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It's No Different
Name: It's No Different
Genre: Drama, Realistic Fiction
Created by: Blameitonmyotp
Rating: 15+
Number of chapters: N/A

Original run: October 16, 2016 - ?
Status: Ongoing

Succeeded by: N/A

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Here we follow a sixteen year old girl named Frankie Jackson throughout a piece of her life in which makes her, her.

List of Characters IncludedEdit

Main CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

Chapter 1Edit

Saturday, 11:30 PM
It was a quiet night, at the Beach. The only thing you could hear was the ocean beating against the shore and sliding into itself on repeat. Just like Frankie's music on her phone. Looping a playlist of what seems like calming, sad songs. As she relaxed against the shore she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. As she took it from her pocket she unlocked her phone to read the message.
“Where are you?! It's past your curfew! This is the third time you've stayed out past your curfew! Come home before I call the police!” Frankie shrugged it off and got another message. But it was from Val.
“You're at the beach again aren't you?” Frankie's lips flat lined. Val seems to know what she's doing at what time, all the time.
“Nah, Just chillin' in my bedroom. How 'bout you?” Frankie lied.
“Don't lie to me Frankie. Your mom keeps bombarding me with a ton of text about where you're at.” You're a freakin' lie detector aren't you? Frankie thought.
“Don't tell my mom. I don't feel like getting thrown in a police car like they done last time. I had a bruise on my forehead for a week.... I just don't feel like being at home right now.”
“Oh, alright. But you owe me, big time.”
“That's cool. Just tell me what I owe you tomorrow at the park.” Her messages with Val went silent while Frankie's mom's basically made her phone become ungraspable due to the vibration. So she turned the vibration off and slipped it into her pocket once more. Letting the music sooth her and she, eventually, fell asleep.

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