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Kari Clavell Sims 3


Kari Clavell was born in a hospital in the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital in Sunset Valley and she is the daughter of Xander Clavell and Ayesha Ansari.


Currently she's visiting the Community School for the gifted in Sunset Valley and is in the same class as Johnny Furtado her best friend. Kari lives with her parents and her younger brother Tyler together. Her parents only work at nights, which means she is the most of the times alone at home at night or there is a babysitter at home, because of Tyler.


It was Kari's birthday and she invited Johnny's family to have dinner with them and on that night her father and Johnny's father Jake Furtado found out, that twelve years ago, Xander was the thief he was about to arrest, but some woman helped Xander escape (Who is today his wife). Jake and Xander ended up fighting and after that fight Jake's Wife apologized Xander and Ayesha about it and left along with Johnny. Ayesha and Xander talked almost the whole night long about it and decided to move away with Kari and they send her later into a boarding school.

Teenage Years

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