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Just be Aware

Just be Aware

Just be Aware2

Name: Just be Aware
Genre: Thriller
Created by: TheSims23
Rating: PG-13
Number of chapters: 5

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Just be Aware (or A Week of Terror) is a fan fiction created by TheSims23. It's a sequel to A Birthday Party and it has nothing to do with real life.

The story is about something that happened to a group of friends and changed their lives, in just one week. (The story takes place in Sunset Valley, The Sims 3.)


As you already know, my name is Christine. A few months ago something happened that changed my life forever. Vanessa hit her head and had a dream where she has to kill everyone who have done something to her. She told it to her best friends and they encouraged her to do it. She invited us to her birthday party and tried to kill us with methanol. April drank it and died. After that Vanessa was kept in hospital because of her behavior and her best friends changed school. Before that, my class was separated into groups but after all this happened we were united again. These events have rejoined us, those two groups into one.



From left to right; Danny, Sarah, Angie, Christine, Joseph, Ivy and Anna


From left to right; Maria, Vanessa and Anita

Chapter 1: The night I'll never forgetEdit

It was Saturday evening. I was getting back from a party where we celebrated the end of the school year. I had to go home alone because my friends live on the other side of the town and some stayed at the party. Anyway, I was going down the street when suddenly street lights went out. I shivered with fear. I was so scared and all of a sudden I felt very cold and frightened. I started to remember the night when I was at Vanessa's birthday party. The night just seemed to be the same. We all ran home in fear that night. I ran home now, too because I felt the same way. When I got home and tried to sleep, I couldn't. I was creeped out and Vanessa's party was on my mind. I didn't know why did I start to remember those things; I knew it's a part of history, I knew that's behind me and my friends. But still, I couldn't fall asleep.
In the morning sound of the phone woke me up. It seemed that I actually fell asleep somehow. Anyway, I answered it, it was Angie.
"Hi. I hope I'm not calling too early."
"Oh, hi. It's ok, well, I slept, like, 3 hours anyway."
"Because you went home late, actually early? Last night was awesome, wasn't it?"
"Yes, last night was great, but I didn't sleep because something quite scary happened to me when I was getting back home."
"Oh, what happened?"
"Er... would you come to Central Park so that I can tell you everything?"
"Ok, no prob. See you there in an hour."
"Deal! Bye."

As soon as I got ready I headed to Central Park. Angie was already there. She wanted to know everything that happened to me, so I told her all about it. She was terrified. She never hard something like that before. While I was talking about it I was very sure I saw Vanessa, but I couldn't bealive it. I knew she's still at hospital. And, Angie didn't see anything which made me even more unsure. The day just got weirder. I felt scared again, so I decided to go home. I was just sitting and thinking about Vanessa. I was so sure I saw her but I knew that's impossible. I never thought my Summer break would start that way.

Chapter 2: Horrible Summer StartEdit

It was Monday. Since I was on my summer break, I decided to do – nothing. Finally, I didn't think about Vanessa so I could enjoy summer. But soon my relaxation was interrupted when the phone rang. I answered it; it was Anna who told me to come to Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital as fast as I can. I was a bit confused because she didn't want to tell me why and I couldn't find a reason. However, I went there and I was quite surprised. All my friends were there, waiting. I was even more confuse when I saw their faces; they were all sad. I noticed that Ivy's missing, so I asked:

„Hey, um... why are you all sad? And where's Ivy?“

Sarah told me the most terrible words someone can hear: „She was at hospital and died an hour ago.“
I couldn't believe. How come? She seemed ok. Many questions went through my head and I asked: „Died? And she was at hospital? Why didn't you tell me that before?“
„We didn't know it either. We just found it out.“
„Well, what happened to her? She looked just fine at the party.“
„The police asked her everything about it when she was still al...“ Sarah just couldn't finish it. We were all sad because we lost a friend. She handed me a paper where Ivy wrote everything that happened to her. It reads:

I was getting back home. I was out with my friends that night. My friend lives close to the bar we were at, so I had to go home alone. On my way home, someone in disguise suddenly stopped me and another two dragged me a couple of blocks further. They also put a tape on my mouth and a blindfold on my eyes. After some time we stopped somewhere and got in a room. They tied up my hands and legs so hard that after a half an hour I didn't fell my hands. After an hour I felt like I'm gonna pass out. Even though I didn't see anything I think someone was watching on me all the time. Later, someone came and took off the blindfold and the tape on my mouth. There were three of them, all in disguise. They wanted me to drink some liquid but I refused it. But they didn't give up so they forced me to do it. I was weak and helpless. The liquid was horrible. After that, they untied me and dragged back where they first found me. I couldn't move and nobody was there. I passed out. Next thing I remember is waking up at hospital.

