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Kenji Hudson is the son of Jason Hudson, nephew of Ariel Hudson, father of Benjamin Hudson and oldest of the 2nd generation of Hudsons. His mother is a Singer and former actress and father a Astronuat and former International Super Spy. He has the traits Computer Whiz, Athletic, Brave, Flirty and Handy. He has the Heartbreaker Lifetime Wish. He moved to Sunset Valley when his Mother was arrested and became a friend with Suzana Banks not knowing that she was dating his long lost father. He had dinner with Suzana before his father walked through the door. Jason thought Suzana was having an affair and punched his son but Suzana pushed Jason away and introduced one another. When Suzana told Kenji that his attacker was Jason Hudson, Kenji fainted. Suzana and Jason rushed him to the hospital and a nurse named Olivia Jolina, Jamie Jolina's younger sister, told Jason and Suzana that he had a mild headrush and that Jason and Suzana were allowed to see him. Kenji explained how he grew up with his mother and Sister and that his father was called Jason Hudson. Jason knew he was his son but just in case had a DNA test. When the DNA test stated Positive, Benjamin moved in with his father and helped him search for his long-lost children. He also began a relationship with Olivia Jolina and got married and had a child called Benjamin.