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Heptanomis and GeographyEdit

  • Heptanomis: named after the Ancient Egyptian administrative region of the same name, which is based on hepta (seven) and nomos (rule)
  • Kyrenaia Nome: named after the ancient town of Kyrene, an important town in light of the surrounding deserts.
  • Ptolemaika Nome: named after Ptolemaios, specifically Ptolemaios I Soter, the founder of the Ptolemaic dynasty and one of the Somatophylakes of Megas Alexandros.
  • Syriaka Nome: named after Syrian region, also the source of the name of the modern country of Syria.
  • Anatolia Nome: named after Anatolia, the name for what is now the mainland territory of Turkey.
  • Paleohellenike Nome: Paleo (old) and Hellenike (adjective form of Hellas, Greece)
  • Nesos Heterogenes Nome: Nesos (island), and Heterogenes (of mixed birth).
  • Agoraios Nome: Agoraios means "pertaining to the Agora"

Ecclesiarchal HeadquartersEdit

  • Kallisto Syrakosia: First name based on Kalos or more so its superlative, Kallistos, meaning beautiful. Syrakosia is the adjective form of Syrakousai, Anglicized as Syracuse.
  • Kallistrata Pellaia: First anme based on Kalos (beautiful) and Stratos (army), last name Pellaia adjective of Pella, the name of the capital of Ancient Kingdom of Macedonia after Archelaos III moved the capital there from Aigai, modern Vergina.
  • Hypatia Pydnaia: Hypatia is the feminine form of Hypatos meaning supreme (or in the times of Byzantine, "of the consuls"), and also the name of a Neoptolemaic mathematician who is a partial model for the character. Pydnaia is the adjective form of Pydna, the town near which the Battle of Pydna was fought.
  • Stratonike Attalida: First name based on Stratos (army), and Nike (victory). Last name Attalida refers to the Attalid dynasty (original term Attalides. lit. "of Attalos")
  • Eurydike Alkmaionida: First name based on Eurus/Eurys (wide) and Dike (justice). Last name Alkmaionida means "of Alkmaion." In historical perspective, the Alkmaionids claim descendant from Alkmaion who is the grandson of Nestor.
  • Lysistrata Amphipolita: First name based on Lysis (loosening, dissolution), and Stratos (army), and also the name of the eponymous character in Aristophanes's play. Amphipolita means "of Amphipolis," a city in Greek region of Macedonia and also a city formerly founded by Athenaioi settlers.

Kang FamilyEdit

  • Kang: The McCune–Reischauer and Yale transliteration of 强, literally meaning "strong." The more accurate transliteration is gang.
  • Tae Jong: Tae Jong is the Korean pronunciation of 太宗, a regal title used in Korea and China. In Korea, the most notable king with this title is Lee Bang-Won, 3rd king of Joseon Dynasty. It is not his real first name.
  • Mi Ae: Transliteration of 美愛, former meaning "beauty" and latter meaning "love".
  • Yuri/Yu Ri: Transliteration of 宥利, former meaning "forgiving", and latter meaning "benefit/profit." The Chinese characters for the first name is exactly the one used to name the Fin.K.L. member Sung Yu-ri.
  • Ho Young: Transliteration of 虎營, former meaning "tiger" and latter "manage"
  • Gyu Ri: Transliteration of 揆悧, former meaning "estimate" and latter "clever"
  • Sung Hoon: Transliteration of 成勳, former meaning "accomplish", latter "merit"

Attalid FamilyEdit

  • Philetairos: Based on Philos (Friend, friendly love), and Hetairos (companion). Also the name of the founder of the Attalid dynasty at Pergamon.
  • Eumenes: Based on Eu (good,well) and menes (intent, disposition).
  • Parthenope: Based on Parthenos (virgin) and Ope (opening)
  • Olympias: Feminine form of Olympos, the name of the mountain. Also the name of Queen Olympias, one of the consorts of Philippos II, and also the mother of Megas Alexandros.
  • Thetis: Likely a distortion of Thetys derived from tethe (grandmother). Name used by Thetis, a sea nymph. 
  • Theophania: Based on Theos (deity), and phanes (one who shows or shines).

