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Into The Dark is a drama/horror story presented as a hypothetical TV series. It is written by Headaches. It features premade and original sims. For example, one of the main characters is Odin Crosby, a premade sim from Riverview but the main antagonist is an original sim named Annie Wood.

Season OneEdit

Episode 1 - The Beginning of The EndEdit

Annie Wood sat on a sofa on the balcony of her house. Her son, Logan, had fallen fast asleep in her arms. Annie was worried... Very worried. Her husband, world-famous chef Liam Cotgrove, left for work at nine o'clock that morning, as per usual. His work officially ended at five o'clock in the evening but normally he snuck away an hour
early in order to spend more time with his family. But then, Annie sat, the time nearing ten o'clock, without her husband to hold.

What was even stranger was the fact that there were no paparazzi nor fans surrounding the house. Annie was a world-famous magician and her property was never normally free from nuisances. She took the time to appreciate the silence, closing her eyes.

A crashing noise made Annie shoot her eyes open. She looked around before standing up and peering over the edge of the balcony.

"Do you even know how to drive?" A man shouted from below. Two cars had collided just outside the gates to the Cotgrove residence. The car on the left was Liam's eighty-five thousand simoleon car - a Bwan Speedster YL - completely wrecked. Annie sighed, slightly annoyed. The car on the right was a Sloppy Jalopy, presumably owned by the shouting man.

Liam opened the car door and fell out onto the cold, pavement floor. Quickly, he jumped up and brushed the dirt from his clothes. He looked a bit shaken-up but apart from that he seemed to be fine.

"Ha-Have you seen the city?" Liam shouted back at the man. "Why are you heading the-there? There are these... things... ever-rywhere."

Annie, who was as confused as the other man, quickly put Logan down on the floor.

"Listen to mommy, now." She told her son. "Stay here, okay? Don't move."

Then, she ran inside the house, down the stairs and into the hallway. Annie quickly grabbed her pink coat and ran outside.

"No, stay back!" Liam called to Annie who approached the gate.

"What's going on?" She shrieked in reply.

"What? Get away from me! AAAAAAAAAAARGH." The other man's voice could be heard along with the shuffling of feet and afterwards a loud thud was heard.

"Honey! Are you hurting that man?" Annie couldn't see a thing, it was too dark.

"N-no-no. Get ins-i-ide." Liam stuttered. "It's not safe for you here." Annie didn't move an inch. She folded her arms in protest, "I'm not coming in unless you do too."

After a few moments of silence, the sound of the gate sliding open could be heard. Annie sighed a sigh of relief, "Come on in and tell me all about the city, then."

She turned around and began to walk back into the house. Annie opened the front door for Liam but turned around when he didn't walk past her.

The view at that moment would stay with Annie until her death. Liam walked up the path or, at least someone that
bore resemblance to him did. His skin was a haunting grey colour and his eyes matched. Blood stained the corner of his T-shirt and huge chunk of his arm was no longer there.

"L-Liam, c-c-come inside. I'll call a d-doctor, we'll find out wha-what is wrong with y-you." Annie was scared, very scared. But, Liam didn't reply. Instead, he jumped forward at Annie and began to claw at her face.

Reacting quickly, Annie stuck her arm out and stopped Liam from reaching her. "What's gotten into you?" She screamed at the top of her lungs but Liam didn't stop clawing at her. 

Annie quickly moved her arm away, making Liam drop to the floor and ran inside, slamming the door behind her and clicking the lock. Breathing out deeply, she sank down with her back leaning against the door. Annie only had a few seconds to catch her breath before the hand of a twisted Liam smashed through the window and went to grab her.

Screaming, Annie leaped to the side, a single tear rolled down her cheek. She scrambled to her feet and sprinted up the stairs. Following the sound of a crying two-year-old, she found Logan crying in his bedroom.

"I thought I told you not to move!" Annie grunted, picking him up. She ran, carrying the young boy into the living room, and switched on the television. Ignoring the banging on the door, Annie changed the channel to News Station 5 and watched intently. 

"Riverview, Champs Les Sims, Sunlit Tides, Veronaville - the list of all the cities affected by this mysterious plague grows every minute. This plague reportedly causes the dead to rise and become cannibalistic. If you have been scratched or bitten, you will be infected and soon you will die and come back as an infected humanoid. There is no known cure for this infection. The government advises you to stay away from the cities and keep indoors... Wait a minute..." The African-American news reporter touched her ear piece. "Okay, thank you... We have received clearence from the president of the United States of SimNation. If you see any of these infected humaoids it is perfectly legal to kill it. However, the only known way of killing the monsters is to destroy the brain."

A loud bang came from inside the news studio followed by a crash, loud groaning and screaming.

"I fear this will be my last report. Stay safe, stay indoo-" The camera swung to the side before the screen cut to static. Annie couldn't handle it... She fell down to the floor, crying and dropping Logan on his backside.


An hour later, Annie sat at her dining room table with a glass of wine in her hand. Her black mascara had ran down to her cheeks. She tried to count how many glasses of wine she had drunk that night but there couldn't possibly be a number big enough.

Every time the infected version of Liam would bang on the door, she would shout something at him. For example, "You never loved us!" or "You've killed us all." Soon, Annie realised that she was wrong. She stood up, preparing to do something but burst into tears.

Logan crawled over, "Mumma, you okay?"

She tried to reply but the tears forebode her. Another bang from the infected version of Liam followed.

"Is anyone in there?" A voice  could heard. Annie looked down at Logan. "Hello?!"

"Hello?!" She replied through sobs.

"Do you need my help 'lil lady?" Someone called back.

"N-no." Annie cried.

"Well, okay then... Is there anyone else with you in there?" The male voice called back.

"M-my son." She replied.

"Well, I'm sorry, ma'am, but if you gotta lil boy in there then I have to help y'a-." The sounds of a gunshot and a loud thud cut the man's sentence short. "If you'll just open the door."

Slowly, Annie walked over to the door. But, instead of opening it, she peered through the keyhole. The man was quite tall, Annie thought he could have been six foot, he wore a plaid shirt and beige trousers. He held a small pistol in his right hand. He looked fine. Annie took a deep breath and opened the door slowly.

"Thank you." The man sighed, looking at Annie. "Damn, you're in a bit of a mes-" The rest of his sentence was quitened by the shriek from Annie as she noticed the lifeless body of her former husband.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." He spoke. Logan crawled to the door. "What are you folks still doing here? The radio said that they're tryna create a safe haven in the warehouse. Haven't you been listening?"

Annie looked back to the pink radio that Liam had gotten her for their first anniversary. "No, I haven't." She sadly stated.

"You want a ride? I pulled my truck up just outside the gate when I heard y'all screamin' and shoutin'." The man offered.

"I don't even know your name." Annie said as she wiped the mascara from her face onto her sleeve.

"It's Odin... Odin Crosby." He admitted. "Look, it's getting late.  It's a quarter after twelve. We go now or never."

"How do I know its safe to go with you?" She replied.

Odin thought for a moment, "I guess... You don't."

Episode 2 - Warehouse 1Edit

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Episode 3Edit

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Episode 4Edit

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Episode 5Edit

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Episode 6Edit

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Episode 7Edit

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Episode 8Edit

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Episode 9Edit

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Episode 10Edit

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