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1. Skyline 2. Malborro on Klaiser 3. Front of AEGON Center 4. Schneckestadt Street 5. Redwood Cove Observatory 6. Skyline at dusk 7.Train at the terminal


Panoramio of Klaiser at night

Klaiser is a metropolitan neighborhood based off any other American metropolis. The city has a prominent subway system and a rail system that function using a movement physics modification. The city is an extremily made-over version of Sunset Valley. The city's major attractions are in the image to the right.

Rail SystemEdit

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The City Hall in Klauser. As you can see, a fish in a bowl replaces the clock. The fish is "Klaus" off American Dad, which is the namesake of Klauser.

Downtown is the most major area in Klauser and is the central business district in the city also. The district holds the subway system and the rail system. The district has Marlborro on Klaiser which is a spoof of Times Square. Marlborro is deafining when speakers are on while playing due to 14 TVs being there and 6 radios and Sims having free will.

A map of the subway system. It is only in what used to be Central Park.

Downtown's 2 rail networks are powered by a movement physics modification downloaded to the computer. The city's other rail network which is elevated not in a basement loops around the Central Park lot and extends out to Old Peir Beach and Marlborro on Klaise. The train is a 3x9 cab with 6 living chairs inside and usuallyangle in turns and make the cab squshed up. A sim can move around inside and can walk around in the train but not when it is in motion. The game counts the sim already in motion and can't run or walk inside because they are already in motion. A train goes approximately the speed of a Sloppy Jalopy car.


Chinatown is a 50x50 lot just above the Frio's house and behind the Le Petit Shark Pool. The lot has 3 streets on it and has stoplights from the debug cheat. The lot has a spa on it and 4 Chinese houses on it. The lot isn't that much interesting beside there being a spa there and a great decoration piece to the city.

The ProjectsEdit

Just the rest of Sunset Valley that has been untouched.


The article image shows the Redwood Cove Observatory. There is another one on top of Stoney Falls. The new lot placer tool in the latest update allows there to be new lots.