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Kallistrata Pellaia is the Kallisto clone from 'surprise surprise' Pella, and like the original is overpowered as heck. Kallistrata helped shape the Ecclesiarchal social policy, namely the educational aspect by experimenting with disciples while the Union of the Insane was in deep feces due to the Romance Heresy. Kallistrata joined up with the original, and together with Hypatia essentially create the first constitution of the Ecclesiarchy.

Kallistrata would prove herself to be quite the effective didaskolos and preacher, successfully impressing the Wolff family to join the new order. This was all while Kallistrata stuck to another niche of hers, nectar making. Given Kallistrata's tendency to manufacture a hilarious amount of nectar, it was only a matter of time before it constituted a good portion of the Union of the Insane's exports, essentially allowing for a mercantilist policy of increasing trade surplus. However, as their money reserves grew, they feared inflation, and decided to build a massive party place to keep the population pacified, starting the Palace of Pella-Syrakousai which is about as ugly as the Ryugyeong Palace on the inside.

Kallistrata was one of the 4 of the 6 to move to Hekatonschoinos, while the Papacy made big moves in attempting to galvanize the new neighborhood, the effects were rather lackluster: things generally went as it did with a few changes for the better, but still without solving some of the key problems with Hekatonschoinos. So Kallistrata et al. makes a visit to Sunset Valley, where Kallistrata sticks to the usual while the others engage in rather unusual happenings like reviving citizens to boost popularity, dealing with a wayward disciple, etc.

Kallistrata, wishing not to fall behind, decides to be like the Emprah by creating her own Primarchs Deutarchontes. While their skills were formidable, it still paled in comparison to later Papal artificial human works and the Big 6. In the end, Kallistrata served probably to be the least flavorful of the Big 6, although cuddly in the Sims 3 version.

So, Kallistrata with the blessings of her creator enters a new frontier as Kallistrata Neapolita, quickly climbing up the Tech Guru stairs because Kallistrata OP.

Even Shorter Edit

A cuter clone of Kallisto with more specialization but without the expected effect of exciting things.