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House of Goth 1
'Tsar Mikhail II, the current ruler of Simmia, is troubled by the fact that his wife, Tsaritsa Anna had bore him no sons, only two daughters named Alexandra and Eudoxia. He invites the son of his half brother and his successor Dmitry Dmitrievich Goth to court to prepare him for the task.'
Name House of Goth
Members Mikhail II Goth, Anna Goth, Dmitry Goth, Sonja Goth, Alexandra Goth, Ivan Goth
Number of generations 4 (Sonja generations
Funds §135, 947
Difficulty level Difficulty5

The House of Goth is the current ruling house of the Tsardom of Simmia. The dynasty was founded by St. Vladimir the Conqueror who was known before his sacred ruling title as Mortimer Goth. The most prominent member of the House of Goth is its head Mikhail II, Tsar of All Simmia, grandson of Saint Vladimir.


Mortimer Goth was the son of Gunther Goth and Cornelia Crumplebottom-Goth, the first settlers of an area called Sunset Valley. Cornelia had a sister named Agnes Crumplebottom who married Christopher Steel. When he came of age, Mortimer became interested in uniting the valley into one whole realm. He defeated the two houses of Alto and Landgraab and granted them the privilege to live peacefully within his new kingdom which he called Simmia. He took the only daughter of Nick and Vita Alto and the fairest maiden in the land, Holly. He changed his name into Vladimir and his wife into Ioanna. Vladimir and Ioanna had 4 sons and 7 daughters.

  1. Ivan Vladimirovich (became Grand Prince)
  2. Mikhail Vladimirovich (became Grand Prince and first Tsar)
  3. Maria Vladimirovna (married John Landgraab)
  4. Anna Vladimirovna (married Dale Wolff)
  5. Igor Vladimirovich (became Grand Prince)
  6. Yuri Vladimirovich (became Grand Prince)
  7. Ioanna Vladimirovna (married Jonathan Newton-Goth)

When Vladimir died, his son Ivan succeeded him as the Grand Prince because he believed that his father was the only true ruler and saint. The reign of Grand Prince Ivan saw the beginning of economic and military growth. He married Sonja of Coburg and had a son, Dmitry Ivanovich. He also loved his brother so much that he even shared his wife with him giving Mikhail a son named Mikhail Mikhailovich. Dmitry and Mikhail are half brothers and cousins since they share the same mother and their fathers are brothers. A few hostile tribes threatened to invade the Principality so he appointed his younger brother, Mikhail as the commander of their military. An invasion by the northern tribes which led to a war and Grand Prince Ivan died before seeing the end. Grand Prince Mikhail succeeded him.

Grand Prince Mikhail's rule was focused on strengthening the military. His first decree was enlisting all able-bodied boys and men to military service. This lead to his numerous victories in repelling the foreign invasions and expanding the Principality's borders. After a few years, the council was questioning his capabilities. The invasions stopped but the Principality was still being a militaristic nation. Meanwhile, his younger brother Igor was getting more popular with the council with his ideas of improving the economy and the people's way of life. The First Council soon deposed Mikhail and hailed Igor as the new Grand Prince.

Igor was true to his word. Trade and commerce flourished throughout the Principality but his reign was cu short by a foreign plague. He died soon after and named his inexperienced younger brother Yuri on his deathbed.

Yuri had no idea on how to run a country and he abdicated after a year (with the threat on his life of course). He also died a few years after due to a fever.

The First Council had no choice but to hail Mikhail as the Grand Prince therefore giving him his second rule. He immediately dissolved the Council and created the Simmian Assembly which acted as the privy advisers and councilmen. He also lessened his militaristic empowerment and focused more on the economy. Soon after, the people were clamoring that they need a Tsar, a ruler, therefore Mikhail crowned himself as the first Tsar of Simmia. His reign ended when he tried to save his sister's grandson from being run over by a horse. Mikhail suffered some broken bones and died naming his son Mikhail Mikhailovich to rule as Tsar Mikhail II.

Though young, Mikhail II was determined to continue the greatness of his father and grandfather. He married Anna Dolgorukiy but she bore him only two daughters: Alexandra and Eudoxia. The Simmian Assembly would not let women inherit the throne and the succession would fall to his nephew Dmitry Dmitrievich who has a son named Ivan. Dmitry Dmitrievich's father, Dmitry Vladimirovich, renounced his succession.


House of Goth 2

  • Mikhail II Goth (Tsar Mikhail II) bottom centre
  • Anna Borisovna Goth (Tsaritsa Anna Borisovna) bottom right
  • Alexandra Mikhailovna Goth (Tsarevna Alexandra Mikhailovna) top left
  • Dmitry Dmitrievich Goth (Tsesarevich Dmitry Dmitrievich) top right
  • Ivan Dmitrievich Goth (Tsarevich Ivan Dmitrievich) being carried by the Tsaritsa
  • Sonya Feodorovna (Dowager Tsaritsa) bottom left