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James Finnegan
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James Finnegan
'Meet the Roommates, three friends who hope to make it big in the Sim world! Can they balance their growing social lives with their careers? Allison, James,and Andrew are about to find out!'
Name James Finnegan
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Parents Ray Finnegan, Emma Finnegan Deceased
Zodiac sign Aquarius (sign) Aquarius
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims Icon The Sims
Neighborhood Sim Lane
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Biography Edit

James was born on May 25, the only child of Ray and Emma Finnegan. Like Ally, he led a pretty much ordinary life up until he started college. During his freshman year Emma died suddenly of illness, causing a rift between James and his father. The two never really got along. The two became estranged until Ray's death five years later. Then a year after getting out of college, James and a friend were trapped in a house fire. Just when the end was near, a fellow firefighter saved his life. Unfortunately the friend did not survive and continues to haunt the empty house.

Life in The Sims Edit

After a few years of partying and whatever, James decides to finally settle down and focus on his future. At first he aimed for a career in business. But the career was too boring for him so he quit. Not long after he discovered that he had a talent for painting and playing the piano so he decided to take a job in entertainment. As for his social life, he's very social and friends with many Sims of all ages.

At one point he dated Audree Cardova for a while. Things got complicated between them, especially when he found out that she was seeing others behind his back. He and Audree remained friends for a short while, until Audree got herself tanged in other problems with Bill and Matt. James decided to keep a safe distance from her.

Later, James became discontented with his job. He loved being an entertainer but felt that it wasn't enough. Maybe there was more to life than parties. After missing a week of work, James was fired. During that time, James decided to take some classes at the community college. He became interested in psychology and eventually attended school full time. He took an accelerated program and graduated within a few years with a degree.

Epilogue Edit

Not long after Andrew and Ally moved out of Sim Lane, James received a job offer from a university in a nearby town looking for a new professor. At first James was torn between staying in Sim Lane and starting a new adventure. With the urging of his friends, he accepted the job. He became an instant favorite among the students and professors.

Relationships Edit

Fanon:Audree Cardova She came across way to strongly when they first met. Then after a game of chess and some fun in the hot tub, these two are close! James is not sure if they're going serious but right now their relationship is looking great!

After a while James felt that Audree was a little too clingy. He felt that their relationship ran their course and decided to end it. He won't explain why,saying that it's complicated.

The two remained friends for a while after the breakup, but eventually James backed away from her after seeing what she did to Shannon and Claire. They had not spoken much since then. Audree eventually left town with Matt.

Children Edit

Juliana (Baby) A result of James and Allison's brief relationship. The baby only lived one day before Ally miscarried. Since then the two prefer not to talk about it when asked. The whole thing was kept under wraps and the only other person who knew about it was Andrew.

Friends Edit

Fanon:Allison McKeller Having known each other for years, it's no wonder the two are such a dynamic duo! Until recently. The two had a brief relationship which resulted in baby Juliana. Unfortunately they lost the baby and it went downhill. Now their relationship is on the mend but will things ever be the same between them?

Eventually they were able to move on and act as if it never happened. The two, along with Andrew were inseparable. Both he and Andrew threw a surprise party for her when she moved out with her new husband.

Fanon:Andrew Mason Another longtime buddy! Nothing shouts bromance like these two! Leave them alone for a minute and well... Both share many interests such as music and girls. They're so alike that they're basically brothers. When one is down the other is always there to cheer them up!

Andrew was the second to leave Sim Lane after regaining contact with a former patient and old friend. James, with the help of Allison and her husband, threw a surprise party for him.

Fanon:Richard McCaffery One thing they both have in common is that they're huge nerds. Whether it's about politics or science, these two can go on and on for hours in the hot tub or during a meal. They also plan to start a club to prove that nerds are cool. Let's see how that turns out...

Quinn McCaffery At first the two didn't really get along when Quinn teased James. But once they started talking they realized that they have a lot in common. The two love to paint and are very enthusiastic when they talk to each other.

Fanon:Mike Edwards The two started out as complete strangers. It wasn't until Mike stepped out that the two got to know each other. They like to invite each other to challenge each other in a game of chess. Both being strong logical thinkers, these matches can get pretty intense.

Melinda Gordon She's a mysterious Sim. The two didn't really know each other at first but once they did,the became fast friends. They love to talk over food and James loves to entertain her! Something tells me that there's more going on between them...

Fanon:Shannon Wimble When Shannon moved to Sim Lane with her two kids, James became her first friend. Now they're great friends and James hopes to introduce her to the rest of the neighborhood.

Appearances Edit

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