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Jason Hudson is a character in Sims 3. He is Ariel Hudson's Cousin and an Astronout. His Biograhy stats that he grew up in Twinbrook with his Father, Ariel's uncle, and sister, Gabrielle Hudson-Woods. He had an Internship in Law Enforcement and became an International Super Spy as a Young adult and was transferred to the Military. He has completed his Lifetime Wish, Become an Astronaut. He is a bit of a Player as he has many kids with many women. He changed his was though and got engaged with Suzana Banks, a Lieutenant who he met when he was working as an International Super Spy. He lives in Sunset Valley with his Fiancee, Jason's First son Kenji, his son Benjamin, their twin Daughters Eliza and Penelope and their toddler son James. He wishes to be reunited with his lost Children.

Captured Edit

When he was a Young adult, Jason found an Alien named Polluson 7. Polluson 7 Captured Jason and took him to his ship. Polluson 7's family abducted women to breed Hybrids with, if the women desired to. Jason was freed by Polluson 7's sister Polludaughter 4 and took the rest of the captured women to a Shuttle. Jason Woohooed all the Alien women and they had Hybrid children. Polluson 7 was later arrested when his ship crashed, he was arrested along with the rest of his family expect for his Sister who found love with another man and is now a close friend to Jason and Suzana.

List of Children Edit

This is the Complete list of Jason Hudson's Children

- Lives with

H Hybrid

Kenji Hudson -

Kaysey Hudson

Frank Hudson

Zuma Hudson H

Polloson XH4 H

Polloson XH5 H

Phaneus Hudson H

Bling-Sky Hudson H

Bling-Solar Hudson H

Jonas Hudson

Liam Hudson

Kyle Hudson

Kiel Hudson

Eliza Hudson -

Penelope Hudson -

James Hudson -