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Kristina Piper
The Sims 2 University Logo
Name Kristina Piper
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Major Drama Drama
Year Freshman
Piper Family
Parents Mr. and Mrs. Piper
Sibling(s) None
Romances N/A
Marital status Single
Child(ren) N/A
Septem Sorores
Roommates Hayley Takahashi, Fiona Church, Laura McDonnell, Matt Davis, Dorian Machete
Zodiac sign Gemini Gemini
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair Blonde
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 University Icon The Sims 2: University
Playability Playable
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Kristina Piper is a Sim from the series Accademia delle Artí.


Kristina is a very over-the-top, dramatic character. Everything in emphasised, with her. She is very health-conscious and spends at least one hour a day doing yoga next to the pool. She is very outgoing and fit.


  • She has the pulled-back ponytail that came with Apartment Life (for adults. It came out for teens in Teen Style Stuff). It's the ponytail Gretchen Chin has, in blonde.
  • She has the first pre-made face on the menu.
  • She wears the blue playsuit from H&M fashion stuff that also comes in orange and pink.
  • She has silver stud earrings and a silver chain bracelet with a blue butterfly on it.


Kristina would constantly hound her parents with screenplays she'd written and endless performances. She loved to build cardboard stages for her dolls. Even at a young age, she loved the theatre. At age ten, she got a part in the Downtown musical "The Tricou family and their Endless Infamous Mishaps". She played the young Nylissit Tricou.


  • "I might as well get used to being hounded. I mean, soon enough, the paparazzi will be hounding me all the time."
  • "Great. Just fantastic."
  • "Shut up! I'm trying to write my term paper on the history of the theatre and everything in it!"
  • "Oh, why do you want me to fail? I thought we were friends! Why don't you want me to get my dream job? Why?!"
  • "I can cry on demand. So, if I do it in front of my professors, I can increase my class performance grade, or I can lower yours."
  • "Why are you so loud?! The world doesn't understand the fact I need to get this done!"
  • "Oh, my God. Shut up!"
  • "No, I'm just the best actress at this school."
  • "I just gave you a free performance. Be nice."


Hayley TakahashiEdit

Kristina and Hayley had a bit of a rocky friendship. Hayley got very annoyed at Kristina's over-dramaticness, and Kristina would get annoyed at Hayley leaving her "rubbish" everywhere. They were friends, but didn't enjoy living together much.

Fiona ChurchEdit

Kristina never payed much attention to Fiona, considering Fiona didn't talk very much, and Kristina thought  that meant she had no interest in her, or her career.

Laura McDonnellEdit

Laura and Kristina were very good friends. They were in the same major, so they both wrote screenplays together. They also ran lines and did yoga together, too.

Matt HarrisEdit

Kristina had taken a sudden interest in Matt from Day 1. She never understood whether he wanted to hide himself under his mascot costume, or if he was just full of pep.

Dorian MacheteEdit

Kristina wasn't very fond of Dorian and his constant "Bring Down The Man!" speeches. She asked him if he didn't like "the man", why was he at college, to which he never had a smart or good answer.


  • She is eighteen at the start of the series, and twenty-two at the end.
  • Her major is Drama.
  • She enjoys reading about Pleasantview, where she always claimed she was going to live. In follow up to this, she would say "Too bad Veronaville's houses are nicer."
  • She doesn't like the kids at La Fiesta Tech or Sim State University.
  • She is Student Number #3460.