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Hypatia is one of the main characters of Time Paradox, Hypatia's defining trait the affinity for organization and academic zeal. Hypatia starts out as an relative nobody, having heard of the successful Beauty 4. Wanting to take part in what Hypatia initially believed a group of scholars (given the incomplete picture painted by her frequent visits to Kallisto's website), Hypatia takes up power painting, power inventing, power logics, power writing, power mixing, power sculpting, power mechanics, power gardening, power fishing, power cooking, so many skills, over 3 skills mastered! With that solid background Hypatia effectively takes over the management of the Beauty 4.

Hypatia then goes with the establishment of the Scholars' Alliance, a proto-group that would be the predecessor and the model of Kallisto's Ecclesiarchy. Needless to say, Hypatia found Kallisto's presence the most comforting, and later on Stratonike's as well. Stuff operated smoothly in the first timeline, with them actively taking note of effects of plants, time traveling, and rushing skills. It seemed to be a jolly group until the 2nd timeline is introduced, in which Hypatia would be wooed by Infernal Christopher Steel alongside Achaia and two more women, resulting in Demetria exploding and thus the Hypatia-Demetria rift (and to a lesser degree, Achaia and Thessalonike). This results in the creation of the Union of the Insane, the proto-group that evolves into Ecclesiarchy, which sends an invitation to Hypatia, to which Hypatia accepts.

Things seemed like it'd go smooth again... until romance strikes once again. Hypatia became oblivious to the previous experience given the long time, and went out with Sam (while Lysistrata went with Sam's father Leighton) alongside everyone except Kallisto, which would lead Kallisto into the "BURN ALL ROMANCE WITH FIRE" attitude. After the resolving of the Romance Heresy, Hypatia would stay with Eurydike and Lysistrata while Kallisto, Kallistrata and Stratonike went to the new Hekatonschoinos, effectively becoming Sunset Valley's head all while creating Epaphroditos.

Later on, Kallisto's party would revisit the town, taking with them their disciples. Here Hypatia would play a key role, as Hypatia and Eurydike would revive sims, and create good PR making Ecclesiarchal rule welcome to the vast majority of the population. Having done that, Hypatia would accompany Kallisto to Hekatonschoinos, where Hypatia would stay.

Even ShorterEdit

An ambitious academic who decides to blitz skills then make an organization based on the successes that she had powerleveling skills. Also responsible for fueling the scientism within the current Ecclesiarchy.