Choi FamilyEdit

  • Choi: the common transliteration of 崔, meaning "high." The actual pronunciation is closer to ché, with é pronounced like "way" without the y.
  • Bong Joon: transliteration of 奉準, former meaning "uphold" and latter "standard"
  • Eun Jin: transliteration of 恩珍, former meaning "mercy" and latter "precious"


  • Kleisthenes: Based on Kleos (glory) and Sthenos (strength). Also the name of an Athenian politician of the Alkmaionid family that helped reform Athenai towards democracy.
  • Helene: Probably based on the same word meaning torch.
  • Andromeda: Based on andros (man) and medomai (think).
  • Chryseis: Derived from Chryses, which in turn is derived from chrysos (golden).
  • Nikias: Based on Nike (victory)'

Swanson FamilyEdit

  • Swanson: Patronymic of Swan.
  • Tessa: dimunitive of Theresa, which is possibly derived from therizo (harvest).
  • Nicole: Feminine form of Nicholas, based on Nikolaos, based on Nike (victory) and Laos (men)
  • Rachel: Based on the Hebrew word for ewe.

Working ImmigrantsEdit

  • Teddy Kaplan: Dimunitive of Theodore, based on Theos (deity) and doros (gift)
  • Strauss Gauss: Strauss is actually a common German surname, associated with ostriches and the location Straus, or based on the word "struz" meaning quarrel.
  • Cherry Laplace: Dimunitive of Charity
  • Hye Ri Wang: Korean Transliteration of 王惠利 in the Western Order (Eastern order Wang Hye Ri). 王 means king, and is a Chinese surname not used by native Koreans. The name 惠利 means "grace" and "benefit" respectively.


  • Libuoi: Based on Libye, the term used to define Africa. Libuoi can also be replaced by Liboukoi, meaning the same thing, but with an adjectival meaning.
  • Thrasymachos
  • Hippias: Based on Hippos (horse)
  • Heron: Means hero.
  • Attalos

Mathetai MousonEdit

  • Mathetai Mouson: Literally "Disciple of the Muses"
  • Okeanos: The origin of the term Ocean.
  • Zoe: Means life
  • Melissa: Means bee
  • Persephone: Phrase pherein phonon (bring death) is suggested.
  • Seleukis: Feminine form of Seleukos
  • Krinias: Based on Krinon (lily)


  • Ptolemaioi: plural of Ptolemaios
  • Ptolemaios: based off Ptolemos, which is Homeric form of polemos (war)
  • Soter: means savior
  • Berenike: Greek Macedonian distortion of Pherenike, based on pherein (carry) and nike (victory)
  • Philadelphos: lover of sibling, reflecting the actual Ptolemaios Philadelphos having an incestuous marriage.
  • Arsinoe: likely derived from arsenios (strong, manly)
  • Kleito: based off Kleitos (famous, splendid)
  • Euergetes: Good-doer, based off eu (good, well) and ergos (work)


  • Strategoi: literally generals. It is a self-reference on my part to the android species in which Kallistrata is the first.
  • Phylagoras Megistos Massaliotes: Phylagoras an alternative form of Pylagoras, based off pylai (gate) and agora. Megistos means largest, which is another self-reference: the sim is a portrayal of another character, who is the largest of the Strategoi in my fiction. Massaliotes means "of Massalia", modern Marseilles.
  • Epicharis Alexandreiana: Presumed to be based off epi (upon, on) and charis (grace). Alexandreiana denotes "of Alexandreia"
  • Xenotima Chersonesia: First name based off Xenos (foreigner) and timos (honor). Chersonesia means of Chersonesos, in this case Taurike Chersonesos, the Ancient Greek name for Crimean peninsula.
  • Kalliphana Pergamena: First name based on kalos (beautiful) and phanein (show). Pergamena denotes the character's origin at Pergamon.

Kostopouloi familyEdit

  • Kostopouloi: No data available
  • Angelos: means angel.
  • Athanasia: means immortal, as a feminine form of athanasios.
  • Kyriake: means "of the lord," feminine form of Kyriakos, a common modern Greek name.
  • Theophylaktos: based off Theos (deity) and phylax (guard)

Demirci familyEdit

  • Demirci: means blacksmith
  • Bayram: means happy situation
  • Ayla: means halo of the light of the moon or sun.
  • Engin: means vast.
  • Kelebek: means butterfly
  • Sevil: means loved.