I couldn't believe that someone would do such thing. I was shocked, and I still got something on my mind, so I asked:
"She died after police asked her all about it?"
"Yes, she was okay then, but after an hour she died. The doctors couldn't find a reason, so they sent her body on autopsy."
"Oh my..." that thing reminded me of April. Her body was on autopsy as well. Another wave of fear went through me which remembered me of Vanessa and the thing that I might saw her yesterday.
"So, do you know who did it?" I asked with trembling voice.
"Unfortunately, no, we, don't. There's no evidences but autopsy might tell us more."
"That's impossible... Why would someone do it?"
"We don't know. We're all both sad and scared."
I was so mixed up. I decided to go home to think about it it all. On my way home I saw Vanessa again. It was just for a few seconds, so I kept thinking that it was all my imagination.

Chapter 3: Two Funerals are Too MuchEdit

It was Tuesday. The autopsy of Ivy's body was finished. The results were more than terrifying. Just thinking about it... it was impossible, unbelievable. Ivy died the same way as April did – from methanol. The most terrible thing is that it reminded us all of Vanessa. We knew this can't be just a coincidence. Even we knew that Vanessa might be in it, we didn't know how because she was supposed to be at hospital. Ivy also said there were three of them, so we were a bit confused because we didn't know who could that be.

Ivy was buried the same day. We all, except Danny; he wasn't answering our calls for some reason, went on her funeral. We were all sad and couldn't believe that we lost another friend. And all that happened on the beginning of summer break when we thought we'll have time to do whatever we want, to hang out... now it was all gone. We passed April's grave. All horrible memories were coming back and we thought that we can't feel worse but we were wrong. Just after we passed April's grave, we saw a part of the body behind another one. We came closer to see what is it and we regret it, quite a lot. On the day when we remembered that we lost two friends of ours, we saw the last thing we ever wanted. Danny was lying behind that grave. He was all covered in blood. He was stabbed or shot as we could see. We were more than shocked. We called the ambulance even though we knew it was too late, but we just didn't want to believe it. When police came, they asked us all a few questions, but we didn't know anything. The only one who knew something was a grave digger. This is what he said:

It was around 6, I was digging a grave when I heard someone arguing. There were two of them, I think. Anyway, I continued doing my job, but I didn't try to stop them because many people come here and yell, mostly drunk. So, I thought they were just one of them. Anyways, I was done with digging, so I went home. I suppose that's when someone killed him. I really don't know much, so I can't say.

So, that's all we knew. All these things made me think that Vanessa's somewhere and involved in this. Who else would kill Danny and Ivy without a reason? The problem was that we didn't have any evidences, we couldn't prove it. We were so scared for our lives. We knew that our lives might end soon.

Chapter 4: Your House isn't a Safe Place AnymoreEdit

Wednesday. We were all frightened that we didn't go out. We knew that something might happen to us if we go somewhere, so we just stayed at home. Even though I was at home I didn't feel safe. I couldn't spend a minute alone. Finally, in the afternoon, I fell asleep. Later, my mother, all freaked out, woke me up. I was so mixed up when she told me that Sarah was found dead and her mother unconscious in their house. I got out of my bed as fast as I could. I went there with my mother. I saw my friends standing there. Emotions just flooded me; I've lost 4 friends! It was unbelievable. My life seemed completely different, I was so sad. I couldn't believe that someone is capable of doing it. I asked Angie what had happened. She gave me Sarah's mother report. It reads:

I was making lunch when someone knocked on my door. I opened it. It was a female person. She was wearing sun glasses, a hat and gloves. I couldn't recognize her. As soon as I asked "May I help you?" she pushed me and I fell. Another two came out of the blue. They were all in disguise but I think they were all females. Anyway, they tied me up and put a tape on my mouth. One of them was watching on me all the time while another two went to my daughter's room and did the same to her. We had to sit on the chairs and then the horror began. One of them started suffocating my daughter. I couldn't watch it. I wanted to stop it but there was no way to do it. My daughter was dead and I could do nothing. I'll never forget it. It was the most horrible day of my life. Soon after they suffocated my daughter they punched me so hard I passed out. Next thing I know is waking up here at my home next to my dead daughter.

