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This is a list of the women Jen White Owl has either married, or become a lover of. This list does not include women who have not given Jen a child.

Vanessa Royce [aka Vanessa Royce]Edit

Vanessa was the first woman Jen became romantically intimate with, despite being engaged to Brittany at that time. When Vanessa gave him a daughter, named Chocolate Royce, Jen had the Spirit of Snow, Haya, take care of the child out of his future wife's eyes, so that she would not know of his brief romantic affair.

At an unknown point, Vanessa died, leaving her daughter to grieve over her fate for many years to come.

Brittany White Owl (nee Phelps) [aka Trista Phelps]Edit

Brittany was the first love of Jen, but that did not prevent him from having an affair,
Brittany and Don

Brittany with her son, Don.

which she supposedly died not knowing about. Sometime after the birth of Chocolate, as well as her being put into hiding, Jen married Brittany and had two sons; Don and Mart White Owl.

While photos reveal that Brittany lived to see her sick son Don become a toddler, memories of Jen indicate that she died at childbirth, after Mart was born. Brittany was also Jen's first wife, and believed to be his only true love.

According to her memories, she met Chocolate, although her exact feelings from that are unknown.

On Christmas Day, the Spirit Haya allowed her to visit Jen, and the two got along.

Lora White Owl (nee Copur) [aka Lora Copur]Edit

Jen married Lora a couple of years after the death of Brittany. They produced one healthy boy and one sick girl. The son was named Loran and the daughter was named Lorany. The marriage was considerably stable, until Jen's second born child with Lora died of her illness, while still a toddler, resulting in Jen blaming his wife; however, he apparently did not divorce her.

Lora was later caught cheating, and her lover was subsequently beaten up. She died shortly after this, thus enabling Jen to remarry.

Ami White Owl (nee Kuro)Edit

Jen met the Kuro household shortly after Don's death and before Lorany's birth, and later fell in love with the half-blooded witch. Following Lora's death, Jen attempted to ask Ami for her hand in marriage, but was rejected, inspiring him to take her on a date, and later gain her approval.

Ami was remembered as a rich sim, and the first woman to actually deny an advancement by Jen. A noticeable amount of time also past before Ami gave birth to a daughter, named Chrome. By the time her daughter became a teenager, a heated argument was believed to have caused a divorce between the couple, which was initiated by Ami herself.

Both disliked the memory of it, and some years later, Ami died.

Yue White Owl (nee Mystic)Edit

Jen fell in love and soon had an engagement with Yue, sometime after the divorce with Ami.

Yue, as seen in a family photo.

Before the two became lawfully wedded, Yue gave birth to a son named Kyoya, resulting in the child not inheriting Jen's surname. Almost immediately after, however, Jen married Yue.

The previous wife, Ami, is remembered to have witnessed the union, and while it is unknown if the two wives came to hate each other, their children definitely did.

Yue herself died some years after Ami, and while her son was still fairly young. She is also said to have died while working as a paramedic.

Janessa ShowerEdit

Many years after the loss of his previous wife, Yue, Jen started a goal of sleeping with up to 20 women, and Vanessa became one of them. Jen did not hold any of his ladies in high regards,
Janessa with her new-born baby

Janessa with her new-born daughter.

and most - if not all - merely served to help him accomplish his purpose.

When Jen learned that Janessa had given birth to a daughter, named Bornonsnow, Jen instantly disregarded the child, but not in his lover's face. Vanessa is currently the only mother of all of Jen's children to still be alive, living at her home, located in Downtown.

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