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Hollow Valley
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Name Hollow Valley
Game(s) The Sims 2: Mansion & Garden Stuff
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Residential lotsEdit


  • TBA


  • TBA

Community lotsEdit

  • TBA

Families Edit

Beau Clemens, Orion Clemens, Unborn Clemens babies
David Coventry
Vaduva Black, Sherlock Gethen, Hela Gethen, Mort Gethen, Belladonna Gethen, Leilah Gethen
Vanessa Hui, Evan Hui
Poppy Kendler, Dameon Kendler, Savannah Kendler, Dylan Kendler
Lilith Coventry, Hailey Brannigan, Jada Smith, Bethany Townsend
Barnett Wolff, Danelle Wolff, Emily Wolff, Chauncey Wolff, Kevin Wolff

 NPCs and Townies Edit



Deceased SimsEdit

  • TBA



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