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Klauser Int'l Airport (KIX)
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Name Klauser Int'l Airport (KIX)
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Klaiser International

~SImway Airlines serves this airport~

Klauser International (KIX) is the airport that serves the Klauser metro. The airport has an A-frame design and the Downtown Elevated Rail serves a station. The terminal only has a lobby and an airplane tunnel. If you go upstairs you go to the train station. The airport is the largest of the 4 in Schandlier State.

The airport is usually full of sims due to it being a "Big Park" lot. The sims go through the airplane tunnel and board it. Taking them on a flight across the state.


Brickleberry StripEdit


A plane flying over Brickleberry

The airport that serves Brickleberry
  • $250 simoleons
  • Concrete strip
  • Just a hangar
  • In Seasons, in winter, a flight costs $325

Pinochle FieldEdit

The airport that serves Pinochle Town

  • Flight costs $120
  • A grass field
  • Not directly accessible to Pinochle Town
  • In Seasons, in winter, a flight costs $200

Fort Knome SecretEdit

The secret field that serves Fort Knome Military Base. Only Stage 5 + Military workers can fly here.