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Kiki-Crosby familyEdit

The Kiki-Crosby family consists of an elderly couple: JJ Kiki and Marlo Crosby. They are dating and have two children, Wonda Kiki and Wilhelm Crosby, who live in town too. JJ has only four traits: Coward, Family-Oriented, Green Thumb, and Angler. Marlo has three traits: Flirty, Slob, and Party Animal. The two share a strong relationship. JJ is friends with his daughter, Good Friends with his son, and Best Friends with Buzz Rhodes. He is only acquaintances with Hope Carpenter. Marlo is friends with her daughter and Good Friends with her son. She is only acqaintances with Buzz Rhodes, but Best Friends with Hope Carpenter. JJ shares few physical or personality features with his kids, but his kids share many with their mom. In JJ's bio it says he wishes he was a Spy, he haa the Coward trait which probably gives him a small chance of getting his "dream job." In Marlo's bio it says she loves a clean house, but she has two traits opposing that statement. She is a Party Animal and a Slob. The Kiki-Crosby family isn't related to the Crosby family on the other side of Riverview, even though Marlo shares their last name.