Silver LiliesEdit

  • Alkmene: means "strength of the moon"
  • Diomede; based on Dios (genitive form of Zeus) and medomai (to think)
  • Kalypso: most likely derived from kalypto (conceal)
  • Agatha: means "good"

Heraldry of MachineEdit

  • Nikanor: means "victor/conqueror".
  • Euphrosyne: means "mirth"
  • Ione: means "violet flower"
  • Lyra: Original word that led to "lyre," also the name of the eponymous constellation.


  • Perdikkas: In this personal case based on Perdikkas I.
  • Amyntas: based on amyntor (defender)
  • Philippos: based on philos (love, friend) and hippos (horse)
  • Alexandros: based on alexo (defend) and andros (genitive of aner for man)
  • Kynane: Name of unknown origins, so far.
  • Kleopatra: based on kleos (glory) and patra (feminine of genitive of pater for father)
  • Roxana: Greek form of Roshanak which means bright or dawn. Named after Megas Alexandros's first wife and daughter of Oxyartes.


  • Abdul: Means servant.
  • Fawzi: Means triumph.
  • Hosni: Means goodness/beauty, similar to the Greek καλός
  • Ilham: Means inspiration.
  • Karima: Means noble/generous.
  • Maryam: Arabic/Persian form of Maria


  • Hiera Leukolotos: Hiera is the feminine of hieros (sacred). Leukolotos is a keyed word made from a composition of leukos (white) and lotos (lotus)
  • Nektarine Ammophyleta: Nektarine based on Nektar anglicized nectar, and Ammophyleta based on ammos (sand) and phyles (village)
  • Kyklia Nephela: Kyklia based on kyklos (ring, circle, loop), Nephela based on nephelos (cloud)
  • Agapeta Paleolamprotope: Agapeta means beloved, Paleolamprotope a combination of paleos (old), lampra (bright), and topos (place).


  • Theogone Plousiakoe: Theogone a compound of theos (deity) and gonos (race/offspring/fruit). Plousiakoe derived from ploutos (rich) and akoe (listening)
  • Hyphaipolis Prodota: first name based on Hyphai (cloth) and polis (Greek equivalent of a city). Prodota means "traitor"
  • Kuanokalle Tachysta: Kuanokalle baesd on kuanos (blue) and kallos (beauty). Tachysta means "speed"
  • Anthereuodia Basileia: Anthere+euodia (flowering + good scent) and Basileia "pertaining to royalty (e.g. Basileion means palace)"

Samaras ClanEdit

  • Samaras: Occupational name for a saddler, derived from the Ancient Greek sagmarion meaning pack saddle.
  • Pydnaioi: "Of Pydna"
  • Kostas: a popular shortening/nickname form of Konstantinos
  • Nomike: Erasmian way of pronouncing Νομικη, which is pronounced Nomiki in modern Greek. Feminine form of Nomikos meaning "of law"
  • Thanases: Shortening of Athanasios, Erasmian pronunciation. Modern pronunciation Thanasis.
  • Chara: Happiness/joy.
  • Matthias: Variant of Matthaios (Matthew), Greek form of Mattityahu
  • Glykeria: Derived from glukus meaning sweet/delicious.
  • Papadapouloi: Patronymic, meaning son of Priest from papas.
  • Paulos: Greek form of the Latin name Paulus meaning small. Erasmian pronunciation, modern pronunciation Pavlos.
  • Theodora: Gift of God
  • Sokrates: Based off σως meaning safe/whole and κρατης, power. Erasmina pronunciation, modern pronunciation Sokratis.
  • Soteria: "Salvation"
  • Louiza: Feminine form of Louis, French form of Ludovicus, Latin form of Ludwig.
  • Chrysanthe: "Golden Flower"

