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Jessica Hussel
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Jessica went off to college in hopes of getting closer to a job in politics but thats not what fate had in store for her.
Name Jessica Hussel
Gender TS2 Female Female
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Major Economics Economics
Year Senior
Parents Ronald Hussel and Jasmine Hussel
Sibling(s) Lily Hussel Female
Romances Joshua HarveyPartners
Zodiac sign Aries Aries
Aspiration Popularity Popularity
Lifetime want
Become Mayor Become Mayor
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Green Eyes Green
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
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Jessica Hussel is a scholar of La Fiesta Tech who came to get into politics but instead of just getting an education. She got everything she despises in human form.


Jessica was born in Pleasantview and was considered a miracle by her family due to the fact for 3 generations all the Hussel's offspring were boys. Jessica was shown off by her parents all the time and her mother would make sure she was never apart from her little girl. When Jessica was a toddler she had gotten used to the fact she would always be followed around by her mother so she took it to her advantage by crying whenever she could about being hungry or whine about being tired. After a few months she noticed her mother had stopped following her as much. She was confused until her mother told her she was going to have a little brother or sister which made her happy and kept saying sissy and broder. It was 1 more day until Jessica was a child when Jasmine had her baby. After a day with Grandma and wondering where her mom was she had finally come home with a little girl in a pink blanket in her arms. She told her daughter that her sister's name was Lily but Jessica pronounced it "Wiwy". After Jessica was a child her mother had shared her dreams of Jessica going to Sim State and bought her many Sim State T-shirts Jessica wanted to tell her mother that she wanted to go to La Fiesta Tech but then realized it would crush her mother so she kept quiet. She had met Heather Huffington and Tiffany Sampson at her private school who both had dreams to go to Sim State University the 3 girls had made best friends with one another and dreamed of ruling the school as teenagers. As a teenager Jessica was working harder than ever to keep her grades at an A+ which displeased her friends. She kept looking at the picture of La Fiesta Tech which she hid under her bed in hopes it would inspire her to work harder. Her mother had kept making her feel worse and worse by telling her stuff like "Oh you're going to be the smartest girl at Sim State!" and "You should probably start packing for Sim State before you apply.. you're so smart they will have to accept you!" After 7 days of Jasmine's "encouraging words" Jessica had finally let it slipped claiming that she wanted to go to La Fiesta Tech. Her mother was upset but had finally accepted it. Jessica had gotten a scholar ship worth 1000 simoleons. Jessica was excited and saddened at the same time. She was excited to finally got to see Strange Town but sad to leave all of her friends and family. After a long drive Jessica and her mother had finally gotten to her dorm. Her mother had started crying but Jessica promised to write and email every day. Jessica had walked in her dorm finding 2 beds. She figured her roommate was late in which she was. After a few hours of waiting her roommate finally showed up. Her roommate was a girl named Hayley Powell who had dreams of becoming a soccer star and decided La Fiesta Tech would be the right place for her. Jessica had seemed to like everyone in her dorm.. except her "next room neighbor" he was loud,obnoxious,and sloppy. His name was Douglas Snyder he was the most popular boy at his highschool in Strange Town and was considered "a bad boy".He would always be leaving old food in his room. It had started to smell so bad you could smell it in the next room,he would keep his TV on all night leaving Jessica and her roommate Hayley sleepless due to the noise. Jessica had enough of his obnoxious behavior and stood up for her and her dorm mate. Soon after her confrontation the 2 quickly became enemies and picked a fight with each other whenever they could, Jessica would usually win. There rivalry continued throughout their freshmen year,during their sophomore year their rivalry seemed to cool off a bit.. but they still despised each other. Near the end of the first semester Douglas had developed a crush on Jessica but she never noticed so she had ignored him and started to develop feelings for her classmate Joshua and he returned the feelings. The 2 had started to date.. much to Douglas's dismay.


Image Name Relationship
Joshua Joshua Harvey Going Steady
Hayley Hayley Powell Best Friend
JasmineHussel Jasmine Hussel Parent
Ronald Ronald Hussel Parent
Lilyhussel Lily Hussel Sister
Heather Huffington Heather Huffington Friend
Tiffany Sampson Tiffany Sampson Friend
Katie Katie Goldburg Acquaintance
Douglas Douglas Snyder Enemy


For now I am focusing on Jessica more than Lily for now so I am going to be writing a fanfiction called Jessica's College Diary and then after that I might be making an adult fan fiction if not then I will be making a fan fiction involving the Hussels. Thanks! xoxo :)

I know that Going Steady is only for teens but i'm using it in this case for the story.