family Rosu that supposedly reached its peak when it gained favor with Vlad II Dracul and exchanged marriage partners. However, by the time Erasta came to the world, the family has turned into mostly normal middle class family. Erasta was taught about the family's old days by her ambitious father, and became equally ambitious. To restore what is now the Crimson family, Erasta's father invested the last of the family valuables to Erasta, attaching two character as Erasta's retinue and caretaker and sent Erasta to Heptanomis, which was the uncontested Mecca of learning. However, Erasta's father was aware of the Papacy's love of looking for volunteers for cyborgs, and chose the two members of Erasta's retinue specifically to enforce more traditional morality, ambition, and surprisingly, goodness. Erasta's father left an audio log which Erasta would listen to every day:
"Dear beloved daughter,
Investment are for worthy causes and vehicles. With that said, I entrust that you will return to us as a worthy, no, illustrious member of the Rosu family. Housework there will be handled primarily by your retinue members. Perhaps you may need to do some yourself, and if so, it'll be a worthy experience. But always keep in mind that your main objective here is to gain erudition and more importantly, worthy relationships. I haven't spent the last of the family's treasures for you to fail, Erasta, and I am confident that you will not fail the family. Since family is of utmost importance, keep in touch with us. Please.
Be safe, be successful, and make me proud,
Your father, Lorin"
  • Goose Family
Difficulty: 2
Howard Goose, Peter Goose
  • Secret Superhuman
Difficulty: 1
Hyperion Protogenes
Yuri had Rahn in Mental Omega. If the rumors are correct, then Hyperion is Rahn's counterpart for the Ecclesiarchy. This would be the crowning moment in the Ecclesiarchy, as Hyperion would be the first male artificial sim if the rumors are indeed true. Hyperion is in a privileged position: he's noted for being a primary candidate for being the Ultimate Invincible Galaxy's Strongest Man with ungodly amount of muscle mass...
  • Russian Heroes
Difficulty: 2
Sergei Volkov, Yefim Rasputin, Yuri Kapitsa
They were once unsung heroes of Soviet Union, having served in numerous proxy wars to earn the infamy that they had to the opposing side in the Cold War. Now they are left with scars and memories, but little else, having banded together to Heptanomis to spend rest of their lives after serving anonymously as mercenaries with mixed success. Perhaps the Papal hostility toward SimNation's celebrities might find use in the former soldiers...
  • Saint Marie's MaidCorps School
Difficulty: 5
Duke Eisenhower, Mnemosyne Mysia, Euphemia Artopolia, Andromeda Artopolia, Marie DuGalle, Selene Alexander
The standing stereotype of maids do not render them with erudition in fields of hard science. Duke Eisenhower, with sponsorship of the Papacy which wishes to break that stereotype, came up with the rather impractical idea. After all, maids do not find work in laboratories. Nonetheless, there are always few scientific minds who might find use in a houseworker who is also capable of assisting in his work in more than an elementary fashion, Kallisto argues, and the Saint Marie's MaidCorps School was formed. Applicants are few, and accepted ones even fewer, given the high demand for both mental aptitude and patience, thus requiring applicants to have the capabilities of both a maid and a scholar. Crazy idea, but then rule of cool says "to the hell with reality, it's cool so we must do it!"
Some people think Kallistrata, who helped name the school, should seriously lay off Mental Omega... Who in the right mind would name a school for maids after a corp of psychics created by a charismatic freak?
  • Zarach
Difficulty: 4
Elenin Hadar, Sirith Hadar, Ilmadin Hadar, Nirmaire Hadar, Adam-i Hadar
Sense of ethnic superiority is a great flaw that leads to arrogance and eventually destruction. Sadly, the Hadar family, a notorious family even amongst the generally right-wing Zionist factions, embrace this to the fullest. Hadar family is so bad, that its subfaction, the Zarach, is a faction that is not named in non-Zionist Israelis and even the moderate Zionists. With a new power rising that has the key to the control of the world, what better way to express Hebrew supremacy than to take the lands for themselves?
The evil faction, they only know power and seeks to topple anyone who gets in the way. Mercy is hooted down as weakness there, and the Zarach never shirks from violence to achieve their aims. This causes fear, although penchant for violence may be their undoing...
Should I mention that they also took first names that are inspired by the blasted Thalmor?
  • Samaras Clan, Pydnaioi Family
Difficulty: 5
Kostas Samaras Pydnaios, Nomike Samara Pydnaia, Thanases Samaras Pydnaios, Chara Samara Pydnaia, Matthias Samaras, Glykeria Samara
While most of its members lack deceased family members or aren't overly concerned with the family, such is not the case with Hypatia. Hypatia as a modern Greek with actual family members who have passed away was a unique case within the Ecclesiarchy. The happening at Sunset Valley have proved that death is no longer a permanent goodbye, and also a chance to see what could have been the case. Thanasis and Chara were at the elder stages of life without the comfort of family members since Hypatia's departure to Sunset Valley, but no longer was that the case: They got back the youth, their parents, and their other children who have met untimely end. And so the story of the Samaras Clan begin...
  • Samaras Clan, Papadopouloi Family
Difficulty: 5
Paulos Samaras Papadopoulos, Theodora Samara Papadopoulou, Sokrates Samaras Papadopoulos, Soteria Samara Papadopoulou, Louiza Samara Papadopoulou, Chrysanthe Samara Papadopoulou
Paulos and Theodora are the maternal grandparents of Hypatia. While the relationship between them and Kostas and Nomike were mediocre, Hypatia's gesture of goodwill have all but made them enthusiastic members of the budding Samaras Clan, proudly adopting the said clan name in addition to their original surname. Like the home family in which their benefactor belonged to, the eldest survivors of the family too regained youth and they too have settled in Heptanomis as a part of a new large interest independent of the Tiberium-hungry competitors. This move is seen as a threat to the competing households: after all, the familial ties and large family presence could easily override what they has to earn if family is put above politics...

