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Lakshmi met the Dortheimers when she was already very old. She had not much time to spend with them and now rests in their graveyard.
Name Lakshmi
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age Elder
Species Large Dog
Breed Unknown
Dortheimer family
Owner(s) Gladys Dortheimer
Littermate(s) None
Mate(s) None
Offspring None
Other Information
Playability Deceased
Neighborhood Riverblossom Hills
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Lakshmi was the large and elderly dog belonging to the Dortheimer family. She was adopted along with the Birman cat Pemphrédo in order to consolate the young Tiara from her father's death. She had a rather calm life: she was cajoled by Tiara's mother Gladys and she became her master, and loved to walk around Gladys' restaurant Le Dindon Gras. She always chewed stuff, and never learnt any command. Her pack was constituted by Pemphrédo and Gladys.

She died the day Tiara went to college and rests in the family's graveyard.