East Asian Trade ConfederationEdit

  • Wong Chut King: Named after the first victim of the San Fransisco Plague of 1900-1904. Exact Chinese characters used in the name unknown.
  • Mu Wu Zhou 慕 (mu) meaning admire, 武 (wu) meaning martial and 周 (zhou) for the Zhou dynasty
  • Tian Lien: Based on 天 (tian) meaning heaven/sky/divine, and 蓮 (lien) meaning lotus.
  • Lee Man-Hong: 李 (lee, more accurately i), a common Korean surname, 滿 (man) meaning deep, and 泓 (hong) meaning deep
  • Choe(-Pappas) Dikaiopolis Soo Man: 崔, a common Korean surname meaning highest, 秀 (soo/su) meaning fine, and 蔓 (man) meaning vine
  • Choe Chun-Hwa: 崔, a common Korean surname meaning highest, 春 (chun/choon) meaning spring, and 華 (hwa) meaning shine.
  • Shimane Satomi: Shimane points to the Shimane province, and Satomi is kanji 聡美 meaning wise and beautiful respectively.

Crimson FamilyEdit

  • Erasta: Feminine of the Greek Erastes, meaning lover, which also includes the older male lover in a paiderastia.
  • Xanthe Taboulara: Xanthe means "Yellow", and Taboulara (alternatively Tabourlare, modern Taboulari) is based on taboula meaning tablet or table.
  • Bernard Chen: German bern "bear" and hard "brave". Chen is 陳, meaning exhibit


  • Halourge Oktanephela: Halourge means violet/purple. Oktanephela is based on okto (eight) and nephelos (cloud).
  • Atreus Chalkideus: Atreus is an Ancient Greek name after which Atreides are named after, including Dune's House Atreides. Chalkideus refers to Chalkis.
  • Atlas Sikyonios: Refers to the town of Sikyon at the upper right side of the Peloponnese.
  • Sematia Aiakida: Sematia is based on Sema (constellation), and Aiakida is the more accurate rendering of Aeacida, feminine singular of Aeacidae, the family line in which Pyrrhos of Epeiros belonged to.
  • Hesperia Demetrieis: Hesperia means "west," Demetrieis refers to Demetrias.
  • Harvey Sanders: Based on the famous Colonel Sanders.
  • Anthere Hekkaidekanyx: Anthere is an feminization of antheros means "flowering," and Hekkaidekanyx is compound of hekkaideka (16) and nyx (night)
  • Duran Samil: Limas Narud, enuff said.
  • Parthenos Sideris: Parthenos (virgin, maiden), Sideris feminization of sidereus (of iron)
  • Sander Bernie: Named after one of the US Senator looking towards Scandinavian-style social democracy.
  • Arete Agiada Spartiata: Arete means virtue, derived from ανηρ meaning man. Agiada refers to the Agiad dynasty, and Spartiata denotes her origins, Sparte.
  • Maion Epitropades Kretikos: Maion is a fairly common name in Ancient Greek myths and thus a valid Greek name, but with unclear roots. Epitropades is a forged family name based on Epitropos, or caretaker/governor. Kretikos denotes his origin, Krete.
  • Glykon Ischyrotatos Pergamenes: Glykon is named after Glykon of Pergamon, who was a noted pankration champion. Ischyrotatos means strongest, and Pergamenes mean a Pergamene citizen.
  • Lysandros Argeios: Lysandros means man-loosener, Argeios means Argive.
  • Himawari Yukimura: Himawari means sunflower, Yukimura (雪村) means snow village
  • Abe Kazutaka: Abe (阿部) has no particular implicit meaning asides from the individual Chinese letters meaning hill and crowd respectively. Kazutaka (和高) is just a reversing of Takakazu (高和), which is the surname of the character associated with the infamous yaranaika meme.
  • Gang Long (鋼龍): "Strong Dragon"
  • Chiang Li-Yun (蔣麗筠): Li-Yun means "Beautiful Bamboo", and is also the exact Chinese name of Teresa Teng minus the surname.
  • Im Chang Min (任昌敏): "Assigning work to" "Prosper" "Quick, Clever"
  • Kwon Ye Rim (權叡琳) "Authority" "Bright" "Beautiful Gem"
  • Lien Mac (蓮 ) "Lotus" "Negative response"