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Jennifer "Jean" Curtiz
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Jean doctor

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A genius prodigy, Jean is probably the smartest girl in the town. Can she achieve her lifetime wish to become a doctor?
Name Jennifer "Jean" Curtiz
Gender Female female
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Alma Mater School High School
Grade A
Major Science and Medicine Science and Medicine
Medical career icon Neurosurgeon
Redfield family
Parents John Redfield
Lily Redfield
Sibling(s) Leona Redfield Twin sister
Chris Redfield Male
Charlie RedfieldAdopted
Romances Trigger Broke Ex-romance
Alex Curtiz Married
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Daniel Curtiz Son
Trait Good small Good
Trait Genius small Genius
Trait Bookworm small Bookworm
Trait Workaholic small Workaholic
Trait Handy small Handy
Fav Pop pop
Fav Cookies cookies
Fav Blue blue
Hair color Haircolor3-TS3 Brown
Eye color Eye-grey Grey
Skin color Light skin-TS3 light
Body shape Thin Thin
Social Standing
Celebrity status
2 Celebrity stars
Social group
Nerd social group nerd
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Sunset Valley
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Jennifer Curtiz (née Redfield), or commonly known as Jean, is the second eldest child of John and Lily Redfield, twin of Leona Delgado, sister of Chris Redfield, adoptive sister of Charlie Redfield, wife of Alex Curtiz, and mother of Daniel Curtiz.

She's one of main characters in A Sim's Tale series; a deuteragonist in Book 1, the main protagonist in Book 2 (alongside Leona and Chris), and a supporting character in Book 3.


Jean was born in Twinbrook. During their time in the town, Leona and Jean were friends with their neighbors, Annie and Enrico Delgado. However, the Delgado family moved to the other town after a year lived in Twinbrook.

Several years later, after her father, John, had a conflict with her grandfather, Thomas, Jean and her family left Twinbrook and moved to Sunset Valley.

Jean was 9 years old when they moved.

Unlike Leona, Jean originally didn't wanted to move to Sunset Valley and afraid won't be made any friends with everyone in the new town. At some point after her arrival, Jean would met Alex Curtiz, a boy who lived not far from her house.

In her first day of school, Jean and Leona met their first friend, Bella Bachelor during their way to the school and later introduced to other children such Darlene Bunch, Kaylynn Langerak, and Mortimer Goth (even though Mortimer was acting coldly toward the Redfield twins at first).

Jean became very close with Alex after the latter attempted to won a telescope for her, even though he failed, Jean appreciated his intention. However, in a later day, Alex would won a telescope and gave it to her.

Following the arrest of Nancy Landgraab, Jean and her friends decided to checked Malcolm in his home to gave him support.

Several months after moved to the town, Jean and her family would returned to made a visit to her grandparents house in Twinbrook, when she witnessed her father getting reconciled with her grandfather.

Several years later, Jean would would passed the elementary and middle schools, becoming a high schooler. Jean was recognized as one of the smartest students in the Community High School.

When her uncle, Peter Manhattan had an accident, she and her family promptly came to Appalosa Plain to checked on his condition.

During her third year, Jean, now 16 years old, was chosen to participate in the student exchange program in France for one month. In the beginning of the story, Jean was already left for three weeks. During this time, Jean was dating a fellow student, Trigger Broke.

Jean's return to Sunset Valley was earlier than everybody thought. After she returned home, she reunited with her friends, including Enrico and Annie who just moved to the town. In a later day, Alex would confessed his love for her, but Jean was confused to gave him an answer since she was dating Trigger. After convinced by Leona and Bella, Jean eventually told Alex the truth about her relationship. However, Jean got a shocking news, Alex revealed that he had to move to Roaring Heights in the next month, that means her answer would not affect him.

It appeared that the news gave her an impact as she started to acting nervous whenever she met Alex. At some point, Jean also broke up with Trigger, claiming she simply couldn't handle a long distance relationship.

