Ian During a fire!

Ian Mcfoofoo haunting computer

Ian haunting his computer... WHY?


Ian trapped in a thingymbob!


Ian playing computer as a ghost!

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Ian Mcfoofoo
Get off my lawn you freak me out!-Ian to bystander






Candy Mcfoofoo

Bob Pancakes

Cupcakes Mcfoofoo

BURRITO Mcfoofoo

Daniela Mcfoofoo

Krissey Mcfoofoo

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 Ian Mcfoofoo (2014-2015<age 10 sim time)     Ian was named by the computer for some reason! He was going to be called mayonaise! Ian's mom was Candy Mcfoofoo and his dad was Bob Pancakes! He normally walked around and talked to the visitors and played with his baby brother cupcakes! On


Ian staring at a fire!

e day the family had 8 peoplle and a ghost called Adrein would not go away untill he could live with them so some one had to die and saddly unnaware Ian was picked! So around twelve oclock at night Ian was woken and put into water and then he downed the next afternoon! No one pleaded for him! His grave is outside next to the garden! It was only until later that Ians ghost came back and cryed creepishly in his former bed and then for some reason he played that block game on his computer! Then he later haunted the computer! Every time Ian came back as a ghost he was sad! Some how he still had his hat and regular clothes when he died in his swimmers... WHAAA?


Ians grave!


Ians final moments!

Ian Mcfoofoo as a baby

Ian as a baby!