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Into the Valley
Name: Into the Valley
Series: Sunset Valley Assassins
Written by: Glynn Tarrant
Release date: September 6th, 2013

Previous chapter: Bridgeport Assassins
Next chapter: Christine's Story

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It was morning, and Christine had just woken up. The sun's warmth could be felt beaming through the car window. She looked outside to see that the car was approaching a small town. It was Sunset Valley. She exited the car and grabbed her suitcase. Christine, using some of her family's money, bought herself a home, furniture, and clothes. She later put up the pictures she painted, including the ones of her parents. She shed tears as she put them on the walls.

After some much needed rest, Christine cooked herself breakfast. French toast with cinnamon and vanilla. It smelled delicious, the aroma of her cooking could even be smelled outside. After breakfast, Christine decided it was time that she got a job. The bills wouldn't pay themselves after all.

Christine arrived at the Corsican Bistro to apply for the job. She saw many applicants in line. Her chances were low besides the fact that she could cook. One hour had gone by. All who had entered the boss' room exited without a job.

  • Vito- "NEXT!!"
  • Christine- "Um, Hi. I'm Christine Vice."
  • Vito- "Where's your resume?"
  • Christine- "Here it is."

Christine hands the boss her resume. She sat in front of his desk nervous. She even bit her lip a little while watching him read it over. Vito's eyes scanned the pages, some times his eyebrows would raise.

  • Vito- "Well, I'll say this: You've got the best looking resume I've seen all day."
  • Christine- "Really? So do I get the job?"
  • Vito- "Not so fast. Can you cook?"
  • Christine- "Yes, I've even won some competitions when I was younger..."
  • Vito- "Well you've got the job. You start Wednesday. Don't be late."
  • Christine- "Thank you sir, I won't!"

She left the room, clutching her resume. She was finally going into the culinary career.


It was a Monday afternoon. Christine had been working for one month now. She was promoted to line cook due to her cooking prowess. She still rarely talked to anyone in Sunset Valley. She was afraid, afraid that those scientists would find her if she associated with anyone. Christine had the day off, Vito felt that she deserved it for being one of his best workers. She relaxed at home for most of the day. Suddenly, someone knocked on her door. She slowly approached the door, peeping out of the front window curtains to see who it was.

It was a young redheaded man. He appeared to be very patient. She hesitated at first, but Christine opened the door anyways. He as slightly startled by the door opening, but smiled when he saw Christine.

  • Christine- "Can you?"
    Christine and Stiles

    Christine meets Stiles.

  • Stiles- "Hi I'm Stiles McGraw...I live a block up the street. I hear you're new to Sunset Valley."
  • Christine- " did you know that?"
  • Stiles- "Well here in Sunset Valley, Sims sort of know everyone. I've never seen your face at the Bistro."
  • Christine- "I see. So what brings you by?"
  • Stiles- "Well, the neighborhood loves your cooking. I just wanted to be the first to tell you."
  • Christine- "That's sweet, thank you!"
  • Stiles- "Speaking of which, I'm starved...want to grab a bite to eat? I can show you around the town if you like."
  • Christine- "hmm...sure, I'm pretty hungry myself. And I guess I could use a tour of this town too."
  • Stiles- "Awesome! I mean...yeah alright."

Stiles smiled nervously, feeling slightly embarrassed. Christine could see his nervousness, but could tell he honestly wasn't a bad person and smiled.

The two walked the streets, chatting about their interests and hobbies. Stiles was a guitarist who dreamed of becoming a great musician. Christine was surprised to see that Stiles was enthralled with her red eyes. He commented on how cool he thought they were. She felt more comfortable around Stiles. They eventually arrived at Hogan's Deep Fried Diner. The two sat in the booth. The restaurant was medium sized with plenty of seats. It was clean on the inside despite the building's outside appearance.

