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Joanna Steel is a single Sim from Sims 3 with 4 children living in Sunset Valley. None of her children look much like her, but they are not adopted. Some of her children look quite strange but Joanna says "I love my children no matter what" which proves that Joanna doesn't mind that her children look nothing like her or that some have strange skin color/hair color.

When Joanna was first a young adult she got engaged to Samuel Groundstone. They traveled to the wedding venue in a boat. As Thomas had the daredevil trait, he stood on the side of the boat to show off. The boat wobbled and he fell in the sea and drowned. The next day Joanna discovered she was pregnant. she gave birth to Alicia Steel 2 days later. When Alicia was a baby Joanna built a relationship with a male postman. They moved in together but after a month he mysteriously disappeared and was never seen in Sunset Valley again. Shortly after Joanna gave birth to his child, Cassandra. When her two children were toddlers, Joanna fell in love with the leader of the mother and toddler group, Philipp Gray. They got engaged and Joanna got pregnant. Joanna gave birth to Millicent at the hospital, but on the way back they had a road accident and Philipp was killed. Joanna decided never to fall in love again as her past three romances had gone horribly wrong. But when she met the neighbours grown-up son, she changed her mind. They broke up after a month or two and he moved out of town. the next day Joanna discovered she was pregnant again. She Gave birth to Lillian shortly after. Joanna now lives with her 4 daughters in sunset valley, in her childhood home.