Families not returningEdit

  • Hugo's Orphanage
  • Rich Girls and Butler
  • Kirishima
  • Diplomat
  • Xue
  • Gao
  • Mates
  • Millenium Friends
  • Equestrian Entrepreneurs
  • Yoo

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  • Halourge Oktanephela
  • Atreus Chalkideus
  • Atlas Sikyonios
  • Sematia Aiakida
  • Hesperia Demetrieis
  • Harvey Sanders
  • Anthere Hekkaidekanyx
  • Duran Samil
  • Parthenos Sideris
  • Sander Bernie
  • Arete Agiada Spartiata
  • Maion Epitropades Kretikos
  • Glykon Ischyrotatos Pergamenes
  • Lysandros Argeios
  • Himawari Yukimura
  • Abe Kazutaka
  • Gang Long
  • Chiang Li-Yun
  • Im Chang Min (Anglicized Order: Chang Min Im)
  • Kwon Ye Rim (Anglicized Order:Ye Rim Kwon)
  • Lien Mac

Familial RelationshipsEdit

There are 7 primary houses to which most other families are "attached" to. The 6 competing houses and the Ecclesiarchal Headquarters. All of the competing houses, asides from the Zarach, ensure to maintain a good relation with the Ecclesiarchy. Zarach doesn't particularly mind, since they want to claim the Papal State for themselves.

Generally speaking, vicinity means friendship. The Quasi-Puritans settled in the Kyrenaian nome, so one of their first encounters were with the Korean families. Given the benevolent nature of Hiera, the leading figure of the Quasi-Puritans, Yuri fully supports the Quasi-Puritan cause, and the Korean families in general support the Quasi-Puritans. Likewise, the Immortalists, who situated themselves in the Syriaka nome, have made attempts at making friends with the Crimson family, who also live in the Syriaka nome. The Pergamene Attalidai have earned the favor of the MaidCorp School's founder Duke Eisenhower, as the Attalid attitude makes them one of the most enthusiastic potential employers.


  • Like the old capital Hekatonschoinos, Heptanomis too is named after an Ancient Egyptian administrative region Heptanomis.
  • There are many references to various video game merchandises in the game, some very blatant, others somewhat discreet.
  • With the exception of the Russian Heroes household, all families in Heptanomis has at least 1 young adult.
  • If the new lore is to be the new lore, the Quasi-Puritans are the equivalent of House Atreides, the Immortalists House Ordos, and Zarach House Harkonnen. By that association, the Ecclesiarchy is nominal equivalent of House Corrino. Likewise, the relationship isn't exactly the same either: the Quasi-Puritans are in feud with the Immortalists, not the Zarach. Similarly, the Heraldry of Machines roughly follow the steps of House Ix, while the Silver Lilies nominally play the role of House Tleilax, for Heraldry of Machines and Silver Lilies clash ideologically where the Heraldry supports mechanical technology, Silver Lilies are more organic.
  • The Sims with the names linked to Anatolika - Definitely not Touhou will not look like they are in the fanon picture. Curse my lack of creativity
  • The competing families except the Argeads each have advisors, the Greek houses having a Plumbot assigned to them by the Ecclesiarchy, and the Zarach having a Simbot. This is both an subversion and an upholding of Dune: calculation and analysis is a task that is assigned to these advisors, who are reference to Mentats of Dune. However, their robotic nature is also a direct contradiction, since the Dune universe at the times of the Muad'dib was primarily overtaken by the technophobic tendencies caused by the Butlerian Jihad. The names of the advisors to Quasi-Puritans, Immortalists, and Zarach are all references to the mentats of corresponding houses in Dune 2: Kyrillos is the transliteration of the original Greek name that led to Cyril, the Atreides mentat, Diogenes is derived from Dios, the genitive form of Zeus, who is associated with god Ammon from whom the Ordos mentat probably got his name, Adam-i means "red" and "shore", and Radnor, Harkonnen mentat, gets his name from Old English and it means red shore. Pergamene and Ptolemaic advisors, named Krates and Eukleides respectively, derive their names from Krates of Mallos and Eukleides of Alexandreia respectively. Given that there's another one inspired by Eukleides, this one is given the surname Exegetes meaning advisor.
  • While the 2nd concept of Heptanomis involved abundance of Tiberium, the abundance of Tiberium as an identity of Heptanomis was scrapped due to balance reasons. Nonetheless, Heptanomis will feature Tiberium spawning spots.