  • Stiles- [laughs] "Sorry this isn't a five star restaurant, but I've sort of been coming here ever since I was a kid."
  • Christine- [chuckles] "It's not bad. Maybe I can learn a few tips from the chefs here."
  • Stiles- "Maybe. So what's Bridgeport like? I hear it's fantastic."
  • Christine- "What? It's the opposite of fantastic. It's over crowded, filled with vampires, rude people walk the streets, and it's far too noisy."
  • Stiles- "Wow really, that's a shock."
  • Christine- "I like this place though. It's quiet and the people are pretty friendly."
  • Stiles- "Yep! That's how we roll in the valley!"

The two continue to talk and laugh until their food arrives. A man walks and notices Stiles.

  • Franco- "Hey Stiles. How's it going?"
  • Stiles- "Oh hey Franco! I'm alright. Here, meet Christine. She's new to Sunset Valley."
  • Franco- "Hello ma'am. I can assure you that Sunset Valley-"

Franco paused after getting a good look at Christine's face. He stared into her red eyes and saw the tips of her ears peeking through her hair.

  • Christine- "'Sunset Valley'...what?"
  • Franco- "'re a Vice..."
  • Stiles- "Huh? Well yeah...she is. I mean that is her last name."

Christine clutched her knee cap as Franco's grip tightened on her wrist. She looked over to Stiles with a worried look on her face. He noticed and looked at Franco, frowning.

  • Stiles- "Franco..what are you doing?"
  • Franco- "She's the daughter of Robert Vice...that Master Assassin. You know...the one who perished in a fire."
  • Stiles- "Really? That was all over the news!"
  • Christine- "Who are you? How do you know who I am?"
  • Franco- "Don't worry. I am a member of the order. You've got a few relatives in the Sunset Valley Assassins and other towns' brotherhoods."
  • Christine- "Just let go of my hand."

Franco releases her.

  • Franco- "Your father was a great Assassin you know. Did you come here to join the order?"
  • Christine- "No. I came here to be a chef. I'm not like my relatives."
  • Stiles- "Um...yeah I'm sort of lost here."
  • Franco- "Don't worry about it Stiles. Just be careful around her. She's worth money to some people."

Franco takes his food to go and leaves the restaurant. Christine gives him a sour look as he walks out. She then looks to Stiles to see confusion on his face. She sighs and stands up. She places her half of the bill in cash on the table and puts her purse over her solders. Stiles' eyes widen as she begins to walk past him.

  • Stiles- "Hey, where are you going?"
  • Christine- "Home. I'm too dangerous for you to be around Stiles. Thanks for the tour."

She walks out of the restaurant, leaving Stiles confused and hurt. She too was upset. Christine knew that whoever killed her parents, are still after her. She didn't want anyone to get hurt, especially someone as innocent as Stiles.

Another one DownEdit

It was a Thursday afternoon. The restaurant was busy as usual, people dining inside the building and outside. As she was preparing some Spaghetti, a news broadcast was on the TV.

  • Reporter- "This just in: A man wearing white robes and a hood was found dead last night. Officers say that he was stabbed in the side with what appears to be a knife. The victim's throat has ben slashed as well. Officers are still looking for the suspect."
  • Vito- "hmph, damn shame ain't it?"
  • Christine- "Yes, it's unfortunate..."

Christine knew that the victim was an assassin. She was surprised that the public had no knowledge of the organization.

  • Reporter- "The victim was been identified as Nathan Vice, an employee at Doopeas Corporate towers."
  • Cristine- "Nathan...Vice..?!"

Christine's heart dropped upon hearing the reporter say her last name. Another Vice, dead. She didn't know Nathan personally, but he was family. She had finished cooking the spaghetti and gave it to the waiter. Christine walked slowly back into the kitchen and sat on barrel.

  • Vito- "Yeah, I heard what the reporter said. Sorry about your relative."
  • Christine- "It's alright. I didn't know him."
  • Vito- "Can you still work today?"
  • Christine- "Yes. I'm fine."

Vito looked at her with concern, then left to his office. Christine stood up, and began to cook the next order.