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Koffi Family
Name Koffi Family
Number of generations 2 generations
Family connections Frio family, Ursine family, Alvi family
Koffi family
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Will Claire's two sets of twins end up like her? Or, will they stay on the good side with Gobias?
Name Koffi family
Members Claire Koffi, Gobias Koffi Molly Koffi, Kalista Koffi, Jayna Koffi, Daysia Koffi
Lot 250 Redwood Parkway
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Neighborhood Fanon:Sunset Valley
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The Koffi family is a family created by FluteLoops. In the family is Claire Koffi, her husband, Gobias, and their children.


The Koffi family is a rich family in Sunset Valley. Their estate is worth about 90 thousand Simoleons. The next holder of the Koffi fortune and estate is currently undecided.


Claire and GobiasEdit

After Claire's break-up with Jared Frio, Claire had become determined to lose weight and get married one day. A month after beginning to work out, Claire found out that she was pregnant with twins and also Jared as the father. After several months, she gave birth to Molly and Kalista. They both are very bright and open to others since they started. About a year after the birth of the twins, Claire initially met Iqbal Alvi at a bookstore, with him falling in love with her. About to ask her out, Claire met Gobias at a diner and they immediately fell in love with each other, leaving Iqbal single. Soon they started dating, and Claire invited Gobias to move in. After a couple months of dating, Gobias proposed to Claire in the middle of their date. After they got married a month later, Gobias got Claire pregnant with another set of twins. Another several months passed and she gave birth to Jayna and Daysia. Soon after their birth, Claire began to work out again. Then, the family moved to their current estate at 250 Redwood Parkway. Currently, Claire and Gobias are expecting their last child.

To be continued...

Name MeaningsEdit

Claire- Latin origin, meaning "bright, famous"

Gobias- Reference to the cancelled show Arrested Development. For more details on his name see --> Koffi Family

Molly- Irish and Latin origin, meaning "star of the sea"

Kalista- variant of "Calista" and "Kallista", Latin and Greek origin, meaning "cup; fairest, most beautiful"

Jayna- variant of "Jane", Hebrew origin, meaning "God is gracious"

Family TreeEdit

Koffi family tree 1