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Name: Incantatia
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Created by: Moonwing21

Status: In progress

Succeeded by: Incantatia (Page 1)

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Incantatia is a fanon created and owned by Moonwing21, featuring a school of magic, mystery, and intrigue.

Letter to StudentEdit

Headmistress C. Silver

Incantatia School of Magical Occurences

1289 Myriad Way

Verillian Realm

Dear Student,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been specially selected to attend Incantatia School of Magical Occurences, in the Verillian Realm.

You have been selected because of your exceptional magical abilities, of which you have shown signs of lately. It is my hope that our institution will give you the chance to hone these abilities and use them for the greater good of all.

Should you choose to accept the opportunity to attend Incantatia School of Magical Occurences, you must send this letter back within 30 days of receiving it, complete with the filled-out forms of which are attached below, where we shall review your forms.

Should you choose to deny this opportunity, you must send back this letter anyway, lest it get into the wrong hands.

If your request to join the school is accepted, we shall send you a portal to the Verillian Realm when your request has been processed and approved.

Have a good day,

Headmistress Silver


Rules regarding the submissionsEdit

  1. All sims must be from The Sims 3.
  2. The only life states allowed are Mermaids, Witches, Fairies, Genies, Vampires and Werewolves.
  3. All characters must have one of the Life States above, since normal sims wouldn't be attending!
  4. You must post the form in the comments section of this page, and only this page! It will not be accepted on other pages.
  5. Your sim must be approved and added to the students list by Moonwing21 before you can enact your character here!
  6. Custom sims (user created sims) are allowed, but only if they have a page! If you use a pre-made sim, be sure to link them!
  7. I can only accept submissions from Wiki Users. If you're just a Wikia Contributor, someone could post in your place to impersonate you.
  8. To show you have read these rules, you must put this sentence somewhere in the form comment: "The Plumbbob knows all."

Rules regarding enactingEdit

  1. No swearing.
  2. All wiki rules apply here.
  3. No racist or sexist comments or characters.
  4. Use your common sense. Don't say anything to aggravate or provoke others.
  5. No vulgar comments.

Admission FormEdit

Copy and paste this into the comments section below, then fill out as desired:Edit

Character Name: First Name:

Last Name:

Gender (male/female):

Life State (mermaid, witch, fairy, genie, vampire or werewolf?):

Neighbourhood of origin (Sunset Valley, Moonlight Falls...):

Skin colour (pale, tan...):

Hair colour (blond, any highlights?):

Hair length (short, medium, long?):

Hair texture (curly, straight...):

Eye colour (brown, hazel, blue?):

Special characteristics (tattoos, birthmarks?):

Personality (bubbly, quiet, slightly insane?):

Other important details: