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Name: SimNation
Genre: Drama, Action, Adventure, Scifi
Created by: WikiBuilder1147

Original run: 3 - 6 September 2014
Status: Completed

Preceded by: Origin
Succeeded by: Escape

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Infiltration is the fourth episode of the Revolution series by WikiBuilder1147. It depicts the adventures of a group of youngsters against the oppressive regime under which they live their lives in constant scrutiny and fear.

Previously on Revolution…Edit

After discovering the tragic tale of their country's troubled past, Ben Faulkner and Alex Townsend were captured by Government forces and transported to a top secret containment facility, where their friend Miami Hodgson is located. Now having knowledge of Miami's fate, Ben, separated from Alex, must find both his friends before it's too late.

Chapter 1Edit

Ben Faulkner awoke with a war raging within his mind. He groaned, having little recollection of how the thoughts planted in his head managed to get there. He sat up from his hard metal slab of a 'bed'. He looked around the room, trying to find a way out--

The Government is eternal, said a small voice in his head.

"Shut up," Ben whispered to himself.

They are watching. They are always. Watching.

"God damn it, SHUT UP!" Ben shouted.

The voice became silent.

Sighing with relief, Ben continued to survey his cell to find a way to escape. He tried the door, but it was still locked. After spending several hours trying to find an exit, he lay back down on the slab, exhausted. He soon tried to sleep, but couldn't. After shutting his eyes for a while, he heard a clank before the slab began to move. Downwards.

After he disappeared beneath the floor of his cell, he opened his eyes again. This could be interesting.

When he emerged from the shaft on top of his bed, it was in another room with equipment and machines everywhere. He closed his eyes again before entering visibility of the other people below him.

The reeducation modules. Doctors began scurrying around him as they began fitting equipment onto Ben's body. Just before a hemispherical object was about to be fitted onto his skull, he suddenly jerked his arm up, punching a doctor in the face. In a panic, the other technicians and medical staff began rushing out of the room. Security guards entered the chamber, and aimed their weapons at Ben. Alarms began blaring all over the prison.

The guards began firing. Ben leapt out of his bed and ran across the room, dodging the bullets that were whistling at him. He took refuge behind an equipment stand. Bottles full of chemicals burst and in some cases briefly combusted before flashing out of existence. Glass went flying everywhere.

"Stop firing, you idiot!" said one of the guards. He had stopped firing. "We're going to bring the whole place down if you don't! There are chemicals everywhere!"

The guards stopped. They began searching the room for the boy. Ben tried to keep his breaths as quiet as possible.

Surrender! said the small voice in his head. It had gotten a bit louder. The Government cannot be defeated.

"Shut the hell up," Ben whispered through gritted teeth. There was a cabinet in front of him. He quietly opened it. Bottles.

He took one small bottle and read the label.

HCl. Hydrogen chloride (Hydrochloric acid). 12M. Warning: Highly acidic. Will burn the skin if physical contact is made.

He took aim at a nearby guard and threw. The bottle smashed against the guard's helmet, shattering into thousands of tiny pieces. As he looked around frantically in search of the origin of the bottle, acid trickled down the helmet and onto his clothing. It immediately burned through the guard's uniform. The guard's eyes almost burst out of their sockets in pain.

He screamed. Very loudly. The other guards were startled, and rushed to their comrade's aid.

Volleys of hydrochloric acid began firing from Ben's hiding place. The room was soon filled with the voices of several shrieking and howling men. Ben took the opportunity created by the guards' distraction and picked up one of their assault rifles. He exited the reeducation chamber.

Chapter 2Edit

Alarms continued to blast noisily. A robotic voice droned unemotionally through the loudspeaker.

"Warning: Prisoner F-8141 has exited reeducation chamber 92 without authorisation."

The lights the lined the walls of the corridors repeatedly glowed red then faded out, plunging the halls into temporary darkness.

Ben cautiously walked down the corridor, prepared to shoot anything that moved with his newly acquired assault rifle. He had also taken the liberty to steal some ammunition and flashbangs from the nearby armoury. Fully equipped, Ben began to pick up speed, entering a light jog. He needed to find Alex and Miami. Fast.

He found a computer terminal. He decided to give it a go.

"Computer," he requested politely. "Please locate Citizen Townsend, Alexander and Citizen Hodgson, Miami."

Thankfully, the Government hadn't thought of needing identification in the prison computer network. The computer replied promptly, "Citizen Townsend, Alexander located in Cell F-5132, Floor 5. Citizen Hodgson, Miami located in Cell F-1023, Floor 1."

"Computer, locate the nearest elevator."

Before the computer could respond, there was a tinkle below his feet, followed by a metallic rolling sound. He looked down in horror.

