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Life leading up to the Sims 3Edit

Joanna was born to Alliyah Wright and her deceased husband Samuel Wright. She has 2 siblings, (Lilly Wright and Katie Wright) both living on their own. Joanna and her mother live in Sunset Valley in a small trailer away from the big city. She is a child, only two days into the stage. She is very independent, and she is an A+ student.

Life leading up to the Sims 1: SuperstarEdit

After mourning her mother's death, she lives in a beautiful house in Old Town and is on her way to the top in the Fame career track. She is single and has no children, but has 1 dog named Liah. Her two sisters live in Magic Town after they discovered they were witches, however Joanna refused to go with them, as she was focusing on her goal to be a 5-star celebrity.

Life leading up to the Sims 2: NightlifeEdit

After retiring from the fame track, she lives with her wife Hailie Wright and her adopted child Mary Wright in Downtown of Pleasantview. She has recently met George Robertson and is building a good friendship, which lead to some jealousy in her current relationship.  She lives in a mansion similar to the one she lived in after reaching the 5-star level in the fame track, but not the exact same.

Full StoryEdit

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