I really couldn't believe that this is all happening. How could someone kill Sarah in front of her mother? It's a monster!
Later police searched everything. Luckily, they found some hair and fingerprints. We hoped that'd help to find a killer.
Besides that, Danny's body was back from autopsy. He was stabbed few times. He lost too much blood and died. The murderer didn't leave any evidences, not one!

Chapter 5: A ReliefEdit

It was Thursday, early in the morning. Police called us to come to the police station. After we came, police told us everything about the evidences they had found. Fingerprints didn't help them much, but the hair did. It was Vanessa's hair. They checked hospital that she was in and they found out that she was missing. Now I knew that every time I thought I saw Vanessa, I actually saw her. That meant only one thing – she was the murderer. Police started to look for her and all we hoped is that they'll find her. The problem was that Vanessa had some helpers and we didn't know who was it. Anyway, while we were talking a loud scream interrupted us. We all turned around and saw Angie all wet and frightened. We didn't know what happened. The policeman gave her a blanket and she said that we should follow her to Pinochle Pond. We went there and saw the most terrifying thing. Two dead bodies were in the lake. As we got closer we saw that the bodies belong to Vanessa and Anna.
All mixed up we asked Angie: „What happened here?“

„I was walking by the Pinochle Pond with Anna when Vanessa stopped us. We didn't know where did she come from and why isn't she at hospital. Anyway, another two joined her and I recognized them immediately. They were Mary and Anita. They dragged us to the lake and hold our heads under the water. I just pretended I was dead, but Anna drowned to death. After that, all I heard is Vanessa saying: „Those stupid, old docs and cops think they'll find me, but they're wrong. They'll spend so many years on looking for me and I'll be here. Haha. Please, finish the job we started.“ After Maria and Anita left I went to the police.“

It was horrible just to hear those things and I could only imagine how Angie felt when all those thing happened to her. At least we knew all the murderers but we knew one more scary thing. It's the job they started. The job was to kill us all. Police didn't look for Vanessa anymore, but Maria and Anita. We were sure they didn't go far.

In the afternoon, we went on Sarah's funeral. Joseph said he'd wait for us there. But we couldn't imagine what horror is waiting us there. While we were passing those graves, we saw something behind one. We saw something we didn't expect. Joseph was lying behind that grave, all covered in blood. Everything was the same as the day we found Danny dead. We were devastated. We couldn't believe it. We called ambulance but as with Danny's case it was too late. Police came as well. There were no witnesses so we didn't know details but we assumed that Anita and Maria did it. Anyway, that was a hard day for us. And I was scared for my life. I knew I'm next. My only wish was that the police would find Anita and Maria.

Fortunately, I woke up alive next morning. Police sent a police officer so that we can be safe, but I was still scared. Angie called me because she wanted to come over. She was scared as well. Later, we got some news. Joseph's body was back from autopsy and it was true – he died the same way as Danny did. In the afternoon, we were supposed to go on Joseph and Anna's funeral, but police recommended us to stay at home. I don't know why but we decided to go anyway. After we got there we didn't know where are those graves so I went to look for it on one side and Angie on another. Not far, someone pushed me. I turned around and screamed. Maria was holding a knife; she wanted to stab me. I was helpless, I would be dead if Angie didn't punched Maria who fell on the floor right in that moment. We ran home as fast as we could and told everything to the police. They went there right away and caught them. Angie and I were so happy that we can move on with our lives without fear. We also thanked police who we should listen in the first place, but I also thanked Angie who saved my life.


My life's completely different now. I may've lost lots of friends but I was happy that my best friend, Angie, survived. I also saw that I can count on her any time and that makes her my real friend. I can't say I'm glad that Vanessa died, but I know that I can continue my life normally. Summing it all up, I can just say – it was a terrible week but it showed me how much friends are worth.