A grenade.

He sprinted out of the way just seconds before the grenade detonated. The explosion sent him flying. He landed hard on the ground. Picking himself up again, he pointed his rifle out in front of him and began firing blindly in the direction from which the grenade came. There were some grunts that echoed through the halls. Several soft thumps on the floor. Ben stopped firing. No shots returned. Satisfied, Ben began to run.

Eventually, he came across an elevator. It opened automatically. After entering, he closed the door.

He had an important decision to make. Should he rescue Miami or Alex first? After giving this some thought, he came to a conclusion.

"Floor 1."

Chapter 3Edit

As the elevator dropped to the first floor of the high security prison, Ben Faulkner pulled on a lever on his assault rifle. The empty magazine dropped onto the floor. He promptly pulled a fresh one from his belt, clipping it onto the gun. He heard the magazine slide into the rifle and a click as it connected with the breech of the gun. He took aim at the door. As soon as it opened, he began firing again.

After exiting the elevator, Ben explored the corridors of the first floor. He passed a cell. The occupant caught his attention. He backtracked, and caught sight of a Government soldier pacing back and forth inside it. He had no weapons with him. Ben decided to risk it. He opened the cell's door and stepped inside.

"And who might you be, dear sir?" asked the man.

"Does that matter to you?" asked Ben. He pointed his assault rifle at the soldier.

"Go ahead. Shoot me," the man replied. "I'm on death row, anyway."

Ben felt that he should comply - the man was a Government soldier, after all. But…he was on…death row--

Shoot him, said the voice. He is a traitor to the Government.

Ben suddenly didn't want to shoot, but his fingers started to move towards the trigger.


"No," he said. He lowered the gun. Ben dropped the gun. It fell to the floor. He walked towards the soldier.

"My name is Benjamin Faulkner," he said. "My friends and I were separated when we were captured by the Government. I'm trying to rescue them."

A short silence followed.

"I'll help," said the soldier. "Private Harry Miller. Formerly 19th Division, 130th Battalion, 5th Regiment, 13th Platoon." He stuck an arm out. Ben shook it.

"Let's go," Harry said.

Chapter 4Edit

"So…which way?" asked Ben.

"Depends on where you wanna go," Harry replied.

"Cell…" Ben dug through his mind searching for the answer. "One-oh-two-three."

"This way then," Harry said. turning right. Ben followed. Almost immediately the duo stopped.

A scream.


"Alex!" Ben gasped, sprinting towards the scream's source. Harry sighed before following Ben.

When Ben and his new companion finally found the room from which the voice of Alexander Townsend was emanating, they looked through a window, and discovered him strapped to a chair. A prison guard pressed a button on a console, upon which Alex's body spasmed. The straps restraining him buckled. He screamed.

He was being tortured.

Ben, furious, opened the door and filled the room with a barrage of bullets.

When all of Alex's tormentors lay dead on the floor, Ben rushed inside, followed by Harry. Ben ripped all of Alex's restraints off.

"Are you alright, Alex?" Ben asked his friend soothingly.

Alex slowly turned to look at Ben.

"Yeah…" he croaked. "I'm…fine."

Ben helped Alex out of the chair. When he turned to look at Harry, the former soldier was bending down to pick up a gun belonging to a dead prison guard.

"Harry!" Ben shouted. He took aim at Harry. "Put the gun down."

Harry picked it up and turned to look at Ben. "How am I gonna prove that you can trust me if I don't have a gun?"

There was some silence. The two regarded each other.

Finally, Ben spoke. "Fine. But one false move--"

"I know."

Chapter 5Edit

"Which way?" asked Ben. Alex, still weak from the torturous experience, had an arm slung over his friend's shoulders.

"Right!" said Harry. The trio turned right at a fork.

"My platoon was posted here a few years back," he said. "I know this place like the back of my hand."

"Where is the rest of your platoon?" Ben asked.

Harry said nothing. He slowed down.

"Oh," Ben said. "I'm sorry."

"The 13th Platoon ceased to exist when we were captured," Harry explained. "We decided that we would storm the Federal Capitol in SimCity and try to take what we saw as an oppressive and authoritative Government down. A coup."

"Then what happened?"

"We took the Congressmen hostage, including the President," Harry continued. "It seemed like everything was going to plan. Then other soldiers who were as brainwashed as the average Joe stormed the Capitol a few days later. We were imprisoned. Then all members of my platoon were executed one by one. I'm the last one."

An awkward silence followed.

"Here we are. Cell 1023," said Harry.

Ben looked through the window. He saw someone sleeping on a metal slab. As he looked closer, he could see that her red hair was tied in a low ponytail. Her skin was a tan colour.


To be continued…