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My name is Bella Bachelor-Goth, I am 25, pregnant, and married to Mortimer Goth, the love of my life. I live in Sunset Valley, and I absolutely love it here. But everything has been changing, strange things are happening everywhere, the bonds between one another are breaking, people are dying abruptly with no cause of death, and someone knows why.

Chapter 1Edit

I sit in the reading room, waiting for Mortimer to come home from work, I'm rubbing my belly, trying to feel the growing baby in there. Every once in a while I'll feel a kick, and I know there's a baby inside of me. Mortimer is late, which is unusual for him, but his boss usually turns to him when there is extra work. I decide it would be nice to make some hot chocolate for him, so I walk downstairs to the kitchen and pull out the ingredients, and making 2 extra cups to give to Cornelia and Gunther, Mortimer's parents, who are sitting down at the table, reading like they usually do. I take a seat next to Cornelia while I wait for the hot chocolate to be made in the Hot Chocolate Maker. I'm about to go call Mortimer to ask why he's late when he bursts through the door, I can't even say anything before he tells me something I'll never forget.

"Michael's dead."

I'm shocked. My big brother dead? How could that happen? He was only thirty, he had a perfect life, a wife, 2 kids, and he was perfectly healthy, he wouldn't of killed himself, and he wasn't sick when I saw him last week, what could've happened?

"H-how did he d-die?" I ask, my eyes filled with tears.

"I honestly don't know. I was about to go home when I saw him just drop to the ground, I called 911, but it was too late, he was dead from the minute he fell, they told me. They're doing an autopsy on him, trying to see what went wrong with him, they're going to call Candy when they're done though."

"Oh, ok." I say, tears streaming down my face. Poor Candy, she has to raise the twins alone. They're so young, too. I cry on Mortimer's shoulder until I can't cry anymore. The pain of losing Michael is still there, but I won't cry anymore.

"Why don't we go to bed now, Bell, the ghosts are going to come out any minute now, and you don't want to be caught awake when Lolita is out." Mortimer says quietly.

"Ok." I say quietly. We get up and walk to our room, I change into my pajamas and crawl into the bed next to Mortimer

Chapter 2Edit

I fall asleep fast, and I begin to dream. In the dream I'm by a waterfall, the same waterfall me and Michael would visit after school and do our homework by, the waterfall where he taught me to fish from, but it's different, not the happy place I grew up with, it's dark and scary.

"Bella!" someone yells. The voice seems distant and sick.

"Who is it??" I say quietly

"Bella! Over here!" the voice yells from behind me.

I turn around fast to see Michael, he looks horrible, sullen and sickly, his once brown hair has turned a dark grey, his face has turned a greyish tan color, and he's horribly thin.

"W-what are you doing here, Michael?" I ask him.

"I need to tell you something! Someone is doing this! Someone will kill everyone, stop him! Stay away from 99-" he says before he disappears.

Chapter 3Edit

I wake up to the sound of the TV in our room.

"At 4 am, Hank Goddard, who was coming home from a night out, mysteriously dropped dead. Causes are unknown but it is suspected that he died of the same cause that Michael Bachelor, who died at about 5 pm yesterday evening, died of." says the reporter, who I recognize as an aging Victoria Andrews.

"Scary, isn't it?" Mortimer asks

"Yeah, I hope nobody else dies." I reply.

"I hope not, either."

"I'm sure things will blow over though." I say, thinking about the dream, what did he mean by 99? Who is the person doing this?

"What's the matter, Bella?" Mortimer asks caringly.

"Nothing, nothing at all." I lie.

"Ok, why don't you eat something? I have french toast that I made a while ago downstairs."

"Ok." I try to say happily, but I can't. Why are these people dying?

We walk downstairs, which is hard for me to do when I'm 8 months pregnant, and I see Cornelia and Gunther eat quietly, their frail hands grasping their forks, they're whispering to each other.

"I hope nothing else of that sort happens to anyone else. It was bad enough when poor Bella's brother died, but now Mr. Goddard? It's horrible." Cornelia whispers to Gunther

"I know. People are turning against eachother, too, and Nobody can find out what killed Michael and Hank."

Chapter 4Edit

I sit in my bedroom, watching the TV intently, Ethan Bunch and Leighton Sekemoto died of the same circumstances as Michael, and Candy called and told me that Michael looked perfectly normal when they did the autopsy, and the same goes for Hank. My thoughts are depressing me, so I decide to go for a walk. I walk by many lots, and nothing comes to me, until I reach 99 Landgraab Avenue, which, after some thinking, I remember is a lot owned by Holly Alto, it's her main home. It's the only place in town with 99 in the name, nothing else has it. I'm confused though, but my instincts are telling me to leave, fast.