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Name Kemne family
Members Jeremiah Kemne, Sara Kemne (née Ullman), Brayden Kemne, Welsha Kemne, Carmen Kemne
Family connections Ullman family
Other Information
Neighborhood Fanon:Hallowan

The Kemne family was a family living in Hallowan, in the fanon series Hearts of Hallowan. The family is first explored in detail in Visions, though this exploration, according to Marci Ullman, likely took place in the past. By the present time in the series, Jeremiah and Sara Kemne have divorced, and Jeremiah is living alone.


Jeremiah is the father of the Kemne children and ex-husband of Sara. By the beginning of the series, he has become depressed, reckless and suicidal.

Sara Kemne (née Ullman) is the mother of the children. At some point in the past, Jeremiah and Sara have a falling-out, and divorce, with Sara keeping custody of the children.

At the time of Jeremiah's accident on the ice, when Jeremiah and Sara are still married, there are three Kemne children.

Brayden, the oldest child and only son, was a teenager at the time; he is now likely an adult. Welsha is the middle child, and is now a teenager. Carmen, then a toddler, is now likely a child or very early teen.

The current residence of Sara and the Kemne children is unknown.