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This is the page for the onomatology of Howlgard and its residents.


  • Howl - The sound wolves and other such animals make sometimes. Used in this context to represent werewolves.
  • Gard - Nordic origin - as in "Asgard". Unsure of meaning

Vargheim familyEdit

  • Varg - Swedish for "Wolf".
  • Heim - German/Norwegian for "Home".
  • Anton - The name Anton has several meanings in different languages. In Greek and Swedish, it means "priceless". In Latin it means "worthy of praise; of value" and in English it means "Highly praiseworthy".
  • Deanna - This name is derived from English and Latin. In English it refers to a person from a valley, or it suggests that the person is divine. In Latin it has similar connotations, though it also means "fertile".
  • Elizabeth - Greek, first originating from Hebrew; means "Oath of God".
  • Ryan - A Gaelic name. Means "Little king". Fitting for a child that is meant to eventually take leadership of Howlgard.
  • Bryan - A Celtic name. Means "Brave; virtuous".
  • Atheia - A reference to the fictional city of Atheia in the Bone series.
  • Chloe - Biblical name meaning "Green herb"
  • Leia - From Hebrew "Leah", meaning "delicate, weary"

Surumoto familyEdit

  • Surumoto - Presumed Japanese origin. No meaning (just a combination of Japanese syllables)
  • Ronald - Scottish form of the Scandinavian name Ragnvaldr, which was a combination of the words Regin (Advice, counsel) and Valdr (Ruler).
  • Ursula - Means "Little bear". A diminutive of the Latin word "Ursa" (She-bear).
  • Rita - Short form of Margherita, which is Italian for "Daisy flower".
  • Nick - Short form of Nicholas, which comes from the Greek word meaning "Victory of the people".

Vargheim-Reliksonn familyEdit

  • Vargheim - As stated above
  • Reliksonn - Play on the word 'relic'. Unknown how this relates to the family, though.

McTalin familyEdit

  • McTalin - "Mc" is the Scottish prefix meaning "Son of". Talin is a variation of the word "Talent", attributing to the skilled jobs held by Malcolm and Tina.
  • Malcolm - A Scottish/English name, meaning "Disciple of Saint Columba".
  • Tina - A name originating from several European languages. Meaning is ambiguous.
  • Nora - Short for Honora, which ultimately came from the Latin name Honorius, which means "Honour".
  • Felicity - Comes from the English word "felicity", meaning "happiness". This word is ultimately derived from the Latin word "Felicitas" which means "good luck". Appropriate, since Felicity has the Lucky trait.
  • Harmony - Comes from the English word "harmony".

Bianchini familyEdit

  • Bianchini - Presumed Italian origin.
  • René - French form of Renatus, which is Latin for "born again"
  • James - A name of Anglo-Biblical origin

Tolstoy familyEdit

  • Tolstoy

Leontókados familyEdit

  • Leontókados - Greek for "Lionheart", attributing to the family members' common Brave trait.

Blanchett familyEdit

Varulv familyEdit

  • Varulv - Norwegian for "Wolf"