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Kallisto Syrakosia is arguably the closest thing to a main character to Time Paradox. Kallisto's key traits include the hatred of romance, which would be the leading factor in the creation of the Ecclesarchy's ideology. Kallisto started off as a loner, sticking to the room not giving a damn about all of those "Demetria's damn parties" and certainly NO initiation of socialization on her part... until Kallisto met like-minded Stratonike who was also pissed off at the other Attalids throwing parties very frequently. Kallisto got to hear of Stratonike's simbot Theophania, and Kallisto got so fired up to the point where Kallisto actually cooperated with the others and accompanied them on a trip to China just so Kallisto can get Martial Arts skill needed to smash them Space Rocks for the pink diamond.

Then Hypatia came in and took over, promoting a greater balance and shifting the policy of the new Scholars' Alliance that was centered on her that included the Beauty 4 that Kallisto was a part of, and later on Stratonike. All was jolly until they were shipped off to the second timeline, when Christopher Steel popped out, screwing things up by kissing Hypatia and Achaia and making them go crazy, Demetria using that as an excuse to fight the power and thus starting the chain of events that led to the Kallisto that she is now. Kallisto and Stratonike went "Screw this" and takes off, taking with then Eurydike (who was old by the time of the Beauty 4 and dead when Hypatia took over) and the houseguest of the Alkmaionids Lysistrata and called it Union of the Insane, taking on Hypatia's policy of academic development and subtracting any centrist accommodation for parties, and decided that Hypatia was better off here rather than with them party-lovers. Of course, once again things go wrong by the time Kallistrata moves over, Lysistrata, Hypatia, and Stratonike going out getting BFs and hating on each other and screwing relationship to the point Stratonike and Lysistrata goes "Screw this". Kallisto, now tired of this romance BS, decides that simple house policy ain't going to do, and decides that this must be a mass movement to create that bandwagon useful to Kallisto's goal of no romance, taking in Kallistrata her clone beforehand. To impress the population, Kallisto does things Ancient Greek style, building public buildings to help out the people and to entertain them.

Thus having made the religion (and impressing Thornton), Kallisto decides to spawn a bunch of island for the lulz and moves off with the rest of the folks (retaking Stratonike and Lysistrata) off to the bunch of islands Hekatonschoinos, where Kallisto truly goes mad scientist. Here Kallisto wanted a Unicorn for a mascot, and couldn't get one, so Kallisto decides to settle for a horse, until Kallistrata does it for Kallisto, scanning and adopting the unicorn with psychic powers. Before all that Kallisto already had an impressive resume of having cloned sims, making a record of 6 simbots, and having a total of 5 clones of her, including Kallistrata and Antigone who were slightly modified. Kallisto decides to pull off an integration of politics and science, starting with the harmless infusion of the Klerouchoi, and later on going overlord on Tessa to get her to serve as a spy, shipping Tessa off to Appaloosa Plain that Antigone went to spy on Antigone, only to see Tessa fail miserably, although Kallisto found Nicole more interesting and went overlord on her as well, taking both back to Hekatonschoinos, doing more psychic experiments on them, including body possession and using Diodotos (Kallistrata's Unicorn)'s genes to give Boukephalos Unicorn powers. Similarly, Kallisto also did human physical experiments, specifically on the disciples that she and Kallistrata and Stratonike took on, making them look good.

Tired of the slow life and the emigration of lesser members like Liam Awlaki and Thornton Wolff, Kallisto takes off to Twinbrook to train the disciples. caring for no one in the neighborhood, secretly taking off to Appaloosa Plains then to capture Antigone and her former friend Achaia, becoming overlord to one more Swanson, Rachel, and shutting her husband Aneirin up. By then, Twinbrook was seen as even more boring, and Kallisto pays a surprise visit to Sunset Valley, just at the time Eurydike and Hypatia became necromancers/prophets. There Kallisto saw Kallistrata's disciple Chrysanthema age into young adult, which pretty much set the high point of the mood in the Church ranks. Despite Kallisto's tendency to find faults with the default stance of things, Kallisto decided not to go intervene as much, and planned the stay to be short. However, the prospect of obtaining omni plants however was something that Kallisto (or to be honest, Kallistrata more) was quite interested in, and the stay was lengthened. However, things were to go awry when prom came in and Esomena got in a romantic relationship with Bradley at which Kallisto went FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU and immediately landed a banhammer on prom. Later Kallisto essentially goes to Esomena and says "Y U GO TO PROM AND GET HERESY?" and Esomena ends up obliging to break up with Bradley (Kallisto went w00t, since Kallisto did coax Esomena, and Stratonike helped out), and later rewards Esomena with a musical instrument Esomena was dying to see and play. Later on Esomena and Pyrrha also age up, and Kallisto believed that the 3 could maintain Ecclesiarchal influence of Sunset Valley, and after the acquisition of the Omni Plant, Kallisto moves on with the rest of the folks. Soon, Kallisto headed back to develop strategic weaponries, making the Ecclesiarchy a military faction in a sense. Kallisto always had in mind an Ecclesiarchal Bridgeport with less parties and more scholarly reputation: Kallisto wished to get Bridgeport residents intimidated into surrender by launching a bombardment campaign on Bridgeport, severely damaging the properties of the celebrities.

Having started on the campaign of bombardment, Kallisto is met with domestic issues, such as high taxes due to a lack of affordable housing, and after successfully fixing routing issues, Kallisto went around renovating the capital, adding affordable housing as well as much needed apartments that people thirsted for. Kallisto's state was met with expansion: Kallisto already was the de facto ruler of Sunset Valley, and the Papal State after its formation simply annexed it without any resistance. As for Twinbrook, a simple positioning pissed off the delegates of SimNation, just as Kallisto had planned as it led to the rogues occupying it, only to hand it over to Kallisto after they saw that their economy was rustic.

Even ShorterEdit

Science nerd gone ax crazy after all those romantic relationships and broken friendships, resulting in megalomania due to troll logic as well as a new doctrine aimed at destroying romance.