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History Edit

As a child born to deceased parents, Jessica didn't seem to mind others rumors about her being cursed, as she believes those things were bunch of nonsense. She takes after her parents, and has maintained good grades. The way you see her, you can say she is the second best dressed girl next to Bella Bachelor.

Before she was born, her grandparents have died. Strangely, they did not appear in the family tree.

As her life story progresses, she later befriends Allen Knightwall, a boy with almost sharing the same traits as her, as neighbors, and his family deceased after drowning including his own sister Dorothy.

The two became close until puberty. The two prefer to talk together in school, rather than with others. Allen and Jessica share a close bond. Later they become so close that they actually fell in love.

Twins and Triplets Edit

More than what they imagined, Luck was always given as Jessica survives giving birth to twins, Avalon and Blake, and over the next, triplets Tracy, Denise and Elena.

Death and Mourned Edit

Jessica was more overjoyed after seeing her 5 children grow in success, and her lifetime wish was completed, it was enough for Jessica already after striving hard when she was alive, and now mourned for sadness by her family after death came for her. She was the happiest mother. Her children and her husband will always keep her alive in their hearts as her memories were treasured forever.

Trivia Edit

  • She was the only person to complete her lifetime wish with a medium tombstone.
  • She was named after a deceased person by the author.
  • She was an only child.