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When James Sint was born in the city of bridgeport, his parents, Harry Sint and Jessica Sint, knew that he was going to be successful in life. Many years later James had started attending school, his father was promoted to triple-agent and his mother was a stay at home mother who loved to paint, in fact the very next day Jessica Sint fell pregnant again with five girls. A few days later all five girls, April, Cassey, Cathy, Mia and Jessica II were born. A few  years on James had entered the teenage life and his sisters had started attending school. James's parents were more interested in James's sisters and James had received depression. This caused James to have a ruff time in high-school.


James had grown in to a fully grown man, and had his first job in the film industry. He had moved into a cheap apartment and befriended the family next door. James soon learned what love is, James fell in love with Penny Lorton and soon proposed... but was it to early? Of course not they stayed up all week planning their wedding and planned to move house. Just before the wedding James had been promoted to TV actor allowing plenty of money to raise a family. Many years later Penny and James had their first child, Storm Sint II. Watching Storm grow up was a pleasure for Penny, as she was a stay at home mum. 

Mid-Life CrisisEdit

Storm had grown into a teenager and had his first job and girlfriend, Storm was heading in a successful path. James and Penny were standing on thin ice with their marriage and soon divorced. Storm was crushed by this and killed himself.


James and Penny had recovered their marriage and had a baby, this was their last, his name was Michael. They loved him so much James had quit his job to look after him. Michael had grown into a young adult, and James and Penny had died, now it is up to Michael to continue the Sint family name.