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Katrina Shallow

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Katrina "Katy" Shallow (née Samson) is a woman living in Riverview. She is the widow of Tom Shallow and wife of Jon Lessen.


Katy was born to already divorced parents Melinda Samson and James Beaker. She spent her childhood in Bridgeport, with her parents constantly bickering and neglecting her. Her twin sister, Lola, was her best friend and confidante, as her parents abandoned her when she was 7 and left her and Lola to fend for themselves with their older sister (who is now deceased), Mickey. Mickey was only a teen, so she had to get a part-time job and sell their home and downgrade to a small apartment with one bedroom.

Teen YearsEdit

Katy grew up into a sweet girl who was good and a hopeless romantic. Lola grew up with the exact same traits as her. Katy and Lola got part-time jobs, and Mickey had grown into a young adult and became a doctor. Katy was the pretty nerd of her school, wearing dorky glasses and hair up, and her only friend was fellow nerd Bridgette Hamming (daughter of Marina Prattle and Matthew Hamming ). Lola, on the other hand, was already a 5-star celebrity and popular at school, becoming a heartbreaker and sort of a blonde bimbo. Lola was failing though, so she dropped out and focused on babysitting and being a spa specialist. Katy was a straight-A student and befriended teen sims by tutoring. She became popular and went to prom with Apollo Bloom and Katelyn Missoni's hate-child, Jake Missoni-Bloom, whom Katy regarded as the love of her life then. But soon, her luck ran out. Mickey was killed by starvation when locked in the basement of her ex-fiancee's home. She and her sister fled to Riverview, leaving Jake and their friends forever.

Graduation, Early Adult Life, and Tom ShallowEdit

After the move to Riverview, Katy fell into a deep depresson. Lola re-enrolled in school for the 3 remaining days of their teenhood, and Katy graduated top of her class, with Lola pulling her grades up to a B. Hannah Jones and Aiden Jones raised them up until they were adults, and the Jones couple gave the girls the mansion and moved to a small condo. Katy and Lola hired a ghost exterminator to get Hannah's relatives out, and all was peaceful. The duo redecorated the home and made it less creepy looking. Katy's heart still burned from Mickey's death, so she went out and made herself friends. Lola had a fling with Hunter Cottoneye, and Katy met Tom Shallow. Tom's wife June Shallow had died in a fire and his father Kurt Shallow had recently died, so he sook solace with her. They began a very loving relationship, with Katy overlooking Tom's evil side, as she was good. They held a funeral for both June and Kurt, and got married in a gorgeous ceremony on his balcony, and afterwards consummated the marriage. Soon, Tom became very controlling and made her dress more provocatively for his own pleasure.

Soon Katy found herself pregnant. Lola moved out and married George Dean. Katy did not have a very pleasurable pregnancy, as Dallas Shallow(her step-son) had set off a fire and died, though Tom brought him back by winning chess with the Grim Reaper a few moments later. Katy had a son, Zachary, who was a good genius boy. Aunt MaryKay didn't like little Zach, but no one cared. Soon Dallas adopted a daughter, Jade, but committed suicide by electrocution. Katy and Tom raised the child like it were their own, and Tom and Katy were trying for another kid. Soon Katy organized a funeral, but little did she know it would be the end of her marriage.

Dallas' Funeral and Marriage Break-DownEdit

Dallas had many people at his funeral, including the recently divorced and man-hungry Hannah Jones. Hannah flirted with Tom, and though he didn't accept, Tom flirted with her at the funeral. This resulted in a bad resulted in Katy and Hannah to no longer be close, and Katy was angry at Tom. She stayed by her sister the whole night, crying with her. Later Tom realized he was tired of Katy's do-gooder ways, so he kept arguing with her and told her she was ugly. Katy threatened to call off the divorce, and Tom came to his senses and apologized, but their relationship went from maxed out to less than half the bar, and acquaintance level. Tom killed himself and Katy was heartbroken. A while later she found out she was pregnant. One night Dallas' ghost came to visit her and she woohooed with him, but called things off as it was super creepy. She had the opportunity to resurrect Tom, but decided to let him stay in the Netherworld.

After Marriage and Jon LessenEdit

Katy moved with Jade and Zach to live with her sister and her brother-in-law. She stayed out of the way, only getting out of bed to eat and pee. She was more depressed than ever, but tried to hide it in front of her newly pregnant sister. Katy had a daughter, Lily, who was a gorgeous baby. She dated Maximus McDermott, but he had a big ego from being a professional athlete, so they broke up. Then she dated Bob Newbie, who was in love with Betty Simovitch but they were both temporarily broken up and dating other people. It was a sweet relationship, and Lola wanted them to marry, but Bob and Betty got back together, leaving her single again.

She moved back into the Shallow family home with the children and asked Jon Lessen to move in to watch the kids while she worked in the morning (he worked at night). She cut her hair short (something Tom never let her do), and wore outfits she liked. Jon got close to the kids and he fell in love with Katy, but Katy wasn't ready to commit. Finally one day he asked her out and they had an amazing date, and got married afterwards. Currently she is expecting her first child with him and Zach is a teen dating Betty and Bob's daughter, Kitty, Jade is a teen dating Don Lothario and Ruby Broke's child, Victoria, and Lily is a child who hangs out with the neighborhood children.


  • Katy has taken over the Shallow home, making it the Samson home.
  • Katy has mastered the logic skill, the guitar skill, and the charisma skill.
  • Katy is the Leader of the Free World.