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Insanity and Murder
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Name: Insanity and Murder
Genre: Horror
Created by: Blue12porcupine
Rating: PG-13
Number of chapters: Unknown

Status: Continuing

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"Never mistreat your Sims, or they shall mistreat you"


Ella Ivy sat at her desk. She was alone in her room, the windows shut and the blinds drawn. In front of her was her computer and her Sims 2 CD disk. Ella opened the case and slipped in the CD. She began to play her usual round of sims. The loading screen of The Sims 2 lighted up and the music began to play. Fluffy, her pet dog, curled on her lap, sleeping. The neighbourhood screen showed up. Ella selected Strangetown, the only town left with living sims. She selected the Smith family.

"Time to kill some sims," she thought. "This is going to be fun."

She selected Johnny and built a room around him and put a stove inside. She then made him cook some food, and then leave it in the oven. Afterwards, she made him read a book. Next, she entered boolprop testingcheatsenabled true into the cheat bar and aged up Jill to an adult. She then lowered down her motives and built an elevator and trapped her in it.

She tortured the Smith family in serval ways, all of them eventually resulting in death. She laughed at Johnny's death, filmed Jill's demise and re-watched it several times. She even had to pause PT9's death as she couldn't stop laughing, and fell out of the chair watching Jenny Smith's demise.

"A bad day turned into a good day," Ella thought maliciously.

Chapter 1-The little girlEdit

Ella lied in her bed tediously. It was the middle of the night and she couldn't sleep. She counted all sims she killed, and thought who she would kill next. This didn't help her sleep. She decided to sit up and read a book, when she noticed a strange-looking figure in the door.

"Mum?" she asked.

There was no reply. The figure walked - no, hovered - closer to her. It was a little girl, with a brown bun tied together with a bow. She wore a yellow dress and was soaking wet, leaving behind a puddle of water. The figure flew closer, and it seemed that she was chanting something. A Child's song of some sorts.

Beads of sweat poured from Ella's forehead. Her face immediately drained as she recognised who the little girl was. It was Lucy Burb from her Sims game, a sim she killed recently. She aged her up and then drowned her in a pool, how can she be seeing her?! She is dead, and she isn't even real. Lucy moved closer, her song becoming more clearer and creepier.

10 sims killed,

We shouted and screamed,

Yet you stood in that chair,


But listen now;

Us Sims laugh last!

Lucy kept chanting this as she came closer to Ella. Ella screamed. This was beyond her, how can she be standing here singing?! This is not possible! Her mum rushed in her room, still in her nightwear.

"What is it, darling?" she asked worriedly.

"Look, there is a little girl!" Ella replied.

Her mother looked around, but Lucy's ghost was invisible to her.

"No, there is no ghost. You must be extremely tired, go back to bed, darling," her mother responded, yawning.

Ella's mum left the room, leaving her daughter sitting in the corner, terrified. She couldn't move, as the girl was still there. She finally stopped chanting, but now she was throwing insults at her, making fun of everything Ella did wrong in life. Ella felt like the Sims in her game, she watched them die and tortured them.

"Is this what they felt?" she thought. "Of course not, they are not real," she immediately assumed.

She buried her head in the pillow, trying to block out the girl. But Lucy just kept insulting even louder. Ella couldn't take it anymore, she couldn't go on. She walked downstairs to get something to eat, but she collapsed on the stairs. However, in the dreamworld, much more horrors awaited her...

Chapter 2- ShockEdit

Ella woke up, her heart pounding from the evening. The little girl was gone. "Tt could of all been a dream," thought Ella. She took the blanket off and slipped out of the bed. Her knees still shaking from the experience. The floor was wet and there was huge puddles, that could of only come from the little girl. Ella gave a little of shriek, the blood drained from her face. She was terrified, she decided to pretend it never happen. She stepped down the stairs, her heart pounding, she could not go on. She stepped into the kitchen her face was white has a ghost, her expression was shocked. She went to the fridge and got some milk, her hand trembled has she poured in the milk. She sipped it silently, it was silent in the kitchen. The only sound was Ella heart pounding. She then went to get some breakfast, she ate it silently. The silences was broken suddenly, feet boomed down the stairs. Every step, louder than the first.

"Hi darling," Ella mum said, "You look like you seen, a ghost. Sleep well?"

"I'm fine, couldn't of slept better," lied Ella. She carried on to eat her breakfast.

"Well got to go to work, you father is at work too, see you later. If you need anything, phone me. Love you," Replied Ella mum. She stepped out the door and left. The house was silent again. Ella ate her breakfast, each bite was slow and painful. Ella wasn't in a state to live. She glanced around the room, there was nothing beset the glow inside the closet. She screamed she walked slowly to the closet and open the door slowly. She screamed again and then saw it was only a glow light. She was overreacting and decided to watch some TV. She walked to the living room and opened the door, she wasn't scared anymore. She didn't care, she just wanted to forget it. She sat on the couch and tried switching the TV on. The remote didn't work, she kept clicking. It suddenly turned on.

