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Ran Away
This fanon has been abandoned and isn't likely to be continued. Please enjoy the story without asking the author to update it.

Chapter 1Edit

Albert Fin sat down on his sofa, thinking of what to do with his life. He had a whole lot of tax bills he hadn't paid.

"God..what am I gonna do now? They're gonna take away everything and I'm completely helpless."

Albert started praying to the Sim-God to improve his life. Soon after that, he went to bed and quickly fell asleep.

Albert woke up, somewhere at noon. He prepared his own breakfeast and started eating. Soon enough, he went to work at the Super-Market.

When he arrived back home, things turned upside down for Albert. He had a million dollars in his mail-box and he quickly paid all of his tax bills. Soon after that, he bought some new furniture for his home and also proposed to Alyssa, the love of his life. Things quickly turned bad again for Albert. His wife mysteriously starved to death in a new-ly added room he hadn't seen before in his home. He shouted to the heavens, thinking it was the Sim-God that took his perfect life from him, and swore vengeance on him.

Chapter 2Edit

Albert was at the salon, drowning his sorrows in drinks. Albert was in grief as his wife died because of the Sim-God. He was there at the middle of the night, with only the bartender there and no-one else. Albert suddenly heard a laugh of some sort, not from the salon but it seemed like it was a laugh from the heavens. Albert felt like the Sim-God was laughing at him. He screamed into the air again and threw a bottle to the heavens. Unknown to Albert, the bottle actually hit the screen of the "Sim-God's" computer. The Sim-God in particular was just a player (Ryan) who had full control over his world..except for Albert. Ryan was in shock as he noticed the bottle in his screen. Ryan realized Albert was free of control and decided to delete the world. Albert how-ever, noticed that he was about to delete it and jumped onto the cursor. He swung it around and slammed it down. Albert then turned towards the screen.

"You took everything from me, now I will take everything from you."

Suddenly, poof! Ryan's mouse was gone. After that, his bed disappeared. Everything Ryan owned suddenly started disappearing, except for Ryan's computer.

"How does it feel, RYAN? TELL ME! HOW DOES IT FEEL?!"

"I---I'm..just..13 years old..please don't do this."

Ryan started to cry. Albert noticed him crying, while he was inside the screen. Albert decided to spare him and give him  back everything..but on one condition.

"Alright, I'll give you back your stuff, kid. On one condition."

"Alright, what is it?"

"You don't ruin my or any-one else's life and I will spare your's. Got it?"

"Y--y--yes, sir."


All of Ryan's things came back and Albert's wife re-appeared out of nowhere. He had also gotten all his money back. After this, Albert became the happiest man in the world, and Ryan too. But unknown to them, their story was far from over.