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Lady Bigwallet
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Name Lady Bigwallet
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Bigwallet Family
Parents Unknown
Romances Wyatt WallétSkaggs Married
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Anaya Bigwallet Daughter Lacy Bigwallet Daughter
Trait TS4 Outgoing Outgoing
Trait TS4 Creative Creative
Trait TS4 Ambitious Ambitious
Trait TS4 Business Savvy Business Savvy
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Fabulously Wealthy Fabulously Wealthy
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Eye-custom ?
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Created
World Willow Creek


Life Leading up to Rags to RichesEdit

At some point in her early life she was abounded by her parents and she grew up as a homeless child living on the streets of Willow Creek

Rags to Riches - Get to WorkEdit

When the series starts Lady has nothing, the only thing she owns is he plot of land she lives on, nothing more than that. But she directly starts to gather collectibles and selling them until she can afford the cheapest camera for 85§. AS she is looking for a model to test the camera with she runs into The Gardener. She took a few pictures and sold them ro the highest bidders and she made The Gardener her friend. But little did she knew that that would be the first and las time she would meet the handsome Gardener.

She only got better at photography and her pictures sold for more and more money. Soon she had enough simoleons to buy her self an easel. She learned fast and the paintings she made was pretty good. She quickly realized that this was what she was ment to do. Finally, she bought a plot of land in Oasis Springs and it was "open for business". In the beginning she only had a cash register and a white painted wall that she put her paintings on.

She sold off all of her paintings very quickly as the kid Cole Roe bought some of the most expensive ones. Soon she could build her own shop. It was just a big white room with paintings on the walls and behind that there was a little apartment for Lady herself. This was a great investment. More and more customers came each day. This was also the first place Lady met her soon to be Best Friend / stalker Ingrid Roe (bigger sister of Cole Roe).

Even though she had a nice store she did not feel pleased. She looked around on the web for a new place to open up her store in. But with a small budget, all of the places where to expensive... until she found the one. An old abounded factory located in Oasis Springs. "This is the one" Lady said and bought it right away.

The store got only more and more popular and to have time painting she had to hire an employe. His name was Moshe Connolly. He demanded a pretty high salary but Lady took the risk and hired him. On the first day, he did not show up. On the second day he did show up but didn't do much. He was only taking selfies with the customers. He was soon fired and replaced by Bryanna Crane aka Afrodisiac. She was a crappy employe to but something clicked between Lady and Afro and they realized that this was the beginning of a long and happy friendship.

Ingrid got really jealous of this new friendship and she tried everything to make Lady notice her again. She bought even more paintings, she started to make her own paintings inside the store and she even knocked out Lady's bin when she didn't see. Lady didn't notice any of this. Well she was forced to build a fence around the bin but she never found out it was Ingrid.

Lady needed a new employee for the store so she decided to give Moshe another chance. And this time she didn't yell at him for being lazy, and she didn't criticize him for not doing a good job. She instead etched him what to do, made him inspired to work at Bigwallet Emporium. And he actually got a little bit better but he still sucked.

Lady's wealth only grew and she continued renovating the old factory. A time later she saw that her Emporium was complete. There was nothing more that she could to to make this better. She now was a rich and wealthy lady and she was ready to leave her baby behind. So she said goodbye to Moshe and Afro and bought a nice big villa in Willow Creek. "This is when my life begins" Lady thought.

Lady's LifeEdit


Bigwallet BakeryEdit


Rags to Riches - Get TogetherEdit

Anaya and Lacy are all grown up and wants to make their own money by starting a succesfull club and earn money by DJ:ing

Rags to Riches - Dine OutEdit

Lady's grandchildren, the cousins Sir and Little Bigwallet wants to start a chain of resturants by doing as their parents and grandmother before them. By starting from the bottom.


The Sims 4
Image Skill Level
Skill TS4 CookingCooking10
Skill TS4 GardeningGardening10
Skill TS4 Gourmet CookingGourmet Cooking10
Skill TS4 PaintingPainting10
Skill TS4 PhotographyPhotography05

The Sims 4
Image Name Relationship level
Wyatt WallétSkaggs Married
Bryanna "Afro" Disiac Best Friend
IngridRoe better
Ingrid Roe Best Friend
Lacy Bigwallet Friend
Anaya Bigwallet Friend