On the TV was the little girl, Ella screamed. She was chanting again. ELla tried changing the channel, the little girl was on every channel. Ella ran to the door there was another ghost there, an adult one. She had lighting bolts coming out of him. Trapped, Ella was trapped. She screamed and screamed. They still kept chanting, but something different:

9 sims killed

We shouted and screamed

Yet you stood in that chair


But listen now

Us sims laugh last

Ella looked around the room, she ran to the sofa. She ripped up the cushions and then ripped the sofa up. She threw books at the TV. She broke the CDs into bits so they were sharp and threw them at the ghosts and the feathers from the cushions. She found a bottle of water and poured it on the wires. She was trying everything to stop them. But she couldn't, and then just kept chanting louder. Suddenly someone knocked on the front-door. She walked up to the door, it was the neighbour.

"Hi, I heard screaming. I wanted to make sure everything was fine," asked Mr Toole.

"No its not fine, they are coming for me and they shall come for you. She started chanting the lyrics the sims was chanting. Mr Toole, closed the door and ran. Ran for life. Ella then went to her room and locked the door. She opened the sims games and started to kill the sims.

Chapter 3- MurderEdit

She was killing some sims, when she heard a car drive into the porch. The engine stopped, footsteps reached the door. The keys rattled and the front door swung right open. Ella set terrified, she unlocked her door and grabbed a knife from her snack. She then waited next to the door. There were footsteps on the stairs then in the corridor. Ella heart was beating really hard, she knew the sims are coming for her, she knew it was the end. The door opened and a sim that look like her mother entered, a few sims entered. The last was the little girl, chanting like normal. They formed a circle around Ella and a few chanted, the others laughed and threw insults. They were chanting something different than last time another number:

8 sims killed

We shouted and screamed

Yet you stood in that chair


But listen now

Us sims laugh last

They danced around her, there was no way of escaping. The only way out was the knife in her hand. She plunged it in the first sim and they dropped dead and then into the other sims and they fell like dominoes. Each one falling slower than the other one, but still chanting in their death. She returned to the computer and carried on playing. The sims disappeared from the room as she played. She then heard some groaning and saw one of them hadn't left, it was her mother. She had thought her mother was a sim and stabbed her. Blood ooze out of dying person, the carpet was stained red. Ella face drained a paler shade of white, that it has ever been. She had killed her mother and she was going to be arrested. Unless she can help it.

She dragged her mothers body outside and placed it on the grass. She then got the gasoline from the garage and poured it on the corpse, she then walked into the house. And returned with the matches and set the body of fire and returned into the house and started writing a letter addressed to her dad. She signed her mums signature at the end, it was a letter saying her mum had left to live somewhere else and was very sorry. She left it on the kitchen with a pot of flowers and then went outside to pick up the bones and noticed her hands were stained with blood so washed them and went to the local river and threw the bones into the lake. No would know.

At home her dad had returned and was crying and holding the letter in his hand. There was blood on it, from her hands, he thought his wife committed suicide. Ella knew the truth and this sadden her. She had killed in cold -blood...

Chapter 4-SchoolEdit

She woke up the next morning, and did her normal routine like it was any normal day. Except that her mother wasn't there to say goodbye, to set the table, to hug Ella. Ella was upset no more than her dad, her dad had been sitting in the same chair the whole time. Ella brushed her hair into a makeshift pony-tail and rushed out the door without saying goodbye to her dad. At the end of the streets were on friends, talking about her best friend new designer clothes and how wonderful they wer. She joined them making the conversation more lively and friendly. At school, it was science first. Hopefully the sims won't return.

In science they were doing chemistry, learning about acids and the ph scale. They were told to get into groups and set up the experiment to test acids. Ella was left in charge of the acids with her best friend. Some of the acids were very dangerous so they had to where goggles, some bubbled and fizzed. Ella looked at her friend, she wasn't her friend it was the sims they started chanting again and throwing insults, everyone in the room was chanting and insulting Ella. They were chanting something different this time though:

7 sims killed

We shouted and screamed

Yet you stood in that chair


But listen now

Us sims laugh last

All the sims walked towards her, they were trying to touch her. Ella only had one defence the acid she chucked it at one of the sims and there clothes turned black has coal. A scream was heard and then sim collapsed. Ella blinked and saw she threw acid at her best friend and ruined the clothes. The class was staring at her best friend then her, flicking back and forth. They were silent, you could hear each of their hearts pounding. The teacher walked back in classroom and the whole class pointed at Ella and the teacher gave another scream and ran to her bag where dialled the hospital number. She then told Ella to go the Headmaster.

She waited in the corridor, it was quiet. The secretary busy humming at the keyboard, Ella was in big trouble...


  • Special thanks to Opelspedster for helping me develop this fanon
  • Also a thanks for Spell-caster Jr who made this awesome logo