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Ran Away
This fanon has been abandoned and isn't likely to be continued. Please enjoy the story without asking the author to update it.
I See Ghosts
Name: I See Ghosts
Genre: Slightly a horror
Created by: NikolaSims

Original run: 3 August 2012
Status: Unfinished

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I See Ghosts is the first fanon written by NikolaSims, and its main character Stefanie Grisham is a teen who has a rare gift, which she inherited from her grandmother. It's a gift that only they have. It allows them to see and communicate with a different type of beings... Join her on a journey filled with mysteries and excitement as she copes with her gift and learns to live with it.

My lifeEdit

Most people believe that the deceased rest in peace forever. They do not appear at night as transparent apparitions. I was one of those people and I could never imagine that I won't believe in it. To be honest, I figured it out all by myself. You know, I'm not really popular at school, I'm just one of those geeks. I don't have much friends. But, I don't bother. I just sit at my piano and turn my feelings into music. My dad passed away years ago. He was a firefighter, and he died one night when there was a big fire in some building. I miss him so much, but, somehow, I can still fell him, he is near me. My name is Stefanie Grisham and I see ghosts.

Chapter 1: The morning when we leftEdit

>>Stefanie, it's time, wake up...<< - said my mother. I was asleep, and I don't want to wake up. But, this time I must wake up.

>>Mum... Is it time already?<< - I asked, sleepy. Mum nodded her head.

She left my room and I got out of the bed. I've put on some clothes that mum left for me. I looked through the window. The streets were crowded, it's time for everyone to go to work. Then, I went in the bathroom to wash myself.

I was ready. Soon, the truck from the moving company arrived. My sister Natalie got in the room, and said that it's time. We're twins, but we still look different. I'm more like mum. I have brown hair, while she has black hair, like dad. I like pop music, while she prefers rock music.

I went down the stairs with my stuff and bags. Mum and Natalie were at the front door. We looked for a minute in our apartment. We were already nostalgic. We left the apartment and mum locked the front door. The new owners will arrive soon.

When we were out, I looked at our building. I will miss it, and the whole city.

The truck driver packed all our stuff in the truck and we were ready to go. We were driving first, and the truck followed us.

I caught the last glimpse of Bridgeport when we left the city. Our journey to Sunset Valley began.

Chapter 2: Sunset Valley Edit

The trip was fast. Maybe because I fell asleep soon when we left. Natalie woke me up when we entered the town. It was sunny, we passed the ocean and then got in the town center. It is so beautiful! Mum was right, beaches and parks are everywhere!

And soon we arrived to our new street. The neighborhood looks so pretty!

We arrived on our street. The place was so idyllical, like in Simsteria Lane. And, we approached to our new house. Some lady dressed in pink was standing at the drivewy. She wa waving to us.

Mum parked the car and got out. Me and Natalie were still a little sleepy but we slowly got out, too.

>> Oh, you arrived! Welcome to Sunset Valley! How was your trip?<< - the pink lady said. I think that she's a local realty saler.

My mum was talking to her, while i was looking at the house. It wasn't large, but it wasn't small, too. It's white, white a dark roof. It has a small garage with a laundry room. The garden is beautiful, it has much space for gardening (which mum planned) and it has a large apple tree in front it. It's more better than our old apartment.

The lady showed us through the house, it had three bedrooms (Natalie was so happy...), and the living-room, kitchen and dining room were connected in one big space, and I like that.

After mum finished the paperwork, the truck with our stuff finally arrinved and we began to unpack and put in the stuff.

After hours of unpacking and putting inside, I was tired like never before. We all jumped into our beds and fell asleep. The night was warm, and I felt really cozy here.

Tomorrow, mum drove us to the school to enroll.

The school building was quite large, and it's yellow. That's the colour I like. We got in and asked for the principal's office. After we finally found the office, mum knocked on the door. Someone said >>Come in!<< and we got inside.

>>Yes, may I help you?<< - said an older lady sitting at a dark desk. On the desk was a name card with Principal Laura Sheffield written on it.

>> I'm Cynthia Grisham, and the girls are my daughters, Natalie and Stefanie. I want to ask, when are the enrollments for the next school year?<< - my mum said.

>>The enrollments have already ended, but we still have space for more students. So, do your daughters want to enroll in our high school?<< - the principal replied.

>>Yes, they do, that's why we're here.<< - mum replied.

>>Alright, then! Girls, take these enrollment documents and fill them in, so that I can register you.<< - said mrs.Sheffield while giving us the papers. after we filled them in, the principal has taken them and we left. After we got in the car and began driving, mum asked us if we like the school. Honestly, I like it, while Natalie doesn't look so optimistic (as always).

>>Now I need to return my popularity, but I will never be able to do it...<< - said my grumpy twin sister.