In one day, Jean was asked by Chris to help him made an Imaginary Friend Metamorphium Potion,but Jean declined as she didn't believe in myth, angering him. When Chris presumed missing, she and Leona went to find him. They that Chris, accompanied by Alex and Tamera, actually went to the Sunset Valley's old mine to find a Rainbow Gem, where they met and confront Big Steve Underwood. After finding the gem, Jean started to figure out how to made the potion.

During the prom, Jean finally revealed her true feelings toward Alex and the two shared a kiss. In the day when Alex's family moved out, Jean and Alex had one last conversation before bid farewell to each others.

Three months later, Jean finally did made the Imaginary Friend metamorphium potion. The potion then used to turned Chris' imaginary friend, Charlie, to became real.

Jean and her friends were introduced to new student Astrid Toadstool by Leona.

Four years later, Jean, who was 20 years old enrolled in Sims University alongside Leona, Bella, and Astrid, taking Science and Medicine major. Jean became one of the university's renowned students due to her perfect essays and presentations.

Jean's main problem was that she still couldn't forget Alex and still waiting for him. Unknown to Jean, Alex would be enrolled in the Sim University in the next semester as the latter already made a visit to the university.

During her semester break, she and Leona returned home for several weeks and would attend a reunion with their other friends.

The most surprising moment was when Alex Curtiz suddenly appeared before them. Jean was mad at first, but, after hearing Alex's explanation, she and the latter finally reconciled and officially became a couple.

Ten years later, Jean, now 30 years old, would eventually became a doctor, a neurosurgeon. She also married to Alex and had a son who they named Daniel.


Image Name Relationship level
Leona athlete headshot Leona Delgado Sister
Chris ya headshot Chris Redfield Brother
Charlie ya Charlie Redfield Adopted brother
John old book3 headshot John Redfield Father
Lily old book3 Lily Redfield Mother
Sim's Tale college Bella headshot Bella Bachelor Best friend
Sim's Tale young adult Darlene headshot Darlene Bunch Good friend
Sim's Tale young adult Kaylynn headshot Kaylynn Langerak Good friend
AST College Mortimer Mortimer Goth Good friend
AST College Malcolm Malcolm Landgraab Good Friend
AST Astrid Astrid Toadstool Good Friend
Sim's Tale young adult Dina headshot Dina Caliente Friend
Sim's Tale teen Nina headshot Nina Caliente Friend
Enrico young adult2 headshot Enrico Delgado Brother-In Law
Annie young adult headshot Annie Delgado Old friend
Alex soldier headshot Alex Curtiz Husband
Trigger Broke Trigger Broke Ex-Boyfriend


As a child, Jean was considered to be a genius among the students in her school. Jean loved spending her time by reading books. Jean also a fan of a sci-fi movie. Just like her sister, Leona, Jean was easily irritated to someone she thought to be "weird", as shown during her first interaction with Alex Curtiz. However, after seeing Alex's kindness, Jean started to liking him.

As a teen, it was shown that Jean was a "supernatural skeptic", she didn't believed in Chris' claim to be had imaginary friend, even though, after Chris was out to find the rainbow gem and presumed missing, a regretful Jean decided to believe Chris' claim and helped him creating an Imaginary Friend metamorphium Potion to made Chris' Imaginary Friend, Charlie, turned into a real child.

Jean was very sad when she learned that Alex would moved to Roaring Heights since she actually in love with him and didn't want him to go. Jean also felt regret for dating someone else and "lying to her own feeling" toward Alex. After the Curtiz family moved, Jean became slightly over dramatic whenever she remembered Alex. This was happening until she became a young adult.

When she reunited with Alex, Jean had conflicted feelings. She did happy to saw her longtime lover again, but she also angry since Alex was never made a call to her for four years. They eventually reconciled after Alex told her his reason to never made a call and Jean eventually back to her old self.


  • Originally, Jean would be the central protagonist of Book 1. However, since she was too young, I decided to made John as the protagonist instead to made more serious story.
  • She eventually gain the protagonist title in Book 2, along with Leona and Chris.
  • When she grown as teen, I didn't give her the fourth trait since I was confused what trait I should give.
  • Jean suffers myopia


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